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Most Popular Galleries of November

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December 2, 2016
Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls. Alias of Milica Jovic

Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s always fun and exciting in the world of art. New exhibitions are opening, art fairs are reaching their peak and before we even realize it an entire month has passed and we have seemly enter the final part of the year 2016. But before we say goodbye to the month behind us its time to take one more look at the most popular galleries of November. By going trough the list of 10 galleries that were the most visited on the WideWalls website in the past 30 days you will notice that graffiti and street art were in the focus of our readers’ attention. That’s not a surprise considering that WideWalls is a street art-focused magazine, but what’s much more intriguing is a number of online galleries that has made it to our list. Online galleries that now make more than a third of our list definitely prove that you do not need physical space to host an outstanding collection of art pieces. Yet despite the rise of the popularity of the online art venues there’s still quite a few people who prefer going into a gallery and observing the artwork in three dimensional space. These people propelled the finest art venues of Berlin, Los Angeles, Miami and several other cities around the globe onto our monthly list of most popular galleries. But before we go to far into the analysis, let’s take some time to discover what galleries were most visited at WideWalls magazine in November. There might be a few surprises on the way but we’re sure your find your favorite venue in the article below.

  • Street art Berlin

Urban Spree Galerie - An Indoor and Outdoor Venue

This contemporary art space spanning over massive 400 sqm is known for promoting a grassroots artistic approach. Urban Spree Galerie is closely working with an array of urban art-makers, photographers and other contemporary artists to bring the best that the art of today has to offer to the art lovers in the German capital of Berlin. Apart from the massive indoor venue the gallery also exhibits works on the famous Artist Wall, a 15 m long x 8 m high surface that’s facing one of the busiest areas of Berlin, the Warschauer Str.

  • Galerie Urbane in France provides advises on tax terms

Galerie Urbane - Intricate Artworks and Tax Advices

Located in the Rue Saint-Etienne, in the town of Uzès in France, Galerie Urbane contains an eclectic collection of street art, graffiti and pop culture inspired artworks. The gallery continuously tries to honor and represent both the new artistic wave and prominent names of contemporary art whose works intersect in three rooms of the venue. Galerie Urbane also provides advice on tax deductions thus making art more accessible to collectors.

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Since 2013 has been in the business of spreading the word about urban art and bringing the finest street artworks to the homes of numerous enthusiasts all over the globe. Funded by a group of art collectors from London three years ago, this interesting online gallery aims to urbanize the life of its supporters by finding new talents, supporting charitable projects and by encouraging people to buy art.