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What Not to Miss at Miami Project Art Fair

  • Miami Project paralysis chapter file school
  • Miami Project paralysis chapter file school
  • Miami Project paralysis chapter file school
  • Miami Project paralysis chapter file school
November 30, 2015

Miami Project Art Fair is going to be among the first art fairs to be opened in December in Miami. Gathering fifty-five galleries from around the world, Miami Project is dedicated to collaboration with those galleries that have years of experience in art industry. Taking place in a beautiful venue – Deauville Beach Resort, it will run parallel with Art on Paper Miami (art fair that takes places at the same time, in the same space). But, let us focus on Miami Project. At Miami Project, visitors are met with an impressive survey of work by Modernist masters, providing fairgoers with the unique opportunity to acquire work by truly established painters, sculptors, and photographers who have shaped major artistic movements. Of course, great pieces of contemporary artists will also be presented. Since it’s one of the first art fairs within colossal Miami art fair week, Miami Project is a great opportunity for collectors to explore the market – and finally, to buy some nice pieces of art. So, let’s see – what should not be missed at Miami Project. Scroll down, and find out!

  • Miami Project paralysis chapter file school

Hashimoto Contemporary

San Francisco-based Hashimoto Contemporary will present works by Jessica Hess, Joel Daniel Phillips, Scott Scheidly, Crystal Wagner, John Wentz, and 1010). In addition, the gallery is proud to present new and recent works by Handiedan, as well as Erin M. Riley and Gregory Euclide. The list of the artist whose work will be presented at the Hashimoto Contemporary’s booth is amazing – there will be a bit of everything for everyone. Don’t miss it!

Booth E2

Featured Image: John Wentz – Passages No 19, detail (Hashimoto Contemorary)

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Smith Andersen North

Smith Andersen North is a gallery from San Anselmo, California. It exhibits work by established and emerging artists, with an emphasis on twentieth-century and contemporary fine art photography and photo-based art. At Miami Project 2015, the gallery will present Gilles Saint Gilles, which is actually a project from husband and wife team Gilles and Camille Saint Gilles. Educated in France in architecture and design, the couple has constructed major architectural monuments throughout the world.

Booth G1

Featured Image: Gilles Saint Gilles – Kaleidescope 19C, detail (Smith Andersen North)

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Madelyn Jordon Fine Art

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art is a gallery based in Scarsdale, New York. The gallery seeks to be a source for collectors (both experienced and new to the field) for contemporary art. It showcases the work of US prominent artists as well as that mid-career and emerging. An eclectic sensibility is seen in the presentation of rotating exhibitions in media including, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and installation. At Miami Project, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art will present works by DJ Leon, Evan Penny, Steven Hirsch and Antonio Carreno.

Booth A6

Featured Image: DJ Leon – Scala di Turchi, detail (Madelyn Jordan Fine Art)

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Durden and Ray

Durden & Ray is comprised of artist/curators who work together to create exhibition opportunities at their Downtown Los Angles space as well as in concert with gallery spaces around the world. Durden & Ray concentrate on small, tightly curated group shows at the space, organized by the members, as well as the hosting of international artists as part of their commitment to global exchange and alternative networks. At Durden & Ray’s booth, the visitors will have an opportunity to see the works by Max Presneill, Roni Feldman, David Leapman, Jenny Hager, Steven Wolkoff, Susan Lizotte, Tom Dunn and Gil Kuno.

Booth N3

Featured Image: Gil Kuno – Waves Gosei, detail (Durden and Ray)

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Hirschl and Adler

Hirschl & Adler Galleries was founded in 1952 by Norman S. Hirschl and Abraham M. Adler. The gallery provides a wide range of services to its client base of private collectors, museums, architects, interior designers, art consultants, and other dealers. At Miami Project, the gallery will present Martin Mull, John Moore, Elizabeth Turk and Maria Elena Gonzalez.

Booth C3

Featured Image: Elizabeth Turk – Marble And Baja Beach Stone, detail