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3ttman: Acting Crazy

  • Street Art
  • Painting
  • creative process
November 23, 2014

Let us consider, for a brief moment, how one could lose one’s mind in the 21st century. You could lose your mind when a red traffic light turns on during a high speed “cruise” down the street. You can lose your mind if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. You lose you mind when you miss a sale in the new shopping mall around the corner… Yet, you are the onen society “understands” and whose conduct is “justifiable.” However, if one loses one’s mind over wasting water, cruelty to animals, deforestation or land poisoning, one is probably “acting crazy.” Well, at Celaya Brothers Gallery – someone is acting crazy…

Street Art
3ttman – artwork, Street Art

Celaya Brothers Gallery

This contemporary art gallery represents a unique space for international artists who wish to develop challenging concepts achieving a particular dialogue with their time. A paramount for Celaya Brothers Gallery is reflected in nurturing the absolute creative freedom of the collaborating artists. Through the innovative ways of exploring different forms of expression, the gallery aspires to maintain a certain level of aesthetic discourse. Most recently, the gallery hosted an interesting exhibition by an exciting artist Christiaan Conradie (take a look at inspiring work – check out our article This is the Wind & This is the Breeze). This November and December, the gallery space is a home for an intriguing character…

3ttman – artwork, 2014 (segment)

The Art of 3ttman

Living and working in Spain for the last 13 years, Louis Lambert is a French artist known by his alter ego 3ttman (read about the creative potential of French cultural space in our articles History of Street Art in France and 10 Urban Artists From France). The character he had started painting in the streets of Lille more than 15 years ago resonates the complexities of human situation. In the challenging reality of the postmodern epoch, the artist’s figure is known as an “Environmental Agitator.” This creative personage can act and feel as a conscious being, but many a times prefers “to act crazy.” Recently, the public of street art enthusiasts has had a chance to see the three-headed alter ego of Lambert in Moscow (read more in Artmossphere – Moscow Biennale of Street Art). During these days, he is residing in the space of Celaya Brothers Gallery.

3ttman – artwork, 2014 (segment)

Haciéndome el loco

Perhaps this simultaneously conveys the most general, yet most precise way of describing the current exhibition at Celaya Brothers Gallery – Haciéndome el loco represents a conscious reaction to the frustrating nature of our surroundings. The paradoxically cruel attitude of the human species towards its surroundings inspired 3ttman to try sending the message of a possibility of transformation. Perhaps the way of modifying our destructive patterns lies in a transcendence to a situation where we could become better persons. Through the art of 3ttman, the public is encouraged to reflect on the purpose of humans on this planet. In the period between November 13th and December 13th 2014, participate in a socio-psychological experiment of 3ttman…The exploration of Urban and Contemporary Art begins here! Sign up for My Widewalls and manage your preferences by creating a profile.

3ttman – artwork, 2014
3ttman – artwork, 2014 (segment)