About Widewalls


Widewalls online art gallery features tens of thousands of artworks from famous, established, as well as emerging  modern and contemporary artists. On our Marketplace, any of the available artworks for sale can become yours in a just a few clicks. Sculptures, photographs, paintings, prints and editions, spanning across all art styles and movements, can be found in the Widewalls artworks section. New artworks are regularly added and our inventory of works available for sale is constantly expanding. 

Gallery Network

In order to inform readers about the latest developments in contemporary art, Widewalls is collaborating with the best galleries around the globe. Our platform offers relevant information about thousands of art spaces – from the most recognized, to smaller ones. Members of this curated network can access our platform for free an advertise about their location, program, and exhibitions themselves. If you are interested in a gallery’s current events, you can just visit the Galleries section and you will find all the information you need: practical information, contact details, program of the gallery, exhibitions, artworks, related news, and videos. For a reasonable monthly fee, curated galleries can display their inventory on our Marketplace to a qualified audience, and receive expressions of interest from art collectors in a transparent and efficient manner. 

Art Auctions

When you discover WideWalls Art Auction, you will probably want to bookmark this section in your important folder. Then, when you realize the speed, the quality and the comprehensiveness of auction reports, you will probably lose interest in many other sites that follow contemporary art auctions. The reason is simple - you have it all here at WideWalls. Before the auction starts, you have the chance to inform yourself in detail about every lot that will be auctioned. Shortly after the auction finishes, at WideWalls Art Auction you'll find the auction report that highlights every interesting thing that happened during the sale, as well as graphical displays of the auction results in total and trend lines for individual lots - prices that particular lot was sold for at previous auctions. Of course, in auction reports we analyze particular auction through the current state of the art market, and compare it with similar previous auctions that took place both in that same auction house, and in other auction houses. We are covering every contemporary and street art auction from the largest auction houses in the world, but we often analyze many other auctions from smaller houses.

Artist Database

The Widewalls Artist Database includes valuable information on more than 10000 contemporary, modern and street artists, spanning across all mediums and art genres. Extending each day, our database aims to be the premier resource for collectors and art enthusiasts, providing detailed information about leading and emerging artists from all corners of the world. With a dedicated team of researchers and in collaboration with the artists themselves, we gather and display all essential information about the artists’ work, from their extensive biographies to the lists of works that they have produced in the past, as well as auction reports on the sale of their artworks. Widewalls database is updated regularly and conveniently connected to other features in our Magazine, allowing the readers to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the artists’ work, from exhibitions to auctions, and to discover works available for sale from those artists in our Marketplace.


Deeply invested in contemporary art, Widewalls magazine aims to provide a unique experience for its readers in form of in-depth and quality journalism. With strong enthusiasm, it became a pertinent source of information and a relevant platform in producing engaging content. Dedicated to art lovers and collectors alike, the magazine offers a comprehensive, year-round coverage of top exhibitions, festivals, events and art fairs worldwide, alongside breaking news and collectors' tips, elaborated featured articles on various trending topics in arts and the art market, interviews with today's most intriguing contemporary artists, latest results from art auctions, entertaining "Top lists" and much more.

Widewalls provide art lovers and art collectors with one of the best places on the planet to discover modern and contemporary art.