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Anish Kapoor in Versailles - Right-Wing French Politician Reacts upon Artist's Decision to keep the Queen's Vagina Intact !

  • anish kapoor versailles
  • anish kapoor versailles
September 10, 2015

Morons did it again. After Anish Kapoor’s Dirty Corner sculpture in Versailles was vandalized in June, and then cleaned up immediately, one or more fascist scumbags vandalized “the vagina of the queen Marie Antoinette” once again, writing on the rusty artwork and on the stones around it “profound” phrases in white paint, such as “SS blood sacrifice”, “Queen sacrificed, twice insulted”, “the second RAPE of the nation by DEVIANT JEWISH activism”, and “Christ is king in Versailles”. But, unlike the first time, when yellow paint was spilled inside of “the vagina of the queen Marie Antoinette” and then wiped of instantly, the artist has decided that he don’t want his artwork to be cleaned, but to “carry the scars” of this latest example of feeblemindedness and insolence.

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Vandalized Artwork (Courtesy of AFP)

Reactions of Politicians

Right after this second attack on his artwork in Versailles, Paris, the artist privately met with president of France Francois Hollande on September 8th. President Hollande said that this vandalism is “hateful and anti-Semitic”. During his visit to the Versailles, and before his appointment with Francois Hollande, the artist said that he felt great sadness about his work being vandalized: “Honestly, I came here thinking I was going to cry. This visit is like being at a funeral, a funeral of culture”, Kapoor said to the press in Versailles. Kapoor also tied this act of mindlessness with the refugee crisis that is happening in some countries of Europe – we’ve all seen another fascist moron, Petra Laszlo, a camerawomen (actually, an ex-camerawomen, since she has been fired immediately) that was filmed while kicking a Syrian child-refugee and tripping another Syrian refugee with a child in his hands at Hungarian-Serbian border. “It is not just graffiti, it is a criminal act”, Kapoor said about his work being vandalized – and he was absolutely right. “This is what leads to the exclusion of our Syrian brothers and sisters. France is shamed because of this hateful minority. A violent attack on the human spirit and on culture. I am a Jew. And a Muslim. And a Hindu. And a Christian”, Kapoor wrote at his Instagram profile, adding: “Dirty Corner. Now a monument to intolerance. Gravestones at Versailles. I challenge the museums of the world to show this work as it is now, as it shall remain”. Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin said that she’ll respect this Kapoor’s choice not to clean the artwork, while Fabien Bouglé, Councillor of Versailles, has filed a complaint against the artist and the president of Versailles, for “inciting racial hatred, public insults, and complicity in these crimes”. With that being said, it is interesting to notice that this right-wing politician called the first attack from June on Kapoor’s artwork “an artistic expression” and a “poetic justice”.

Dirty Corner’s Instagram Profile

Fascism – The Ideology of Stupidity and Violence

It is interesting how all these far-rights always have the same problems, and always their targets are similar: people with different skin-color, people with different religion, people with different sexual orientation, people with different culture, people with different opinion… Do you see the pattern? They hate everything and everyone that is different, and thankfully, almost everyone is different, since they are, in essence, pathetic ignorants that, apart from jailtime, are desperately in need for some love, affection, closeness and knowledge. They have problems with things that they don’t understand – so, “the vagina of the queen Marie Antoinette” bothers them because, well, they’ve probably have never seen one. They have a problem with creativity and arts, because they’ve never been creative, only destructive. They have a problem with immigrants, as they have never been able to see a human being in anyone, not only immigrants. It’s the ultimate laziness of the mind, that should be punished always and everywhere, accompanied with some education and socialization. If it slips unnoticed and unpunished, well, you all know what happened in Germany during 1933-1945.

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