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Art Beijing 2017 - Presenting the Diversity of Asian Art

  • Art Beijing 2016 Contemporary Art
  • Art Beijing 2016 VIP preview
  • Art Beijing 2016 VIP preview
  • Art Beijing 2016 VIP preview
  • Art Beijing 2016 Public Art
  • Art Beijing 2016 Public Art
April 5, 2017
A philosophy graduate interested in theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

With its incomparable breadth and depth, China has developed one of the world’s largest art markets. The art market of China is greatly distinguished from others around the world due to its profound culture and core values. Established in 2006, Art Beijing has become one of the top art and exhibitions brands in all Asia. Coming back for its 12th edition between April 29th and May 2nd, the fair continues to adapt to market trends and further define its position in a continually changing industry. With the key idea of being “Locally Based and Asia-Oriented”, Art Beijing 2017 will feature contemporary art, design, classic art, and public art. For this year’s edition, the fair will bring together 160 exhibitors, integrating all significant forces in China.

Besides providing support and service for galleries during this exhibition, Art Beijing 2017 will also appear as a regular platform to divert all kinds of resources and traffics into regular exhibitions and operations of galleries. Aiming to provide a large variety of high-level works based on the market demand while keeping professional, the fair will fuel the prosperity of the art market and promote the penetration of arts into the society and people’s lives.

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Left: F3 Tong Gallery + Projects, Liu Xia, Untitled, 72x100cm, Oil on canvas, 2016 / Right: F16 Chen Gallery, Liu Gangshun, Solitude, 27x127cm, Oil painting, 2015

Art Beijing 2017 Exhibiting Galleries

Seeing galleries as the most important support to discover great artists and nurture their growth, Art Beijing is oriented to promote the development of galleries with agency mechanism to a large degree. The Art Beijing 2017 will present 160 galleries from 15 countries and regions. Taking into account the changes of demand for art, Art Beijing 2017 has brought together Classical Beijing and Art Beijing into the same pavilion and platform in the arrangement of exhibition layout. Be sure not to miss booths by Aura Gallery from Beijing and Taipei, dedicated to exploring and promoting the highest Chinese contemporary art pieces, while introducing the contemporary art from west to east; PING Art Space from Taipei, mainly focused on Chinese Buddhist Art; Line Gallery from Beijing, focused on identifying and introducing potential young artists with personal characteristics and clear art style to the public since its foundation; Chambers Fine Art from Beijing and New York, specialized in Chinese Contemporary Art; Star Gallery from Beijing, focused on discovery and promotion of young Chinese artists; Taka Ishii Gallery from Tokyo, showing photography by major Japanese and international artists; Arario Gallery from Shanghai, Seoul, and Cheonan, promoting hybridization and diversity in regionally localized art world through its active interactions with international art world; and Yamamoto Gendai from Tokyo, a contemporary art gallery presenting artists who often work with unique techniques and methods and new media that across the border of existing art genres, among others.

The List of Exhibitors

秋刀鱼艺术中心 FISH ART CENTER台北 Taipei
LDXArtodrome Gallery柏林 Berlin/ 马耳他 Malta/ 香港 Hong Kong
伊日艺术 YIRI ARTS 台北 Taipei
狮語画廊 Leo Gallery上海 Shanghai/ 香港 Hong Kong
art space AM东京 Tokyo
亦安画廊 aura gallery 北京 Beijing/ 台北 Taipei
应空间 Ying Space北京 Beijing
力画廊 Link Gallery北京 Beijing
Lucie Chang Fine Arts香港 Hong Kong
美术文献艺术中心 Fine Arts Literature Art Center 武汉 Wuhan
墙艺术 WALLART北京 Beijing
证大画廊 Zendai Gallery上海 Shanghai
凯撒贝塞什(亚洲)艺术中心 Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Centre北京 Beijing/ 巴黎 Paris/ 日内瓦 Geneva
K 空间 K Gallery成都 Chengdu
释艺艺术空间 Shiyi Art Space太原 Taiyuan
林大艺术中心 Linda Gallery北京 Beijing/ 雅加达 Jakarta/ 新加坡 Singapore
平艺术空间 PING Art Space台北 Taipei
艾米李画廊 Amy Li Gallery北京 Beijing
程昕东画廊 Xin Dong Cheng Gallery北京 Beijing
芳草地画廊 PARKVIEW GREEN ART北京 Beijing/ 上海 Shanghai/ 香港 Hong Kong/ 台北 Taipei
亚洲艺术中心 Asia Art Center北京 Beijing/ 台北 Taipei
玉兰堂 LINE GALLERY北京 Beijing
筑中艺术空间 Zhuzhong Art Space 北京 Beijing
艺 · 凯旋艺术空间 Triumph Art Space 北京 Beijing
復言社 Fuyan Commune北京 Beijing
昆斯特博德画廊 Kunstbroder Gallery阿默斯福特 Amersfoort (荷兰 Holland )
BEN 廊 BEN 广州 Guangzhou/ 福州 Fuzhou/ 台北 Taipei
利阿贺拿艺术生活馆 LIAHONA ART SPACE北京 Beijing
川工作室 Studio Chuan北京 Beijing
前波画廊 Chambers Fine Art北京 Beijing/ 纽约 New York
索卡艺术 SOKA ART北京 Beijing/ 台北 Taipei/ 台南 Tainan
星空间 Star Gallery 北京 Beijing
德国贝尔艺术中心 Bell Art Center汉堡 Hamburg
候鸟空间 Migrant Bird Space柏林 Berlin
希帕画廊 Cipa Gallery北京 Beijing
国创库帛艺术中心 GCG KUPER ART CENTER北京 Beijing
艸居 Sokyo Gallery京都 Kyoto
美博 MEBOSPACE北京 Beijing
Taka Ishii Gallery东京 Tokyo
阿拉里奥画廊 ARARIO Gallery 上海 Shanghai/ 首尔 Seoul/ 天安 Cheonan
东京画廊 +BTAP Tokyo Gallery + BTAP北京 Beijing/ 东京 Tokyo
蜂巢当代艺术中心 Hive Center for Contemporary Art北京 Beijing / 深圳 Shenzhen
诚品画廊 ESLITE GALLERY台北 Taipei
站台中国当代艺术机 Platform China Contemporary Art Institute北京 Beijing/ 香港 Hong Kong
55 号院子艺术空间 No.55 ART SPACE北京 Beijing
非凡仕艺术 FEEFAN‘S ART北京 Beijing
Pashmin Art Gallery汉堡 Hamburg/ 上海 Shanghai
龙吟雅风 LYYF Visual Art Center北京 Beijing
汉风美林 Hanmo Art Gallery北京 Beijing
逸空间 ESCAPE SPACE 北京 Beijing
澄艺术 CHENG ART上海 Shanghai
樂空間 HAPPY GALLERY长沙 Changsha
玉衡艺术中心 Alioth Art Center上海 Shanghai
WE 艺空间 ART SPACE WE北京 Beijing
圣之空间艺术中心 SZ Art Center北京 Beijing
红鼎画廊 TOPRED GALLERY北京 Beijing
观想艺术中心 GUAN XIANG Art Gallery台北 Taipei/ 北京 Beijing
客艺廊 HaKaren Art Gallery香港 Hong Kong
桥舍画廊 Bridge Gallery北京 Beijing/ 深圳 Shenzhen
泽中画廊 Zezhong Gallery北京 Beijing
止墨文化 Ink Art北京 Beijing
玛格丽特画廊 Galerie MARGUERITE 北京 Beijing/ 巴黎 Paris
西马德 · 比洛多当代画廊 Simard Bilodeau Contemporary上海 Shanghai/ 洛杉矶 Los Angeles
蛙人艺术 Frogman Art北京 Beijing
沁德居艺廊 Chin Der Jyu Gallery台北 Taipei
丰色画廊 Fusio Gallery北京 Beijing
不同艺见艺术中心 ANOTHER ART北京 Beijing
方圆艺术空间 F·Y Art Space济南 Jinan
特别单元 Special Section : Find
拾萬空间 Hunsand Space北京 Beijing
F · SPACE北京 Beijing
Tong Gallery + Projects北京 Beijing
共同艺术中心 Common Art Center北京 Beijing
本裕空间 Bennus Space北京 Beijing
艺元空间 YIYUAN SPACE武汉 Wuhan
一唐实间 itangtime北京 Beijing
自在空间画廊 ZIZAI SPACE GALLERY上海 Shanghai
URANO东京 Tokyo
EGG 画廊 EGG Gallery北京 Beijing
NO !空间 NO ! SPACE北京 Beijing
欧尼克斯画廊 Onyx Gallery北京 Beijing
11 画廊 11 GALLERY北京 Beijing
作者画廊 Author Gallery北京 Beijing
晨画廊 Chen Gallery北京 Beijing
瀚艺术空间 Horizon Art Space北京 Beijing
经典艺术画廊 Classic Art Galleries
古风堂法国经典古董家具 GUFENGTANG北京 Beijing
汉乡艺术 Hang Shiang Art高雄 Kaohsiung
Galerie Collection's巴黎 Paris/ 上海 Shanghai
方圆美术馆 Fangyuan Art Gallery北京 Beijing
英国尚思艺术 Sands Fine Art牛津 Oxford
多伦多东方美术馆 EART GALLERY多伦多 Toronto/ 北京 Beijing
UNIONART UKRAINE北京 Beijing / 哈尔科夫 Kharkiv
西堤 Cite Galleries北京 Beijing
Classic ·简 经典西画沙龙 Classic Jen European Fine Art Gallery上海 Shanghai
艺术机构 / 平台 / 拍卖 Art Institutions / Platforms / Auctions
莱俪 LALIQUE上海 Shanghai/ 香港 Hong Kong
森林中国 • 艺术之旅 Forest China ART&TRIP北京 Beijing
名泰文化 Mingtai Culture北京 Beijing
北京宋庄艺术发展基金会 Beijing Songzhuang Art Development Foundation北京 Beijing
雅昌文化 Artron 北京 Beijing
北京塞万提斯学院 / 艺术诱惑出版社 Instituto Cervantes de Pekín / Tentarte Ediciones
澳中文化交流协会 Australia China Cultural Exchange Society

Special Divisions

With more and more galleries scattered throughout Beijing and their gradual standardization, growth and expansion into influential art institutions, Art Beijing has grasped the opportunity during this rapid development to grow and advance with new galleries. In order to promote the emerging artists and projects in Asia, Art Beijing has created an exhibition program titled Find. Together with 17 galleries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Tokyo, including EGG Gallery, Hunsand Space, Tong Gallery + Projects, Yamamoto Gendai and URANO, the fair will present a variety of artistic forms such as painting, image, installation, photography, and graffiti. Adding more new Asian elements to the fair, it will enable more collectors and visitors to understand and learn about the new look and new development of Asian art.

In order to further demonstrate and continue the core spirit of eastern and Asian art, the fair will present another special division titled ASIA plus. The program will be divided into two parts: Asia Galleries with International Presence, as well as a variety of themed exhibitions with galleries in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, such as Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Platform China, Eslite Gallery, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, and Arario Gallery, that will present the diverse artistic output in Asia. Among them, the themed exhibition The Paralleled Worlds in Asia will invite six Chinese and Japanese artists, including Wu Jian’an, Takahiro Iwasaki and Kishio Suga, which will have their works exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2017, as well as Ji Dachun, Liu Xiaodong and Motohiko Odani, which had their works exhibited at the Salon before. Galleries featured in the exhibition display the development of contemporary art in Asia and its trend, revealing the internal differences and links of the Eastern Asian Cultural Community in terms of art.

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F12 NO! SPACE, Zhang Muchen, boating paddles, Size variable, Woods, paddles, motors, 2016

The Special Exhibition

In order to advocate and carry forward the true art spirit, Art Beijing will continue the special exhibition of Xiaowei Hutong. The Xiaowei Hutong No. 5 will be the third exhibition with Hongkun Museum of Fine Art, showing how people of the Chinese Academy of Art have persisted in and carried forward the central spirit of art for generations. The exhibition aims to provide a criterion for collectors and visitors to review the artworks and a reference for an art collection.

Floor Plan
Art Beijing 2017 Floor Plan

The Side Program

Established in the 10th edition Art Beijing in the form of the Design Pavilion at the fair, Design Beijing combines art and design, discovers future design trends and promotes the Chinese design industry. To further reinforce the concept of artistic design, Art Beijing 2017 continues with this dedicated pavilion under the theme “Art · Design · Life”. The section aims to find an accurate position between art and design and offer more choices for collectors, but it also makes more efforts to guide the focus of collectors back to art and life without being restricted by the age, category or concept.

Following the need to introduce art into public space, Art Beijing has been dedicating itself to the practice of public art and art education in recent years. With their program “Art in Public Space”, the fair will introduce art park projects and other relevant themed exhibitions, providing a practical example for art to enter the public’s everyday life in a reasonable way. 

The Location

Practical Fair Information

Art Beijing 2017 will take place at National Agriculture Exhibition Center of China in Beijing (New Hall and Hall 3) from April 29th until May 2nd, 2017. The Special VIP Preview will be held on Saturday, April 29th, from 2 to 10 p.m, while the VIP Preview will be held the same day between 6 to 10 p.m, both by invitation only. The fair will be open for public between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on April 30th and May 1st, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 2nd. For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

F10 URANO, Takahiro Iwasaki, Out of Disorder (Mirage Land), 39 x 317 x 238.5cm, Good catch flag, 2015
F9 YAMAMOTO GENDA, Motohiko ODANI, Phantom Lim ,153 x 114cm, Laser print, acrylic frame, 2013
F1 Hunsand Space, Qiu Shijie, Mr.M, Brick, Pottery, branchand lamp installation, 2016
Left: B14 ESLITE GALLERY, Lin Yan, A Brooklyn Note#4, Ink, xuan paper, 2006 / Right: F1 Hunsand Space, Qiu Shijie, Mr.M, Brick, Pottery, branchand lamp installation, 2016
F7 itangtime, Tang Meng, 2016, 70 x 90cm, pencil, 2016
F6 YIYUAN SPACE, Deng Han,Two wardrobes, 70cmx48cm, Watercolor on parper, 2014
Left: B11 ARARIO Gallery Shanghai, Han Jiaquan, Two objects, 40x30cm, Oil on canvas, 2016 / Right: B13 Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Liu KE, Vertical Garden NO.1,150×120cm, Oil acrylic, water color, 2016
F5 Bennus Space, Ma Shengzhe, 2017 No.1, 110x140cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2017
Left: B3 Star Gallery, Zhang Hui, fruit, 2016.12, 81×61cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2016 Right B7 GCG KUPER ART CENTER, Ren Rong, Four seasons, h280cm, Iron carving, installation, 2016
Left: B3 Star Gallery, Zhang Hui, fruit, 2016.12, 81×61cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2016 / Right: B7 GCG KUPER ART CENTER, Ren Rong, Four seasons, h280cm, Iron carving, installation, 2016
B13 Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Zhao Xinyu, Projection, 180 x 220cm, Oil on canvas, 2016
Left: A4 Leo Gallery, Tang Jie, Dust in Red, 161 x 58 x 58 cm, Sand, glass, electrical parts, 2015 / Right: A5 art space AM, Nobuyoshi Araki, Kyu eu 1,120 x 360cm, Four Panel Folding Screen, 2017
B10 Taka Ishii Gallery, Nobuyoshi Araki, Love on the Left Eye, 36.3 x 54.5cm – 45.7 x 56cm, Unique color photograph and color positive, 2014
A27 KUNSTBRODER GALLERY, Zhang Yong, Look at the Water, 23 x 12 x 158cm, Bronze, 2008
A27 KUNSTBRODER GALLERY, Zhang Yong, Look at the Water, 23 x 12 x 158cm, Bronze, 2008
A25 Triumph Art Space, Fang Lijun, 2013-3016,122 x 163cm, Colored woodcut, 2016
A25 Triumph Art Space, Fang Lijun, 2013-3016,122 x 163cm, Colored woodcut, 2016
A23 LINE GALLERY, Liang Hao, Two genaration, 150 x 200cm, Oil on canvas, 2016
A23 LINE GALLERY, Liang Hao, Two genaration, 150 x 200cm, Oil on canvas, 2016
A14 Caissa Besseiche(Asia) Arts Centre, Jiang Ji'an, 160 x 65 x 40cm, Painting installation, 2016
A14 Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Arts Centre, Jiang Ji’an, 160 x 65 x 40cm, Painting installation, 2016
A8 Link Gallery, Jwong Seong Joon, Cavin and Adam's Hong Kong Adventure, 227 x 145cm,Oil on canvas, 2016
A8 Link Gallery, Jwong Seong Joon, Cavin and Adam’s Hong Kong Adventure, 227 x 145cm,Oil on canvas, 2016
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A1 FISH ART CENTER, Huang Mingchun, A new heaven and a new earth, 300 x 150 cm, Oil on canvas, 2017

Featured images: Art Beijing 2016 Contemporary Art; Art Beijing 2016 VIP preview; Art Beijing 2016 Public Art. All images courtesy of Art Beijing.