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Art Beijing 2018 - One of the Top Art and Exhibition Brands in All of Asia

  • Aleksei Gritsai - Woman in the Shade, 1959
  • Zhu Lan - Ultimate, 2017
  • Zhou Chunya - Peach Blossom of the Other Side, 2011
April 24, 2018
A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

Established in 2006, Art Beijing has become one of the top art and exhibition brands in all of Asia. In a continually changing industry, Art Beijing continues to adapt to market trends and further de­fine its position.

Serving the most art institutions in China, the acclaimed art fair returns this April for its 13th edition. Locally based and Asia-orientated, Art Beijing 2018 will integrate the country’s significant weight in domestic art to fully demonstrate the Chinese art market centered in Beijing.

In addition to sections dedicated to contemporary art, classic art, design and public art, the far will introduce Hi21, a young art market brand that will demonstrate the youth art unit.

The Floor Plan

Art Beijing Floor Plan 2018; each past visitor of the event returns to the fair
Art Beijing Floor Plan 2018

Exhibitors of Art Beijing 2018

The 13th edition of the fair will bring together 91 exhibitors showcasing both Western and Chinese art.

Be sure not to miss booths by Fish Art Center from Taipei, promoting contemporary art for over a decade; SOKA ART from Beijing, Taipei, and Tainan, representing Chinese and Asian modern and contemporary artists; ARARIO GALLERY from Shanghai, Seoul and Cheonan, promoting hybridization and diversity in regionally localized art world; Eden Art from London and New York, promoting a consistent artistic direction by curating a contemporary expression that conveys an optimistic and colorful view of life; and Palm Tree Gallery from London, featuring a strong and carefully selected exhibition program that promotes and encourages both emerging and established artists; among others.

The List of Exhibitors

Fish Art Center
LDXArtodrome Gallery
He Gallery
SZ Art Center
Hwas Gallery
K Gallery
Bell Art
Parkview Green Art
Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Arts Centre
Hive Center for Contemporary Art
Alioth Art Center
Asia Art Center
Line Gallery
Taihe Art Gallery
Triumph Gallery
Mingtai Culture
Eden Art
ceramic art
ink valley
Fangyuan Art Gallery
Shixiang Space
PŽkin Fine Arts
aura gallery
Zhuzhong Art Space
Xin Dong Cheng Gallery
PING Art Space
FáY Art Space
Daguan Gallery
Pashmin Art Gallery
Estyle Art Gallery
KangDe Art Museum
Guo Ding Culture
LI YING Gallery
world art center
Barry Friedman Ltd. New York
Kunstbroder Gallery
Khankhalaev Gallery
Shiyi Art Space
Frogman Art
Another Art
Chuan Cheng Art Center
Bridge Gallery
Jinse Gallery
NINE Gallery
LYYF Visual Art Center
Baiyaxuan 798 Art Gallery
C-NA Gallery
Fine Arts Literature Art Center
Tree Gallery
Horizon Art Space
Palm Tree Gallery
Galerie Collection's
Cite Galleries
Classic Jen Fine Art
Hang Shiang Art
Sands Fine Art
Gao's Gallery
George Tong
Instituto Cervantes de Pek’n
Embassy of Mexico in China
mbassy of Portugal in China
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
British Council

The Program of the Fair

Rooted in Beijing, the fair serves as the barometer of the art market. In addition to Western contemporary art, it will showcase the most timely Chinese art in order to highlight the strength of the country in the cultural and artistic field.

Continuing the scale and pattern of previous editions, Art Beijing 2018 will present approximately 160 art institutions from 14 different countries. This year, the fair will integrate the Classic Beijing and the Art Beijing into one, displayed in one stage by dividing the exhibitions in accordance with the style of works. In this way, the fair will demonstrate a richer and more diverse display.

In cooperation with Instituto Cervantes de Pekín, Embassy of Mexico in China, Embassy of Portugal in China, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and British Council, the fair will present a special exhibition project called Art! World and talks, promoting the popularization and communication of art and culture.

As a sub-brand of the fair, Photo Beijing will present a thematic exhibition that will showcase the possibilities of rapid technological progress through video art. The show will feature 16 active photographers and video artists. Integrating both art and design, Design Beijing is dedicated to creating a platform for exhibitions and exchanges. It aims to develop local design through communication with the international design culture.

As part of the Public Art section, the fair will present Art Park that will be themed on “Art Returning to Nature”. This time, the fair will focus on the broader natural zone, paying attention to the relationship between the ecological environment and public art.

In partnership with Hi21, a youth art fair brand, the fair will present a special project called Youth Scene. Taking place in the No. 5 Museum adjacent to the No. 11 Museum, the Contemporary Museum of Art Beijing, the exhibition will feature thousands of works of several hundreds of artists, demonstrating the strength of youth.

The Location oF Art Beijing 2018

Practical Information

Art Beijing 2018 will take place at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing from April 29th until May 2nd, 2018. The VIP Preview (by invitation only) will be held on April 29th, from 3 to 10 p.m.

The doors of the fair will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m on Wednesday. The price of the ticket will be 100 RMB (≈$16).

For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

each past visitor of the event returns to the fair
Left: Jiang Zhenqing – Tibetan, 2004 / Right: Xu Zhou – Jiefang Road, 2016
Zhang Wei - Gray Ground, 2018
Zhang Wei – Gray Ground, 2018
Li Chen - Reverberance, 2015, Roy Lichtenstein - Brushstroke Chair, 1986
Left: Li Chen – Reverberance, 2015 / Right: Roy Lichtenstein – Brushstroke Chair, 1986
William Oliver - Beautiful River Landscape
William Oliver – Beautiful River Landscape
Wang Wenhao - Mountain Mountain, 2017
Wang Wenhao – Mountain Mountain, 2017
SOM - Meeting in Sacramento, 2016, Wang Jin - Beyond City No. 1, 2016; the event takes place in a hotel
Left: SOM – Meeting in Sacramento, 2016 / Right: Wang Jin – Beyond City No. 1, 2016
Geng Defa - Acacia dyed No.2, 2017; taking place in a hotel, a fair has a number of partners
Geng Defa – Acacia dyed No.2, 2017

Featured images: Aleksei Gritsai – Woman in the Shade, 1959; Zhu Lan – Ultimate, 2017; Zhou Chunya – Peach Blossom of the Other Side, 2011. All images courtesy of Art Beijing.