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Marvelous Art Cafe Venues That Will Support Your Creativity

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May 14, 2016
Nadia Herzog is a pen name of Nadja Bozovic, a freelance journalist whose interest goes from the questioning influence of different art movements, through the connection of arts and urban space, to the art activism for social change. She enjoys interviewing artists and reading all about art history, and she is truly passionate about visual arts, especially about photography, design, graphics, multimedia, and street art in all of its forms.

All around the world, people have started taking coffee seriously. It is not just that they want to hold a cup of high-class specialty beverage in their hands, but they want to drink it inside beautifully crafted cafe venues while looking at some carefully selected art pieces hanging on the wall, or placing themselves around design ideas that will blow their mind. Guests simply need to feel warm and cozy within a homey atmosphere. That is why more and more coffee shop owners give them just that.

Besides the welcoming atmosphere, time of the so-called oversized cafe menus has been left far behind. The time has come for the concept-bars, specialty coffee micro roasteries, and cafes that offer only a few valuable menu items. There are no more book-like menus consisting a dozen of pages. Oh no, no more of those. Goodbye, menu books, and hello carefully-crafted-seasonal-menus.

Remember the times when celebrities were buying restaurants and cafes, just to say that they own it? Well, that is not enough these days either. Now, the celebrity doesn’t have only to own the bar, they also need to express their creativity and design the interior themselves. They need to pick up the theme and stick consistently to it throughout the designing process. Only then will future guests cherish the effort of the designer, and gladly choose that exact place to spend their so-much-valuable free time.

We are bringing you the list that gathers some of the most popular and beautiful art cafes in the cities around the world that will spark your artistic light within. Be inspired!

Choose your favorite art cafe from the list below!

Editors’ Tip: Cafe! Best of Coffee Shop Design

Cafes are no longer seen as places only to enjoy a cup of joe. They have been evolving over time and more and more they are becoming multifunctional places. Cafe by day is easily turned into a late night bar by night while hosting an art exhibition opening in the evenings. And the interior design has been adjusted accordingly. The book Cafe! Best of Coffee Shop Design brings in a wide range of different cafe concepts, including bars as integral parts of modern multipurpose buildings, brand stores and traditional cafe-restaurants with a contemporary twist. This book showcases 40 projects with different design and styles, varying from minimalist, strict, luscious, or artistic, to out-of-the-ordinary and extravagant.

  • Bar Luce Interior 2 - via Fondazioneprada live and enjoy
  • Bar Luce Interior 3 - via Fondazioneprada org
  • Bar Luce Interior by fmiphone
  • Bar Luce Interior by valexina_01

Bar Luce by Wes Anderson, Milan, Italy

The new art center in Milan, the Fondazione Prada designed by Miuccia Prada, opened its doors to the public in May 2015, featuring the Bar Luce as one of the most interesting and long-awaited artistic cafes in Milan. Designed by Wes Anderson, director of the movies such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Rushmore, Bar Luce was quickly established as a must-visit cafe in Milan. Once you get inside instantly you get the feeling of entering one of the Anderson’s film sets. But as a famous director stated himself, he didn’t want to design a set, but a real life space for quiet off-filming afternoons. But yes, he admits that it could possibly be a good spot for writing a movie. Featuring bright patterned wallpapered walls, retro Formica chairs and tables with pastel colors, jukeboxes and some Steve Zissou-themed pinball machines, Bar Luce is paying an homage to Italian interior design aesthetics from the 1950s and the 1960s. Some design details of the original building structure have been preserved, such as the arched ceiling, which forms a look-alike version of the glass roof of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, one of the architectural symbols of Milan.

Featured image: Bar Luce Interior – Image via; Slider images: Bar Luce Interior 2 – Image via, Bar Luce Interior by fmiphone, Bar Luce Interior by valexina_01

  • Toby's Estate Interior - via Architecturaldigest com

Toby’s Estate, Brooklyn, New York City

Once upon a time, in the place of Toby’s Estate cafe in Brooklyn, New York, used to be a meat-provisioning house. Nowadays, this place is all about quality coffee. They roast their own beans in-house, they make specialty espresso at the coffee counter up front and brew drip coffee by the cup. They also serve pastries from local bakers. And above all, they organize a brew school, where coffee lovers can take private lessons on extracting, brewing, cupping and tasting coffee. Toby’s Estate can also be proud of the unique interior design, which displays vintage objects on modern shelves, that were custom made for the cafe, and surely does make a distinguishable point inside this place. It is a favorite coffee spot for local coffee lovers and beyond.

Featured image: Toby’s Estate Interior – Image via

  • The Grounds Interior - via Thegrounds com au

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, Australia

The Grounds of Alexandria arose from the ground when Ramzey Choker and Jack Hanna envisioned their idea to create an urban spot for creating lasting memories in this fast-paced world. The Grounds design is Ramzey’s piece of art while Jack’s job is to bring in some of the best coffee from all over the world. They gathered some of the most creative and innovative minds in the business, making a unique cafe crew they call The Grounds Family. Together they bring the first-class service to their guests, high quality, wholesome food, and coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, and Uganda. In the 1900s, this place was a pie factory, and now it tends to be ‘one of the most beautiful and eclectic coffee shops’, as guests are usually describing it. It has an additional space for a research and testing facility, as well as a lush garden with vegetables and various herbs, and with a full-time horticulturist on board. They are also eager to lower the CO2 emission, so they give away a free coffee voucher for everyone who comes by bike.

Featured image: The Grounds Cafe Interior – Image via; Slider images: The Grounds Cafe Research Facility – Image via

  • Alice and Dorothy Interior 3 - Seoul South Korea - via honestcooking com
  • Alice and Dorothy - Seoul South Korea - via honestcooking com
  • Alice and Dorothy Interior 2 - Seoul South Korea - via honestcooking com

Alice & Dorothy, Seoul, South Korea

Alice & Dorothy is a cafe in the popular Seoul’s area Hongdae, known for its urban arts and indie music culture, but it’s not just like any other Hongdae street cafe. Alice & Dorothy is renowned for having the best hand drip coffee in the city. Its menu is simple, containing mostly teas and coffees. That is also its distinctive point from other coffee shops that serve overpriced, yet disappointing waffles that are now popular in Seoul. The similarity with other Seoul’s modern cafes is the idea that the great design matters. Here, the name Alice & Dorothy refers to the stories of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, and the thematic pictures are spread all over the place in a form of wall collages, but they decorate the interior tastefully, without an exaggeration. All in all, it is a cozy and inspirative little cafe, with carefully selected menu items.

Featured image: Alice & Dorothy Interior Wall Detail – Image via Slider images: Alice & Dorothy View from Outside – Image via, Alice & Dorothy Mug Detail – Image via

  • Coffee Collective home nyack foto saturday meldungen live

The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Caffee Collective is actually a coffee roastery, that sells coffee to coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. But besides that, they have three coffee shops of their own all around Copenhagen and a barista training organized within their venues. Their goal is to set new standards for brewing and serving, and to keep exploring coffee potentials all the way from seed to cup. The Coffee Collective is collectively owned and run by some of Denmark’s most reputable coffee personalities. There are four owners – Peter N. Dupont, managing director and green bean buyer, with MSc in water resource management in coffee producing areas, Klaus Thomsen, a World Barista Champion in 2006 and twice Danish Barista Champion, Casper E. Rasmussen, roast master and a World Cup Tasting Champion in 2008, and finally Linus Törsäter, an architect from SLU Alnarp, Sweden, a.k.a. the man behind the design of those three venues. He has done his homework, so the look of those cafes is simple, functional, and modern, yet with an artistic touch.

Feature image: Kenya Single Origin Coffee Tasting at The Coffee Collective – Image via The Coffee Collective’s Facebook Page

  • Cafe Art day day
  • Cafe Art - Art by Antony Hanley from SHP - via cafeart org uk
  • Cafe Art - Art by Mateus El Samaria from One Support - via cafeart org uk

Cafe Art, London, UK

This is not an ordinary coffee shop. Cafe Art is a non-profit organization, devoted to making a connection between coffee, art, and homeless people. How? Well, they frequently organize contests and insure grants for homeless who want to make art. Recently they gave out 100 single use cameras to homeless people and made out an exhibition reflecting their view of London. Cafe Art has been collaborating with various organizations focused on homelessness issues, that provide artistic workshops for their users. Some of these artworks have continuously been presented on the walls of Cafe Art and the partner art venues as well, including Magic Gallery of The Royal Photographic Society, Westbourne Grove Church ArtSpace, and The British Council. True art lovers can enjoy the different perspective of artistic expressions within Cafe Art, as well as the social aspect of the story behind this cafe. As we already mentioned, this is not an ordinary cafe. Come and see it for yourself.

Feature image: Cafe Art – Art by David Braunsberg from Holy Cross – Image via Slider images: Cafe Art – Art by Antony Hanley from SHP – Image via, Cafe Art – Art by Mateus El Samaria from One Support – Image via

  • Juddy Roller Interior - via Broadsheet com au
  • Juddy Roller Exterior - via broadsheet com au

Juddy Roller Cafe, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is widely renowned as the city of good coffee and dynamic art scene, and Juddy Roller cafe simultaneously and rather successfully keeps both entities alive and well. Placed on the side street of the Fitzroy area, Juddy Roller is welcoming its guests with strong Supreme coffee and a simple breakfast and lunch menu. But there is more to it. Cafe owner Shaun Hossack is a street art enthusiast with an ambition to develop an urban development community around the cafe. For that purpose, he renovated the former garage into a cafe, and now he hopes that the inspiring space can make an impactful platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with the community. Juddy Roller cafe, named after a Hossack’s close friend who passed away, is currently covered with artworks by the acclaimed Everfresh artist crew. The idea is to make one wall ready for regular ‘refreshments’ by various artists. In this cafe venue usually can be seen art pieces like graffiti, stencil, painting, video mapping and illustration works.

Featured image: Juddy Roller Interior – Image via Slider image: Juddy Roller Exterior – Image via

  • Greecologies Interior - via Lisaplace se

Greecologies, Manhattan, New York City

Greecologies cafe placed in the Nolita area of Manhattan is one of those popular cafes with a unique concept. The main offer on their menu is an authentic Greek yogurt with various creatively mixed toppings, ranging from sour cherry and honey, or thyme and savory olives, to sun-dried tomatoes and mint. And most importantly – all ingredients are organic, fresh, and natural. And of course, its interior design and green patio comes as a bonus. Designed by a Greek architect Dionisis Sotovikis, the outdoor garden is tackled with wooden seats and tables, perfect for relaxation while the interior is quite simple, yet powerful. White walls, when mixed with a lot of daylight, airy atmosphere, and peaceful nooks, altogether bring the easy-going feeling and a desire for coming back to that place over and over again.

Featured image: Greecologies Interior – via

Prachtwerk, Berlin, Germany

Prachtwerk is a place that combines art, music and coffee. In addition to bringing the superb quality coffee enjoyment to its guests, while serving them specialty coffees of the Berlin’s well known Five Elephant roastery, Prachtwerk is offering some handmade cakes and various sandwiches as well. Placed in the Neukölln area of Berlin, this cafe is not just a place to sit down and have a cup of coffee. It nurtures culturally diverse program and brings some fair trade products to the table. It is a kind of a social enterprise because all of their net profits are invested in projects of local and international associations and organizations. And that’s not all. Prachtwerk changes its scenery by night, becoming a lounge with a special selection of drinks and various cultural events.

Featured image: Prachtwerk Interior – Image via Slider image: Prachtwerk Interior 2 – Image via

  • Graffiti Cafe Interior - via eurostylelighting com

Graffiti Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

With a clear black and white palette interior with painted white floors and exposed ceilings that make space feel bright and open, the Graffiti cafe in Los Angeles has become a favorite place for the business meetings, as well as for getting done the creative work. Being placed in the trendy La Brea neighborhood, Graffiti’s crispy walls are just waiting to be signed by some of the famous street artists from the area. But no one should mess with a peace sign that has become like a signature sign of the Graffiti’s interior. Together with chill-out music and cozy armchairs it creates a laid-back atmosphere. Depending on the occasion and the company you are coming with to the graffiti there are different types of seatings on offer. Besides comfortable black sofa, an upstairs loft is offering laptop stations for the ones who have to work. There are also some modern black dining chairs combined with simple white round tables, that altogether create a bold contrast and make this place even more appealing to guests.

Featured image: Graffiti Cafe Interior – Image via All images used for illustrative purposes only.