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Art Karlsruhe 2015

February 23, 2015

The preparations for this year’s art fair in Karlsruhe, Germany are bringing to an end. The twelfth art KARLSRUHE fair will be openned on March 4th. Under the motto of Where art meets art, the art KARLSRUHE 2015 will bring together a vast number of galleries, artists, curators, collectors and art-lovers. During the three days of the fair, 210 gallery owners from eleven countries will be displaying top works. These works range from classic modern and modern classic to contemporary art. Additionally, in the four thematically structured halls 157 One-Artist-Show will be featuring, and 19 sculpture zones will be specially designed. The art KARLSRUHE 2015 is also offering a fascinating supporting programme. The visitors will be able to find at this fair a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in contemporary art.

Left: Rikuo Ueda / Right: Rotermund - Nolde
Left: Rikuo Ueda / Right: Rotermund – Nolde

Art KARLSRUHE 2015 Special Focus

The galleries represented at the fair will present extraordinary works from the entire range of 20th and 21st century art movements. The spectrum ranges from Expressionism and Neue Sachlichkeit to important post-war positions such as Informel, concrete positions, ZERO and pop art, right through to neoexpressionist painting, street art and the most recent contemporary art. The fair’s space is divided by the dominant artistic movements that are represented by each gallery. Therefore, the Hall 1 is reserved for Photography, editions, and objects, the Hall 2 for Modern classic + contemporary art, the Hall 3 for Classic modern + contemporary art, while the dm-arena space will be devoted to Contemporary art. In the classic modern field, the artists of the expressionism movement will dominate. For example, works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner are on show at galleries such as Henze & Ketterer, Fischer Kunsthandel & Editionen and Koch. The works by Max Pechstein can be found at the Gitta Bierhinkel gallery, while Karl Hofer can be found at Pfundt and KRÜMMER fine art. Kunstkontor Dr. Doris Möllers is focusing on Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff – along with the Impressionists Lovis Corinth and Max Liebermann. Kunsthandel Hagemeier is presenting two leading figures of Neue Sachlichkeit – Otto Dix and George Grosz. Famous Bauhaus artist Lyonel Feininger will be present at the Koch-Westenhoff amongst others, while Oskar Schlemmer at the Valentien.

The Art Informel, one of the most important abstract movements in the post-war art, will be present at Eva Meyer, Cortina and at Galerie am Lindenplatz. They will show the works by famous Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies, among others. Galerie Nothelfer is displaying K.R.H. Sonderborg and Fred Thieler, and Geiger is presenting works by artists such as Herman de Vries. Concrete positions are represented by galleries such as gimpel & müller, Dorothea van der Koelen and Oniris, while the lovers of ZERO should visit the Holtmann and Walter Bischoff Galerie. The Schwind gallery will exhibit the works by the GDR artists Wolfgang Mattheuer, Arno Rink, Willi Sitte, and Werner Tübke. DIE GALERIE is presenting works by Johannes Heisig, and the LEO.COPPI works by Harald Metzkes. Artists that rang in the triumph of the “Jungen Wilden” in the 1980s are represented at Kunsthandlung Osper (Markus Lüpertz), Fetzer (Bernd Zimmer), Fuchs (Rainer Fetting), L’Estampe (Elvira Bach), and East 2 Gallery (A.R. Penck). Works that are influenced by graffiti and street art can be found at Springmann (with JR), and Studio Akka (with Keith Haring).

Art Karlsruhe 2014
Art Karlsruhe 2014

Art KARLSRUHE 2015 Interesting Moments

When it comes to contemporary and street art, the DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM Gallery from Berlin will present the works by contemporary artists Stefan Behlau, Bernhard Brungs, Andrej Dúbravsky, Klaus Jörres, Maki Na Kamura, Dennis Loesch. The Springmann Gallery will present some extraordinary street art works by JR, Alexandre Farto, Volume3, while the Circle Culture will show the works by Stefan Strumbel. The works by Jürgen Paas and Dirk Salz will be on view at the Obrist Gallery.

Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen - Musik als Grün, 1974
Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen – Musik als Grün, 1974

Special Programs

The sculpture zone, which is a trademark of art KARLSRUHE will present extraordinary sculptures that will certainly bring attention to the collectors. Just to mention Emil Cimiotti, Klaus Hack, Andreas Theurer and many others whose works will be shown by some of the most recognized galleries in Europe. Another interesting supporting program is the special showcase entitled Some like it cool by SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen. They are staging an exhibition of contemporary work from the Schaufler collection. This private museum of the Swabian entrepreneur Peter Schaufler and his wife Christiane Schaufler-Münch have assembled the impressive collection with a focus on works from the ZERO movement, conceptual art, minimal art, and concrete art. Another special program includes the presentation of works by the legendary Hungarian photographer Robert Capa along with contemporary photography from Hungary. An interesting debate is planned during the ARTIMA art meeting 2015, where high-profile experts, curators, collectors will discuss new developments in the world of art, and the main topic will be Collecting – more than a passion?. Finally, two prize-giving ceremonies are planned. The Hans Platschek Prize for Art and Writing will be awarded to the Japanese artist Rikuo Ueda on Thursday, March 5th. The winner of the Baden-Württemberg and City of Karlsruhe art KARLSRUHE Prize for the best One-Artist-Show will be announced at 5 pm on Friday, March 6th.

Art Karlsruhe 2014
Art Karlsruhe 2014

Art KARLSRUHE 2015 Practical Information

Art KARLSRUHE 2015 will be held from March 5th until March 8th. The main venue of the art fair is Messe Karlsruhe. The daily tickets cost 20 Euro, however the visitors will be able to buy 2- day ticket as well, for 28 Euro. The ART KARSRUHE Catalogue is published, and it costs 25 Euro. Creative activities for children ages 5 and older are available on all fair days during the opening times.

Go to the next page, and take a look at our special spreadsheet with all the galleries and artists of the Art KARLSRUHE 2015, the floorplan of the Fair, and the brochure.

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Mack Bischoff
Mack Bischoff

Art KARLSRUHE 2015: Exhibitors

ABTART GmbHGermanyHalle 1V04Topic: Limited
ABTART GmbHGermanyHalle 2D23One-Artist-Show
Akademie der Bildenden Künste an der alten Spinnerei KolbermoorGermanyFoyer Eing. OstKolbermoorInformation Stands
AKA SPACE galleryRepublic of KoreaHalle 2C37topic: modern classic
Anna Jill Lüpertz GalleryGermanydm-arenaN07Topic: Contemporary Art
Anquin's Galeria d'ArtSpainHalle 3F28One-Artist-Show
Art & Design Museums BaselSwitzerlandHalle 1V18Museums
art box berlin gmbhGermanyHalle 1T03Topic: Limited
Art Cities in EuropeGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI09Media partners
art Company MISOOLSIDAERepublic of KoreaHalle 2C28topic: modern classic
ART Galerie 7GermanyHalle 2A22One-Artist-Show
ARTHUS Galerie für zeitgenössische KunstGermanyHalle 2A24One-Artist-Show
ARTIMA Mannheimer AG HoldingGermanyHalle 3H02Information Stands
ART-isotope Galerie SchöberGermanydm-arenaM03One-Artist-Show
ART-isotope Galerie SchöberGermanydm-arenaM02One-Artist-Show
ARTKELCHGermanyHalle 2E22topic: modern classic
artline KunstmagazinGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI11Media partners
ARTMAPP GmbHGermanyFoyer Eing. OstMedien.07Media partners
Art Market BudapestHungaryHalle 1W01Information Stands
artmetropol.tvGermanyFoyer Eing. OstMedien.04Media partners
arton SkulpturenGermanyHalle 1T02Topic: Limited
arToxin GalerieGermanydm-arenaP08One-Artist-Show
artparkGermanyHalle 2D33topic: modern classic
artports.comGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI06Media partners
Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe e.VGermanyHalle 1V22Information Stands
Badisches Landesmuseum KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1S18Museums
BEGE GalerienGermanyHalle 3F06One-Artist-Show
BEGE GalerienGermanyHalle 3F05One-Artist-Show
Berengo StudioItalyHalle 1V09Topic: Limited
boesnerGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI04Information Stands
Braun-Falco GalerieGermanydm-arenaL02Topic: Contemporary Art
BRENNECKE FINE ARTGermanyHalle 3J25One-Artist-Show
Chiefs & SpiritsNetherlandsHalle 1S02One-Artist-Show
Christian Marx GalerieGermanydm-arenaR03One-Artist-Show
Circle Culture GalleryGermanyHalle 1V07One-Artist-Show
DavisKlemmGalleryGermanyHalle 2B05One-Artist-Show
DavisKlemmGalleryGermanyHalle 2A05One-Artist-Show
De KunstSalonNetherlandsHalle 1W08Topic: Limited
DIE GALERIEGermanyHalle 2A27One-Artist-Show
DIE GALERIEGermanyHalle 2A25One-Artist-Show
Dittrich & SchlechtriemGermanydm-arenaN11Topic: Contemporary Art
Döbele Kunst Mannheim-Dresden-WürzburgGermanyHalle 2D07One-Artist-Show
Dreipunkt EditionGermanyHalle 1V05Topic: Limited
East 2 GalleryGreat Britaindm-arenaN08One-Artist-Show
Falkenberg Galerie für neue KunstGermanydm-arenaR05One-Artist-Show
Filser & Gräf Galerie für Kunst und DesignGermanyHalle 3J36Topic: classic modern art
Finanzen VerlagGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI10Media partners
Fischer Kunsthandel & EditionGermanyHalle 3G13Topic: classic modern art
Francesca Antonini Arte ContemporaneaItalydm-arenaR06Topic: Contemporary Art
Fritz-Winter-HausGermanyHalle 3G19One-Artist-Show
Galeria CortinaSpainHalle 2D09topic: modern classic
galerie . mühlfeld + stohrerGermanydm-arenaP02Topic: Contemporary Art
galerie . mühlfeld + stohrerGermanydm-arenaP01One-Artist-Show
Galerie 99GermanyHalle 2A28topic: modern classic
Galerie Albert BaumgartenGermanyHalle 2D08One-Artist-Show
Galerie am DomGermanyHalle 2E21One-Artist-Show
Galerie am LindenplatzLiechtensteinHalle 2C11topic: modern classic
Galerie an der Pinakothek der ModerneGermanyHalle 3K29One-Artist-Show
Galerie Andreas BinderGermanyHalle 2D21One-Artist-Show
Galerie Angelo FalzoneGermanyHalle 2B12One-Artist-Show
Galerie Anja KnoessGermanydm-arenaL01One-Artist-Show
Galerie AppelGermanyHalle 2C15One-Artist-Show
Galerie B. HaasnerGermanyHalle 3G10Topic: classic modern art
Galerie BagnatoGermanydm-arenaP05Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie Barbara von StechowGermanyHalle 2A06topic: modern classic
Galerie BengelsträterGermanyHalle 3G33One-Artist-Show
Galerie BodeGermanyHalle 2E09One-Artist-Show
Galerie BornGermanyHalle 2A30One-Artist-Show
Galerie Carla Reul GmbHGermanyHalle 3F09Topic: classic modern art
Galerie Cerny und PartnerGermanyHalle 3H29One-Artist-Show
Galerie Christa BurgerGermanyHalle 2A15One-Artist-Show
Galerie CornelissenGermanydm-arenaR04Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie Cyprian Brenner GmbH & Co. KGGermanyHalle 2D29Sculpture Areas
Galerie Cyprian Brenner GmbH & Co. KGGermanyHalle 2D31One-Artist-Show
Galerie Depelmann Edition Verlag GmbHGermanyHalle 3K11One-Artist-Show
Galerie Depelmann Edition Verlag GmbHGermanyHalle 1U06Topic: Limited
Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der KoelenGermanyHalle 2B11One-Artist-Show
Galerie Edition CamosGermanyHalle 1T08Topic: Limited
Galerie - Edition PurrmannGermanyHalle 3K36One-Artist-Show
Galerie Eva MeyerFranceHalle 3G17One-Artist-Show
Galerie-FGermanyHalle 1S04One-Artist-Show
Galerie FetzerGermanyHalle 3H01One-Artist-Show
Galerie Franzis EngelsNetherlandsdm-arenaP07Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie Franz SwetecGermanyHalle 3F11One-Artist-Show
Galerie Friedmann-HahnGermanyHalle 3K25One-Artist-Show
Galerie GeigerGermanyHalle 2D11topic: modern classic
Galerie Georg NothelferGermanyHalle 2A17One-Artist-Show
Galerie Georg NothelferGermanyHalle 2B19One-Artist-Show
Galerie gimpel & müllerFranceHalle 2C01One-Artist-Show
Galerie Gitta BierhinkelGermanyHalle 3K05Topic: classic modern art
Galerie GNGFranceHalle 2D17One-Artist-Show
Galerie GNGFranceHalle 2D19One-Artist-Show
Galerie Heinz HoltmannGermanyHalle 3H14Topic: classic modern art
Galerie Henze & Ketterer & TrieboldSwitzerlandHalle 3H13One-Artist-Show
Galerie Horst DietrichGermanyHalle 3J23One-Artist-Show
Galerie HospAustriadm-arenaM04One-Artist-Show
Galerie Hübner & HübnerGermanyHalle 2A19One-Artist-Show
Galerie im Fritz-Winter-AtelierGermanydm-arenaR11One-Artist-Show
Galerie Isabelle LesmeisterGermanyHalle 1V06Topic: Limited
Galerie Jean GresetFrancedm-arenaN04Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie JeanneGermanyHalle 1U08Topic: Limited
Galerie KamplGermanyHalle 2B03topic: modern classic
Galerie KastenGermanyHalle 2C07One-Artist-Show
Galerie KastenGermanyHalle 1U02One-Artist-Show
Galerie KautschGermanyHalle 2B08topic: modern classic
Galerie KlingerGermanydm-arenaM01One-Artist-Show
Galerie KloseGermanydm-arenaN06Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie KochGermanyHalle 3G08Topic: classic modern art
Galerie Koch-WestenhoffGermanyHalle 3G14Topic: classic modern art
Galerie KornfeldGermanyHalle 3F07One-Artist-Show
Galerie Kuhn & PartnerGermanyHalle 2A16topic: modern classic
Galerie LauthGermanyHalle 3K22One-Artist-Show
Galerie LeonhardAustriadm-arenaR10Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie LeuenrothGermanyHalle 2A11topic: modern classic
galerie linde hollingerGermanyHalle 2D20topic: modern classic
Galerie LudorffGermanyHalle 3H05Topic: classic modern art
Galerie MäderSwitzerlandHalle 2A07One-Artist-Show
Galerie MaierAustriaHalle 3F30Topic: classic modern art
Galerie MaierAustriaHalle 3F29One-Artist-Show
Galerie Marianne HennemannGermanyHalle 3G21Topic: classic modern art
Galerie Martin MertensGermanydm-arenaR08Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie MaulbergerGermanyHalle 3H19One-Artist-Show
Galerie MaurerGermanyHalle 2C06topic: modern classic
Galerie Michael HasencleverGermanyHalle 3G07Topic: classic modern art
Galerie Michael HeufelderGermanyHalle 2A09One-Artist-Show
Galerie Michael SchultzGermanyHalle 2C19One-Artist-Show
Galerie Michael Werner Märkisch WilmersdorfGermanyHalle 2C05topic: modern classic
Galerie MollinéGermanyHalle 2A31topic: modern classic
Galerie MollwoSwitzerlandHalle 2A29One-Artist-Show
Galerie ObristGermanyHalle 2E12One-Artist-Show
Galerie p13Germanydm-arenaL08Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie Pamme-VogelsangGermanyHalle 3K20One-Artist-Show
Galerie Pascale FroesselFranceHalle 3F08One-Artist-Show
Galerie Peters-BarenbrockGermanyHalle 3F22One-Artist-Show
Galerie Peter TeddenGermanydm-arenaP03One-Artist-Show
Galerie PfundtGermanydm-arenaL06Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie RaphaelGermanyHalle 3G18One-Artist-Show
Galerie Reinhold MaasGermanyHalle 2A12One-Artist-Show
Galerie Renate BenderGermanyHalle 2C08One-Artist-Show
Galerie ROOTGermanydm-arenaM05One-Artist-Show
Galerie RothamelGermanyHalle 3J32One-Artist-Show
Galerie RothamelGermanyHalle 3H32One-Artist-Show
GALERIE ROTHER WINTERGermanyHalle 3J19One-Artist-Show
GALERIE ROTHER WINTERGermanyHalle 3J15Sculpture Areas
Galerie Roy SfeirFranceHalle 2A21One-Artist-Show
Galerie RudolfGermanyHalle 3K07Topic: classic modern art
Galerie ScheffelGermanyHalle 3J05Topic: classic modern art
Galerie ScheffelGermanyHalle 3J03Sculpture Areas
Galerie SchlichtenmaierGermanyHalle 3G05Topic: classic modern art
Galerie SchwarzerGermanyHalle 3J12Topic: classic modern art
Galerie SchwindGermanyHalle 2D25topic: modern classic
Galerie SieviGermanydm-arenaL09One-Artist-Show
Galerie SpringmannGermanydm-arenaN03Topic: Contemporary Art
Galerie StahlbergerGermanyHalle 2D03One-Artist-Show
Galerie Stephen HoffmanGermanyHalle 1V08Topic: Limited
Galerie STPGermanyHalle 1U07One-Artist-Show
GALERIE SUPPERGermanyHalle 2E07One-Artist-Show
GalerieSusanne AlbrechtGermanydm-arenaP09One-Artist-Show
GALERIE SZALCGermanydm-arenaN05One-Artist-Show
Galerie Tammen & PartnerGermanyHalle 3J31One-Artist-Show
Galerie Tammen & PartnerGermanyHalle 3J27One-Artist-Show
Galerie Thomas FuchsGermanyHalle 2B32topic: modern classic
Galerie Tobias SchradeGermanydm-arenaP06Topic: Contemporary Art
GALERIE TRISTAN LORENZGermanyHalle 2E10topic: modern classic
Galerie Ulrich GeringGermanyHalle 2D35topic: modern classic
galerie und edition hoffmannGermanyHalle 2D12One-Artist-Show
Galerie und Kunsthandel DraheimGermanyHalle 3H30Topic: classic modern art
Galerie und Verlag St. GertrudeGermanyHalle 3J11One-Artist-Show
Galerie ValentienGermanyHalle 3F19Topic: classic modern art
GALERIE VON & VONGermanydm-arenaM11One-Artist-Show
galerie wagner + marksGermanyHalle 2E19One-Artist-Show
Galerie Werner WohlhüterGermanyHalle 2C21One-Artist-Show
Galerie Werner WohlhüterGermanyHalle 2B21One-Artist-Show
Galerie WesnerGermanyHalle 2C29One-Artist-Show
Galerie WilmsenGermanyHalle 2B27topic: modern classic
Galerie ZaißGermanyHalle 3F33One-Artist-Show
Galerie ZellermayerGermanyHalle 3H16Topic: classic modern art
Galerie ZulaufGermanyHalle 3F14One-Artist-Show
Galerie ZulaufGermanyHalle 3F13One-Artist-Show
Galleria ForniItalyHalle 3G29Topic: classic modern art
Galleria GoetheItalyHalle 3F31One-Artist-Show
Galleria Stefano Forni SASItalyHalle 3F18One-Artist-Show
Gallery TableauRepublic of Koreadm-arenaP10Topic: Contemporary Art
GCB SüdWestGalerieGermanyHalle 2D30One-Artist-Show
GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum Gemeinschaft der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderer e.V.GermanyFoyer Eing. OstI01Information Stands
Gilden's Arts GalleryGreat BritainHalle 3F12Topic: classic modern art
Hans Platschek Stiftung HamburgGermanyHalle 1T07Special Exhibitions
Haus der Modernen Kunst (Galerie K)Germanydm-arenaM07One-Artist-Show
Immaginaria Arti Visive GalleryItalyHalle 3F32One-Artist-Show
INDA GalleryHungaryHalle 1T01Topic: Limited
INDA GalleryHungarydm-arenaR01Topic: Contemporary Art
in focus galerieGermanyHalle 1U03One-Artist-Show
JANZEN GalerieGermanyHalle 3K32Topic: classic modern art
KanalidarteItalyHalle 3H07Topic: classic modern art
Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress-GmbHGermanydm-arenaM10One-Artist-Show
KK Klaus KieferGermanyHalle 3F16Topic: classic modern art
Knecht und BursterGermanyHalle 2E29One-Artist-Show
Kremer PigmenteGermanyHalle 1V23Information Stands
KRÜMMER fine artGermanyHalle 3F15Topic: classic modern art
Kunst2Germanydm-arenaL10Topic: Contemporary Art
Kunsthalle MannheimGermanyHalle 1V15Museums
KUNSTHALLE Schloss SeefeldGermanyHalle 2A04One-Artist-Show
Kunsthalle SchweinfurtGermanyHalle 1S10Museums
Kunsthandel HagemeierGermanyHalle 3K10Topic: classic modern art
Kunsthandel Hubertus HoffschildGermanyHalle 2B20One-Artist-Show
Kunsthandlung OsperGermanyHalle 3H22One-Artist-Show
Kunsthandlung OsperGermanyHalle 3J22Topic: classic modern art
Kunsthaus FischerGermanyHalle 3F03One-Artist-Show
Kunsthaus LübeckGermanyHalle 1V03One-Artist-Show
Kunst Kompetenz Petra KernGermanyHalle 3H36One-Artist-Show
Kunstkontor Dr. Doris MöllersGermanyHalle 3J21Topic: classic modern art
KunstmatrixGermanyFoyer Eing. OstMedien.09Media partners
Kunstmeile HamburgGermanyHalle 1S16Museums
Kunstmuseum StuttgartGermanyHalle 1V11Museums
kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelteGermanyHalle 3G24Topic: classic modern art
L'EstampeFranceHalle 1W05Topic: Limited
La Fabrique de la Cendronne SASFrancedm-arenaM06Topic: Contemporary Art
LäkemäkerGermanyHalle 3J07One-Artist-Show
Landesverband Galerien in Baden-Württemberg e.V.GermanyHalle 1V16Information Stands
LEAs ART Galerie Klaus LeaGermanyHalle 2E20One-Artist-Show
LEO.COPPIGermanyHalle 3K27Topic: classic modern art
LOG Lorraine Ogilvie GalleryGermanyHalle 3K19One-Artist-Show
Maab GalleryItalyHalle 3G15One-Artist-Show
märz galerie mannheimGermanyHalle 2D05One-Artist-Show
märz galerie mannheimGermanyHalle 2E05topic: modern classic
Meier-FreiburgGermanyHalle 3K15One-Artist-Show
modo VerlagGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI07Media partners
Montoro12 Contemporary ArtItalydm-arenaP04Topic: Contemporary Art
Musées de la Ville de StrasbourgFranceHalle 1V10Museums
Museum Ettlingen im SchloßGermanyHalle 1S13Museums
Museum für Literatur am Oberrhein Literarische Gesellschaft e. V.GermanyHalle 1V12Museums
Museum Villa RotGermanyHalle 1V19Museums
Neue Kunst GalleryGermanyHalle 2E23One-Artist-Show
Nuova Galleria MoroneItalyHalle 2B14One-Artist-Show
Nuovo GalleryRepublic of KoreaHalle 2E11One-Artist-Show
ONIRIS - Florent PaumelleFranceHalle 2B09One-Artist-Show
OTTO GalleryItalyHalle 3G12Topic: classic modern art
pack of patchesGermanydm-arenaM08Topic: Contemporary Art
Persiehl & Heine Galerie für FotografieGermanyHalle 1V02Topic: Limited
planparallelGermanyHalle 1W04Topic: Limited
Premium Modern ArtGermanyHalle 1W03One-Artist-Show
Prolab FotofachlaborGermanyHalle 1V21Information Stands
Ritsch-Fisch GalerieFranceHalle 3K13Topic: classic modern art
Saar ARTGermanyHalle 1V17Museums
Schacher - Raum für KunstGermanydm-arenaR09One-Artist-Show
Schloß MochentalGermanyHalle 2C35One-Artist-Show
Schloß MochentalGermanyHalle 2C30One-Artist-Show
seifert | lardonGermanydm-arenaR07One-Artist-Show
SMUDAJESCHEKGermanydm-arenaN09Topic: Contemporary Art
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1S20Information Stands
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste StuttgartGermanyHalle 1S19Information Stands
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-BadenGermanyHalle 1V14Museums
Staatliche Kunsthalle KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1S14Museums
Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe GmbHGermanyHalle 1T09Special Exhibitions
Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-WürttembergGermanyHalle 1S11Museums
Staatsgalerie StuttgartGermanyHalle 1S17Museums
Stadtarchiv & Historische MuseenGermanyHalle 1S15Museums
Städtische Galerie KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1V13Museums
Stadtmuseum RastattGermanyHalle 1S12Museums
Steinberger GalerienGermanydm-arenaM09One-Artist-Show
Steinberger GalerienGermanydm-arenaN10One-Artist-Show
Stern-Wywiol GalerieGermanyHalle 2B15topic: modern classic
Stiftung Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1U09Special Exhibitions
Studio AkkaRepublic of KoreaHalle 2A18topic: modern classic
SWR2- Das KulturradioGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI05Media partners
Thole Rotermund KunsthandelGermanyHalle 3G11Topic: classic modern art
Várfok GalériaHungarydm-arenaN01Topic: Contemporary Art
Várfok GalériaHungaryHalle 1U01Topic: Limited
ver.di Fachgruppe Bildende KunstGermanyHalle 1V20Information Stands
Victor Lope Arte ContemporaneoSpaindm-arenaN02One-Artist-Show
Villa del ArteSpainHalle 1T05One-Artist-Show
Walter Bischoff Galerie Museum Villa HaissGermanyHalle 2A23One-Artist-Show
Wasserwerk.Galerie LangeGermanyHalle 2B31One-Artist-Show
Westphal Berlin Kunst & ProjekteGermanyHalle 2A26topic: modern classic
WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole F. LoeserGermanyHalle 3J33Topic: classic modern art
Wichtendahl GalerieGermanyHalle 2A01One-Artist-Show
ZEIT KunstverlagGermanyFoyer Eing. OstI14Media partners
ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie KarlsruheGermanyHalle 1V01Special Exhibitions

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All images courtesy of Art KARLSRUHE 2015.