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Art Market San Francisco 2015

  • Art Market San Francisco 2015
  • Art Market San Francisco 2015
  • Art Market San Francisco 2015
  • Art Market San Francisco 2015
April 28, 2015
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

Celebrating its fifth edition this year is the Art Market San Francisco fair, coming back to the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion this spring. After the great success of last year, which drew 20,000 visitors and record-breaking sales, the fair is excited to introduce a number of new gallery names to their exhibitors list, right next to the ones that have already had a great experience at this important art fair of Bay Area. This year, for the first time, the event will center an entire evening on the Benefit Preview Reception on April 29th, open exclusively for beneficiary ticket buyers. The money will go to the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco’s New Art Acquisitions Fund. Returning to curate the 2015 VIP Lounge and lead collector tours of the fair for the second time will be the city’s renowned social club called The Battery, who will once again share their experiences.

  • Art Market San Francisco 2015

List of Exhibitors and Events

101/EXHIBITLos Angeles, CA109
Adler & Co.San Francisco, CA603
Art VitamMiami, FL225
ArtHausSan Francisco, CA633
Axiom ContemporarySanta Monica, CA125
Brian Gross Fine ArtSan Francisco, CA307
Caldwell Snyder GallerySan Francisco, CA233
Catharine Clark GallerySan Francisco, CA203
Chandra Cerrito ContemporaryOakland, CA117
Chandran GallerySan Francisco, CA505
Eckert Fine ArtPine Plains, NY611
Eleanor Harwood GallerySan Francisco, CA409
Electric WorksSan Francisco, CA231
Elins Eagles-Smith GallerySan Francisco, CA619
Ever Gold GallerySan Francisco, CA311
Forum GalleryNew York, NY407
Gail Severn GalleryKetchum/Sun Valley, ID423
Gallery SamOakland, CA433
Greg Kucera GallerySeattle, WA309
Gregory Lind GallerySan Francisco, CA211
Hashimoto ContemporarySan Francisco, CA411
Hespe GallerySan Francisco, CA113
jack fischer gallerySan Francisco, CA621
Jenkins Johnson GallerySan Francisco, CA121
johansson projectsOakland, CAProject Space1
Jonathan Ferrara GalleryNew Orleans, LA313
Jonathan Novak Contemporary ArtLos Angeles, CA223
Joshua Liner GalleryNew York, NY101
Julie Nester GalleryPark City, UT331
K. Imperial Fine ArtSan Francisco, CA325
Kala GalleryBerkeley, CA115
Kathryn Markel Fine ArtsNew York, NY509
Meyerovich GallerySan Francisco, CA623
Michele Mariaud GalleryNew York, NY111
Mindy Solomon GalleryMiami, FL119
MULHERINToronto/New York533
Muriel Guépin GalleryNew York, NY111
Nancy Hoffman GalleryNew York, NY413
NanHai ArtMillbrae, CA629
New Image ArtWest Hollywood, CA107
NewzonesCalgary, Alberta431
Patricia Sweetow Gallery/Spun SmokeOakland, CA213
Paul Thiebaud GallerySan Francisco, CA607
Rebecca Hossack Art GalleryLondon, UK135
Rena Bransten ProjectsSan Francisco, CA403
Richard Levy GalleryAlbuquerque, NM417
Romer Young GallerySan Francisco, CA103
Room Art GalleryMill Valley, CA625
Sandra Lee GallerySan Francisco, CA531
Scott Richards Contemporary ArtSan Francisco, CA217
Seager Gray GalleryMill Valley, CA229
SFMOMA Artists GallerySan Francisco, CA127
Skidmore Contemporary ArtSanta Monica, CA429
SLATE ContemporaryOakland, CA131
Stephanie Breitbard Fine ArtsSan Francisco, CA425
The Dryansky GallerySan Francisco, CA615
The Good Luck GalleryLos Angeles, CA617
Themes + ProjectsSan Francisco, CA507
Timothy Yarger Fine ArtBeverly Hills, CA235
Transarte BrazilSão Paulo, Brazil205
Traywick ContemporaryBerkeley, CA209
wall space gallerySanta Barbara, CA532
Walter Bischoff GalerieZell a.H., Germany631
Walter Maciel GalleryLos Angeles, CA207
Zemack Contemporary ArtTel Aviv, Israel123
Zener Schon Contemporary ArtMill Valley, CA129
Art Market After PartyThe DoReMi Arts and Designs districtSaturday, May 2 | 7:00pmclick here for more...
Art PartyFort Mason Festival PavilionThursday, April 30 | 6:00pmclick here for more...
From Street to Market: How Street Art Can Retain its MessageArt Market San Francisco TheaterSunday, May 3 | 4:30pmclick here for more...
Sheltering Art III: David Ireland’s 500 Capp StreetThe Art Market San Francisco TheaterFriday, May 1 | 1:00pmclick here for more...
PUBLIC ART IN ACTION: BEYOND BEAUTIFICATIONThe Art Market San Francisco TheaterSaturday, May 2 | 4:00pmclick here for more...
See Art Differently: Engaging New Audiences in World Changing WaysThe Art Market San Francisco TheaterSaturday, May 2 | 2:00pmclick here for more...
Abstract Expressionist Laments: Robert Motherwell’s Elegies and American Art at Mid-CenturyThe Art Market San Francisco TheaterSaturday, May 2 | 12:30pmclick here for more...
Benefit Preview ReceptionFort Mason Festival PavilionWednesday, April 29 | 6:00pmclick here for more...

Featured images in slider: Jadikan – 94 secondes, Janvier, 2013. 40 x 60 in. Ultra smooth paper mounted on aluminum and framed. Courtesy of the artist and Art Vitam Robert Rauschenberg – Shadow (Tracks), 1976. Clay, dirt, resin, fiberglass, 29 x 36”. Total castings 18. Courtesy of the artist and Adler & Co. Richard Diebenkorn – Reclining Figure, 1966. Charcoal wash, 11’ x 17’. Courtesy of the artist and Elins Eagles­Smith Gallery Micah Ganske – Centralia Habitat, 2014. Acrylic on muslin, 60 x 75 in. Courtesy of the artist and 101/Exhibit Ed Ruscha – Wall Rocket, 2013. Lithograph, 28.75 x 28 in. Edition of 60. Courtesy of the artist and Richard Levy Gallery Deborah Butterfield – KINO PALUA, 2014. Unique cast bronze with patina. 32.5 x 38 x 11 in. Courtesy of the artist and Greg Kucera Gallery All images courtesy of Art Market San Francisco 2015

  • Art Market San Francisco 2015

Galleries, Artists, Information

The Bay area fair will present selected collection of modern and contemporary artworks from galleries across the US, but also guests from Canada, UK, Brazil, Germany and Israel, who will share their best art. There will be 101/Exhibit Gallery and New Image Art Gallery, as well as Hashimoto Contemporary, who is bringing artist Brett Amory. The works of masters such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Dubuffet and Ed Ruscha will be center pieces at Adler & Co., Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art and Richard Levy Gallery respectively, while Walter Bischoff Galerie will have Gerhard Richter and Thomas Ruff on display. The San Francisco MoMA is present with their Artists Gallery too. A few other familiar names appear – contemporary artist Marilyn Minter joins with Scott Richards Contemporary Art gallery, Alex Katz with Meyerovich Gallery and Vik Muniz with Rena Bransten Projects.

Art Market San Francisco 2015
Left: Marilyn Minter – Big Mac, 2014. Edition 1 of 5. C­print, 60 x 40 in. Courtesy of the artist and Scott Richards Contemporary Art / Right: David Mitchell – AB 202, 2014. Archival Pigment Print, 48.73 x 40. Courtesy of the artist and The Dryansky Gallery

Projects and Events

The rich program of the 2015 edition includes special artist presentation, collector tours and art talks by Bay Area curators, collectors and designers. Aside from the above mentioned Benefit Preview Reception, the fair will also host an Art Party on April 30th, a talk about the American Abstract Expressionist Robert Motherwell and the exhibition in his honor at the de Young Museum, panels regarding ways to engage audiences in art and public art, and one particularly interesting panel dedicated to the relationship between street art and its market. ON-SITE is a series of installations at the fair, including those of Brett Amory, Dana Hemenway, Guy Overfelt, Jon Bernson and Michael Falsetto-Mapp, Michael Buscemi, Sam Perry, Stephen Whisler, Walter Robinson and Wanxin Zhang.

Art Market San Francisco 2015
Art Market San Francisco 2015 – Floor Plan

Art Market San Francisco 2015 – Practical Information

The fair will be held from April 29th until May 3rd 2015 at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in Bay Area, San Francisco, USA. The ticket for the entire duration of the fair is $50, while the 1-Day Pass is $25. The ticket for the Benefit Preview Reception is $400. The fair’s opening hours are from 11am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and 12pm to 6pm on Sunday. For more information, contact the Art Market San Francisco 2015 official website.

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