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Artcurial: Post War & Contemporary Art Auction Recap

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April 3, 2015

If you remember the last Upcoming Auction text here on WideWalls, you’ll remember these auctions, as well. Artcurial: Post War & Contemporary Art and The Jean Ferrero Collection were two auctions held at Artcurial auction house in Paris on Wednesday, April 1, one after the other – first one (lots 1 – 130) was at 11 AM, and the other one (from lot 131) was at 3 PM. These auctions were specific, because there was a large amount of artworks made by three French artists: out of 268 lots, more than 110 were artworks by Ben (about 50 artworks), César (about 30 artworks) and Arman (also about 30 artworks). This approach seemed to be right – these two auctions gathered a high percentage of sold lots.

César – La Venus De Villetaneuse, 1963 (detail) (Lot 167)

The Overview of Artcurial: Post War & Contemporary Art + The Jean Ferrero Collection

As we said, 268 lots were auctioned on Wednesday at Artcurial, and 219 of them were sold. That makes 81.7 percent, which is an excellent result. Also, 93 lots were sold over their high estimates – 34.7 percent of total lots, and 42.5 percent of sold ones, which is also a very good result. Almost the same number of lots – 97 – were sold in range of estimated values (44.3 percent of sold lots), and 29 lots changed hands for prices under their low estimates (13.2 percent of sold). The total sum of hammer prices shows how good this auction really was – $2.11 million was just -7.9 percent less than the sum of their high estimates. Also, these $2.11 million were 15.7 percent bigger than the sum of low estimates – of all lots.

Fernandez Arman – Desert Bike, 1991 (detail) (Lot 213)

The Best Individual Results at Artcurial

When we look at whose works were the most successful ones, the same three names appear all over the place. On top, there is Arman’s Sans Titre (Colere De Contrebasse) from 1971, which was sold for $151,274 (it was estimated at $163,245 – $272,075). In second place is also Arman’s work, La Fin Des Traditions, which changed hands for $92,506. César’s La Venus De Villetaneuse went for $72,916, just under its high estimate ($76,181). Then, another two Arman’s work are next on this list – Desert Bike for $65,298, and Sans Titre from 1985, that was estimated at $21,766 – $32,649, but was sold for $58,768, or with +80 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate.

Bernar Venet’s Relief Carton from 1964 went for its high estimate at $54,415, while Ben’s Femme Jaune Corps Jaune, Si Tu Donnes Ton Coeur A Une Femme from 1986 was sold at its low estimate – $38,091. Another Arman’s work (Razor Blades from 1967) changed hands for $37,002, Robert Combas’ Le Chien Chaud from 1993 went $32,649, and then come two César’s artworks – Compression Aluminium (sold for $30,472, or with +86.7 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate) and Compression De Casiers De Bouteilles (that also had excellent result, it was sold for $28,296 and it was estimated at $13,060 – $16,325). Arman’s Camera De Jean Ferrero was sold for $28,296, 4 percent over its high estimate, and César’s Compression Aluminium was sold with +38.9 percent difference, for $27,208 (it was estimated at $13,060 – $19,589).

Arnulf Rainer’s Sans Titre from 1971 had almost doubled high estimate and was sold for $25,031, while Gudmundur Erro’s The Twins was sold for $25,031, or with +15 percent difference. On the other hand, Chuta Kimura’s Les Vignes De Mougins had spectacular results, as it was estimated at $2,177 – $3,265, and it was sold for $22,854, or with amazing +600 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. Pol Bury’s Paysage Ecossais Vu Par Un Hollandais was sold for 5 times more than it was high estimate, or with +400 percent difference. César’s Centaure had +224.9 percent differnce, and Gudmundur Erro’s San Francisco had +199.9 percent difference.

Fernandez Arman – La Fin Des Traditions, 1975 (detail) (Lot 216)

The Unsold Ones at Artcurial

Three lots with highest estimated value that weren’t sold at Artcurial on Wednesday were Ben’s Look At Me (Ecriture Jaune) (it was estimated at $38,091 – $43,532), Bernar Venet’s Les Adjectifs ($27,208 – $38,091) and Karel Appel’s Maternite ($27,208 – $38,091). On the other hand, three lots were sold with -16.7 percent difference between their hammer prices and low estimates (Jean Miotte’s Composition, Ben’s Je Suis Jaloux Du Portebouteilles De Marcel Duchamp and César’s Expansion), Jean Degottex’s Arr-Petale 2 had -25 percent, and the worst result of the day had Arman’s Colere De Lunettes was sold for -40 percent less than its low estimate.

Please, scroll down to see the details of two auctions at Artcurial.

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Artcurial: Post War & Contemporary Art + The Jean Ferrero Collection in Details

Total number of lots:268
Number of sold lots:219
Sold lots [%]:81.7
Number of sold lots over high estimate:93
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:34.7
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:42.5
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:97
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:44.3
Number of sold lots under low estimate:29
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:13.2
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:33.4
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameYearLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Oscar GauthierSans Titre1954435365305986-8.337.5
2Alexandre IstratiSans Titre195521773265468043.3115
3Alfred ManessierLe Torrent Ii195921773265380916.775
4Henri GoetzSans Titre19541088163217416.760
5John Franklin KoenigVaast196116322721380940133.4
6John Franklin KoenigSans Titre1955108816321524-6.640.1
7John Franklin KoenigSans Titre196510881632217733.4100.1
8John Franklin KoenigUcello Bernardino1957163221775224140220.1
9John Franklin KoenigKling1985544762108842.8100
10James GuitetSans Titre195716322177348360113.4
11Roger Edgar GilletSans Titre1958163221771524-30-6.6
12Joseph (Joe) DowningSans Titre16322721348328113.4
13Joseph (Joe) DowningSans Titre544762108842.8100
14Louis Van LintSans Titre10881632979-40-10
15Serge PoliakoffSans Titre1962217663264920678-36.7-5
16André LanskoySans Titre32654353598637.583.3
17Camille BryenComposition19718711306174133.399.9
18André LanskoyLigne Droite1960326543533047-30-6.7
19Henri GoetzLe Lit Du Var196221773265Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20Camille BryenEnsemble De 2 Oeuvres Sur Papier1088163219592080.1
21Camille BryenComposition108816321306-2020
22Pierre-César LagageComposition19501632521766239431046.7
23Iaroslav Sossountzov SerpanEmluxbini196143536530761816.775
24Josef SimaSans Titre1966761897951251527.864.3
25Jean MiotteCompositionCirca 19501088316325Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
26Jean MiotteCompositionCirca 1950-5532654353Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
27Jean MiotteCompositionCirca 1950653087065442-37.5-16.7
28Jean MiotteSans Titre195710881632979-40-10
29Jan MeyerSans Titre19591632217723941046.7
30Jan MeyerLes Hirondelles 2196332654353783680140
31Jan MeyerSans Titre196321773265435333.3100
32André MarfaingComposition19571306016325228544075
33Oscar GauthierComposition1954435365304571-305
34Alexandre IstratiSans Titre197132654353Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
35Jacques GermainComposition198897951197110883-9.111.1
36Jacques GermainComposition1975163252176615236-30-6.7
37Jean DegottexSuite Rose195976189795Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
38Paul JenkinsPhenomena Blue Niche1962761897951088311.142.9
39Paul JenkinsPhenomena The Seen And The Saint Paul De Vence Unseen1984544276185442-28.60
40Gianni Bertini3 Ab19561088130616322550
41Marie RaymondCompositionCirca 19501088130614158.330.1
42Ladislas KijnoSans Titre1973163221771632-250
43Ladislas KijnoSans Titre87113061088-16.724.9
44Jacques VilleglePlace De La Bourse1967163221771524-30-6.6
45Gérard SchneiderSans Titre1977380948974789-2.225.7
46Maria Elena Vieira Da SilvaComposition196813060163251904516.745.8
48Olivier DebreSans Titre197621773265370013.370
49Olivier DebreOcre Tache Verte Touraine1979544276185877-22.98
50Jacques DoucetSans Titre1970217732652830-13.330
51Sam FrancisSans Titre272132652830-13.34
52Paul JenkinsComposition18502394Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
53Chuta KimuraLes Vignes De Mougins19732177326522854600949.8
54Shafic AbboudComposition435365305224-2020
55Shafic AbboudComposition19944353653018501183.3325
56James PichetteVert Decu 1197010881632Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
57Velu ViswanadhanComposition1989544276184897-35.7-10
58Herbert ZangsPliages1953544276181088342.9100
59Jean-Pierre YvaralStructure Ambigüe QuadriCirca 1971435365301142775162.5
60Jean-Pierre YvaralStructure Cubique Polychrome19742721380941368.652
61Jean-Pierre YvaralStructure Cubique B197427213809489728.680
62Gregorio VardanegaRendez Vous Au Zenit1977326543533265-250
63Michel SeuphorV Comme Valse197110881632Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
64Michel SeuphorConstellation Avec L'Alliance19748711306Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
65Pol BurySans Titre196510881306239483.3120
66Pol Bury2 Ponts A Paris198810881306174133.360
67Pol BuryPaysage Ecossais Vu Par Un Hollandais1988108813066530400500.2
68Pol BuryPaysage Francais Vu Par Un Etranger1988108813062830116.7160.1
69Carlos MeridaEnsemble De 2 Gouaches Sur Carton1961 & 196754427618Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
70Jean DegottexArr-Petale 21972217732651632-50-25
71Kamill MajorSans Titre197219592394Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
72Antoni ClavéGuerrierCirca 1962108831632510883-33.30
73Antoni ClavéGuerrierCirca 19621088316325Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
74Etienne HajduSans Titre197910881632304786.7180.1
75Henri MichauxK 235Circa 196565308706Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
76CorneilleSans Titre1947163221772177033.4
77Gaston ChaissacPersonnageCirca 1962217662394321766-9.10
78Gaston ChaissacPersonnageCirca 1944272138092938-22.98
79Gaston ChaissacCompositionCirca 195210883163251850113.370
80Karel AppelMaternite19662720838091Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
81Bengt LindstromLa Convoitise19721414819589Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
82Bengt LindstromModele Sur Fond BleuCirca 1985217732652177-33.30
83CorneilleOiseau Dans Un Ete Finissant198943535442925170112.5
84Geneviève AsseLigne Interieure197532654353598637.583.3
85Bernard AubertinDessin De Feu27213809598657.2120
86Bernard AubertinTableau Clous1969435365305442-16.725
87Claude ViallatSans Titre N°238198438094353Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
88Claude ViallatSans Titre N°2021994653087067618-12.516.7
89Pierre BuraglioPaysage Iii19902721326534836.728
90Jean-Charles BlaisSans Titre1985272138092721-28.60
91Jean-Charles BlaisSans Titre1985272138092721-28.60
92Jean-Charles BlaisHomme CourantCirca 1985979513060Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
93Martial RaysseLe Fil A Plomb1983653087066312-27.5-3.3
94Martial RaysseImage Xxxv1977653087066530-250
95Antonio SeguiLa Femme Au Chien1981435354424353-200
96Robert CombasLe Chien Chaud1993272083809132649-14.320
97Gudmundur ErroSan Francisco19746538712612199.9300
98Gudmundur ErroThe Twins1991-19921632521766250311553.3
99Arnulf RainerPortrait Couche217732652177-33.30
100Arnulf RainerPortrait217732652394-26.710
101Arnulf RainerPortrait21773265435333.3100
102Arnulf RainerGoya Serie N°231983163221771741-206.7
103Arnulf RainerSans Titre19718706130602503191.7187.5
104Peter KlasenIron Lady (I/L 38)2004217732652177-33.30
105Vladimir VelickovicDanger1999217732652612-2020
106Vladimir VelickovicDernier Etat Du Corps, Topino, Lebrun1977130601632515236-6.716.7
107Vladimir VelickovicQuatre Etats Du Saut Fig. P/11977761897951523655.5100
108James BrownWooden Figures1983272132652721-16.70
109Stéphane CouturierRenault-Ile Seguin199338094897Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
111Augustin CardenasEtude De Sculpture198010881632Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
112Wang KepingPetite Fille653087068706033.3
113Jim ShawDreams-I Was In A Crummy Appartment In Nyc1994163221771524-30-6.6
114Marc DesgrandchampsSans Titre20005442761881627.150
115Yoshitomo NaraSans Titre200410881632979-40-10
116Nobuyoshi ArakiSans Titre762979871-1114.3
117Nobuyoshi ArakiSans Titre762979Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
118Louis CaneArbre108816324353166.7300.1
119Jean-Marc RochetteLe Murier De Lussan2010108832176611971-4510
120BenToo Many Artists200516321959261233.360
121BenJe Suis Jaloux Du Portebouteilles De Marcel Duchamp1987653087065442-37.5-16.7
122Richard TexierTheoria Sacra2009195923941959-18.20
123Jules PerahimL'Arbre Animal1978272138093809040
124Jules PerahimDetournement De Totem197827213809522437.192
125Yuri KuperEnsemble De 2 Œuvres130616321306-200
126Menashe Kadishman4 Tetes108821771088-500
127Menashe KadishmanEnsemble De 2 Sculptures En Metal Decoupe16322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
128Menashe KadishmanEnsemble De 3 Sculptures En Metal Decoupe16322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
129Menashe KadishmanEnsemble De 2 Sculptures En Metal Decoupe16322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
130Menashe KadishmanEnsemble De 2 Sculptures En Metal Decoupe21772721Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
131BenPas D'Art Sans Verite...20018706163258706-46.70
132BenC'Est Le Courage Qui Compte Pour Peindre N'Importe Quoi Et De Le Mettre En Vente...19884353870687060100
133BenPas D'Art Pas De Sexe1986544276184897-35.7-10
134CesarJulius Cesar1972108816321632050
135CesarCompression De Casiers De BouteillesCirca 197013060163252829673.3116.7
136CesarCompression Cartons19758706163252394346.7175
137Cesar Et ArmanCamelCirca 19706530108839795-1050
139CesarCombustion D'Allumettes198013061632261260100
140CesarSans Titre1991130616321197-26.7-8.3
141CesarSans Titre1990130616321524-6.616.7
142CesarSans Titre13061632185013.441.7
143CesarPoule PatineuseCirca 1998130616323918140.1200
145CesarSans Titre217732652830-13.330
146Claude GilliL'Offrande1964870616325Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
147Claude GilliEx-Voto Aux Fleurs200332655442Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
148Claude GilliVierge Et Hermaphrodites20101088316325Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
149ArmanSans Titre1985217663264923943-26.710
150ArmanSans Titre1960217663264920678-36.7-5
151ArmanCamera De Jean Ferrero1971163252720828296473.3
152ArmanOrdures Au Naturel1972108816321415-13.330.1
153ArmanOrdures Au Naturel197210881632Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
154ArmanOrdures Au Naturel1972108816321306-2020
155ArmanT'As Pas 2 Briques198710883195892176611.1100
156BenFatigue De Me Repeter Fatigue De Peter200432655442870660166.6
157BenIl Fait Toujours Beau Quelque Part Ou On Ne Peut Pas Toujours Parler Des Memes1969-7032655442816250150
158BenAmnesty International1989435365303809-41.7-12.5
159BenLa Nouvelle Annee Sera Catastrophique199743536530761816.775
160CesarSans Titre1965326554424353-2033.3
161CesarCompression Aluminium197213060195892720838.9108.3
162CesarCombustion D'AllumettesCirca 1971326554424353-2033.3
163CesarPortrait De Combustion1982217732653265050
164CesarCombustion D'Allumettes1988217732652177-33.30
165CesarCombustion D'Allumettes32655442925170183.3
166CesarNu Feminin1990217732651959-40-10
167CesarLa Venus De Villetaneuse1963435327618172916-4.367.5
168CesarVoitures Compressees197827213809707485.7160
169CesarCompression Sprays1970163252720823943-1246.7
170BenJe Suis Jean Ferrero Et Avec Moi C'Est La Gloire19856530108836530-400
171BenPortrait De Sylvana Lorentz En Blonde Avec Les Restes De Ses Artistes1989-91544276185442-28.60
173BenD'Abord Elle M'A Sourit Puis Elle M'A Deboutonne La Braguette198854427618Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
174BenC'Est Jean Qui A Attrape L'Art Par La Queue2000435365306312-3.345
175BenDonnez-Moi Votre Argent1995544276187618040
176ArmanSans Titre198521766326495876880170
177CesarHommage A Gainsbourg1984272138099795157.2260
178ArmanSans Titre19898706130601523616.775
179BenEn 1998 L'Or Ne Vaut Plus Rien1998326554424353-2033.3
180BenI Am Anxious19718706130609795-2512.5
181BenAngoisse1983761810883Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
183CesarSans Titre130616321524-6.616.7
185CesarSans Titre1989130616324136153.4216.7
186CesarSans Titre199113061632283073.4116.7
187CesarCentaureCirca 1988130616323483113.4166.7
188ArmanSans Titre (Colere De Contrebasse)1971163245272075151274-44.4-7.3
190ArmanSans Titre1990163252720823943-1246.7
191ArmanColere De Lunettes197054428706Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
192ArmanColere De Lunettes1970544287063265-62.5-40
193ArmanColere De Lunettes197054428706Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
194ArmanColere De Lunettes197054428706Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
195ArmanOrdures Au Naturel1972108816321415-13.330.1
196ArmanOrdures Au Naturel1972108816321524-6.640.1
197ArmanOrdures Au Naturel1972108816321088-33.30
198Claude GilliLes Bouteilles, La Nuit Ou Le Rouge Est Mit1964-7032654353576832.576.7
199Claude GilliLe Tabernacle1964217732651959-40-10
200CesarCombustion D'Allumettes199243536530Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
202CesarCombustion De Bougies1632217725031553.4
203CesarCombustion D'AllumettesCirca 1990326554423809-3016.7
204CesarCombustion D'AllumettesCirca 1980163221771632-250
205CesarCombustion D'Allumettes197127213809435314.360
206CesarCompression MuraleCirca 19756530108836530-400
207BenTout Ce Qui Brille N'Est Pas Art198643536530Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
208CesarCompression AluminiumCirca 19708706163253047286.7250
209BenNotes Sur L'Art1984326543533047-30-6.7
210CesarCompression Raid1970130601958918501-5.641.7
211BenEn Art Il Faut Du Nouveau19837618130609795-2528.6
212ArmanGrande Inclusion D'Avions1980870613060Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
213ArmanDesert Bike1991435327618165298-14.350
214CesarPetite Plaque N°11989435365305986-8.337.5
215ArmanRazor Blades1967326495441537002-3213.3
216ArmanLa Fin Des Traditions19758706414147992506-34.66.3
217Claude GilliNegatif-Positif1970108816321088-33.30
218Claude GilliPositif-Negatif197021773265380916.775
219Claude Gilli5 Tableaux Qui Perdent Leur Peinture1965-875442870692516.370
220BenLook At Me (Ecriture Jaune)19823809143532Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
221BenFemme Jaune Corps Jaune, Si Tu Donnes Ton Coeur A Une Femme1986380914353238091-12.50
222BenCette Robe A Atteint Son But : Donner Aux Hommes Le Desir De L'Enlever1990326554424353-2033.3
223BenJ'Emmerde La Gloire1989870613060Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
224BenJe Suis Un Casse Couilles1986326554423265-400
225BenParfois J'Ai Le Sentiment D'Etre Une Serpilliere198854427618Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
226BenJ'Eponge Les Idees Des Autres1990326554423047-44-6.7
229CesarCompression De Bouteilles De Coca-ColaCirca 19808706130602176666.7150
232CesarExpansion Mobiloil196813060195892394322.283.3
233ArmanSans Titre19658706130601741333.3100
234CesarPortrait De Compression1990163252720818501-3213.3
235CesarSans Titre16322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
239CesarCentaureCirca 19871632217726122060
240Bernar VenetRelief Carton1964326495441554415066.7
241Bernar VenetLes Adjectifs19692720838091Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
242Bernar VenetFig. 319661632527208Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
243Bernar VenetNova-Like Behavior Of The X-Ray Centaurus XR-21968108831632510339-36.7-5
244Bernar VenetFig. 17, Relatif A La Vitesse D'Une Etoile1966435365304897-2512.5
245ArmanSans Titre1966130601958916325-16.725
246ArmanFlash Cubes1968217663264920678-36.7-5
247ArmanSans Titre198087061306011971-8.337.5
248ArmanColere De Mandoline2003130601958913060-33.30
249ArmanPour Ma Jolie (Guitare)1982163252720819589-2820
250CesarCompression Plastique Blanc130601958913060-33.30
251ArmanSans Titre19901306019589Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
252BenLe Trou Noir Ou Qui Fut Le Premier ?1994435365303809-41.7-12.5
253BenMr Le Ministre Du Gaspillage2007435365306530050
254BenPersonne Ne M'Aime, On Parle Toujours Des Autres Et Pas De Moi19857618108839795-1028.6
255Claude GilliCactus1970163221772177033.4
256Claude GilliEx-Voto Aux Coeurs200316322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
257Claude GilliNegatif Et Positif1966435365303809-41.7-12.5
258Jean-Claude FarhiColonne1974163221772177033.4
260Jean-Claude FarhiColonne197016322177348360113.4
261Mimmo RotellaSans Titre197116322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
262Mimmo RotellaSans Titre197116322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
263Mimmo RotellaSans Titre197116322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
264Mimmo RotellaSans Titre197116322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
265Mimmo RotellaSans Titre197116322177Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
266On KawaraI Got Up At 4.04 P.M.26647272138093809040
267On KawaraI Got Up At 2.20 P.M.2665127213809435314.360
268On KawaraI Got Up At 3.19 P.M.2664527213809489728.680
269On KawaraI Got Up At 11.24 A.M.2664627213809489728.680
270On KawaraI Got Up At 3.43 P.M.2664927213809544242.9100
271On KawaraI Got Up At 11.52 A.M.2665027213809544242.9100
272On KawaraI Got Up At 4.02 A.M.2664827213809544242.9100
TOTAL (Sold lots):150534522872872106851-7.940

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Robert Combas – Le Chien Chaud, 1993 (detail) (Lot 96)
Karel Appel – Maternité, 1966 (detail) (Lot 80)
Fernandez Arman – Sans titre, 1960 (detail) (Lot 150)
Fernandez Arman – Sans titre (colère de contrebasse), 1971 (detail) (Lot 188)
Fernandez Arman – Razor Blades, 1967 (Lot 215)
Erro – The Twins, 1991-92 (detail) (Lot 98)
César – Compression Aluminium, Circa 1970 (detail) (Lot 208)
BEN – Je suis Jean Ferrero et avec moi c’est la gloire, 1985 (detail) (Lot 170)
BEN – I Am Anxious, 1971 (Lot 180)
BEN – Femme Jaune Corps Jaune, Si Tu Donnes Ton Coeur A Une Femme, 1986 (detail) (Lot 221)
BEN – En art il faut du nouveau, 1983 (Lot 211)

Featured images: – Fernandez Arman – Sans titre (colère de contrebasse), 1971 (detail) (Lot 188) – Fernandez Arman – Sans Titre, 1985 (detail) (Lot 176)

Also in slider: – César – Compression Aluminium, 1972 (detail) (Lot 161) – César – Compression De Casiers De Bouteilles, Circa 1970 (detail) (Lot 135) – Fernandez Arman – Camera De Jean Ferrero, 1971 (detail) (Lot 151)

All images courtesy of Artcurial.