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Artcurial - Prints and Illustrated Books Auction Analysis

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June 7, 2015

A mixed auction took place at Arcurial Paris, named Prints and Illustrated Books. Apart from contemporary pieces, it both included works by Cezanne, Renoir and Braque, as well as Picasso, Dali, Chagall. This approach was quite successful, as Prints and Illustrated Books sold more than 80 percent of lots, gathering more money than it was the sum of high estimates for sold items. Among contemporary lots, the biggest hammer price had Francis Bacon’s William Blake.

The Story About Artwork: Francis Bacon’s William Blake (1991)

Back in 1950’s, Francis Bacon was asked to paint a portrait of a famous English poet William Blake, who was a painter, as well, and who died in 1827. All information that Bacon had about Blake’s appearance was from a photograph of Bacon’s life mask, made few years before his death. This Bacon’s work should have illustrated a music album composed by his friend. However, his friend’s music didn’t have a good future; Bacon’s painting had. He painted William Blake in 1955, and printed it as a lithograph in 1991, one year before his death.

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The Overview of Prints and Illustrated Books Auction at Artcurial

Out of 204 lots auctioned at Prints and Illustrated Books auction at Artcurial, 169 of them were sold, or a very good 82.8 percent. These 169 sold lots, prior to the auction, were estimated at $435,088 – $579,403, and they were sold for $623,952, or with +7.7 percent difference. Almost half of sold lots went over high estimate (77 of them, or 45.6 percent), and 72 were sold in range of estimated values (42.6 percent). A work by Picasso (Femme Au Fauteuil N°1 Ou Le Manteau Polonais from 1949) had the highest hammer price with $64,733, and mentioned Bacon’s work had the highest hammer price among contemporary artists ($15,156). The average hammer price was $3,692.

Talking about the most successful artwork in terms of difference between hammer price and high estimate, this time it was Zao Wou-Ki’s Et Martine Cadieu La Memoire Amoureuse, with +316.5 percent difference, his other work, Lithographie 344 from 1989 had +233.2, and Pierre Soulages’ Eau-Forte XXX from 1974 had +110 percent. On the other hand, Pol Bury’s New York had -29.9 percent difference between hammer price and low estimate, which was the worst result of the auction. Another Bury’s work, Brooklyn Bridge had -20 percent, as well as Ubac’s Sillons Et Affiche Avant La Lettre N° 130 from 1970.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – Regentropfenzahler, 1981 – Variation Bleu – Vert (Lot 68). Estimated at $3,368 – $4,491, sold for low estimate.
Left: Fernando Botero – Portrait De Femme Et Fumeur, circa 1990 (Lot 169) (two lithographs). Estimated at $898 – $1,347, sold for $3,368, or with +150 percent difference. / Right: Victor Vasarely – Venus, 1987 (Lot 183). Estimated at $674 – $898, sold for $2,133 (+137.5 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate).
Left: Francis Bacon – Triptych 1983, 1983 (Lot 167). Estimated at $5,613 – $6,736, sold for $6,174. / Right: Francis Bacon – William Blake, 1991 (Lot 168). Estimated At $5,613 – $7,858, sold for $15,156, or with +92.9 percent – fifth best of the auction. This lot had the highest hammer price.
Left: Zao Wou Ki et Martine Cadieu – La Memoire Amoureuse (Lot 210). Estimated at $281 – $393, sold for $1,637 – this lot had the highest difference between hammer price and high estimate among contemporary works with +316.5 percent difference. / Right: Pierre Soulages – Eau-Forte XXX, 1974 (Lot 146). Estimated at $4,491 – $5,613, sold for $9,542.
Claude Viallat – Deux Monotypes, 2006 (Lot 173). Estimated at $2,245 – $3,368, sold for $6,736. This lot doubled its high estimate.
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Artcurial - Prints and Illustrated Books Auction in Details

Here you will find two tables with the summary of the Prints and Illustrated Books auction and detailed information on every lot auctioned at this auction.

Total number of lots:204
Number of sold lots:169
Sold lots [%]:82.8
Total [$]:623,952
Number of sold lots over high estimate:77
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:37.7
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:45.6
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:72
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:42.6
Number of sold lots under low estimate:20
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:11.8
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:24.5
Max Hammer [$]:64,733
Average Hammer [$]:3,692
Median Hammer [$]:2,245
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-39.2
Not Sold35
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1D'Après Paul CezanneLa Montagne Sainte-Victoire, 1923-19241,3471,6841,347-200
2Léonard Tsuguharu FoujitaAutoportrait Au Chat, 19301,1231,6843,929133.3249.9
3Léonard Tsuguharu FoujitaNormandie, 19586748982,470175.1266.5
4Marie LaurencinBoubou, 1931561674648-3.915.5
5Théophile Alexandre SteinlenDeux Chats, Circa 19101,1231,684Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
6Théophile Alexandre SteinlenA La Bodiniere, 18941,6842,2452,5821553.3
7Kees Van DongenPlace Pigalle, Circa 195056167489833.260.1
8Kees Van DongenJeune Femme, 19332,2453,3686,736100200
9Kees Van Dongen Et Divers Illustrateurs8Ème Gala De L'Union Des Artistes, 19305617866,399714.11040.6
10Kees Van DongenLa Boite De Nuit, 19271,1231,684863-48.8-23.2
12Kees Van DongenFemme Sur La Plage, 19661,6842,2451,796-206.7
13Kees Van DongenHommage A Marie-Claire, Circa 19501,6842,2452,245033.3
14Pierre BonnardLa Petite Blanchisseuse, 189633,67939,292Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
15Pierre-Auguste RenoirLa Danse A La Campagne, 2Ème Planche, Circa 18906,7368,981Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
16Pierre-Auguste RenoirBaigneuse Debout En Pied, 18988,98113,472Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
17Bernard BuffetLe Sacre Coeur De Montmartre, 19688981,123898-200
18Bernard BuffetL'Enfer De Dante Vu Par Bernard Buffet, 19762,8073,9292,159-45-23.1
19André BrasilierCavaliers Sous La Neige, 1970337449Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20André BrasilierAu Fil De L'Eau, 1976449674393-41.7-12.5
21André BrasilierQuai Conti Et Petite Baignade A Dieppe, 1972/74561786Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23Georges BraqueAthenee B, Circa 19321,1231,684Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
24Georges BraqueUranie Ii, 19584,4916,7364,491-33.30
25Georges BraqueFeuillage En Couleurs, 19564,4916,7367,2978.362.5
26Georges BraqueOiseau Dans Le Feuillage, 196120,20722,45324,6981022.2
27Georges BraqueAthenee, 19324,4916,7364,318-35.9-3.9
28Georges BraqueEquinoxe, 19625,6137,8585,613-28.60
29Georges BraqueTrois Oiseaux En Vol, 19615,6137,8586,174-21.410
30Bernard CathelinNature Morte Sur Fond Orange, Circa 1990674898674-24.90
31D'Après Marc ChagallRoses Et Mimosas, 19676,7368,98111,2262566.7
32Marc ChagallPaysage Bleu, 19588,98113,47212,124-1035
33Marc ChagallPaysan Au Bouquet, 19683,9295,0525,052028.6
34Marc ChagallMeditation, 19793,9295,052Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
35Marc ChagallLes Amoureux De La Tour Eiffel, 19606,7368,98111,78831.375
36Lynn ChadwickGroup Of Standing Figures, 195233756178640.1133.2
38Erik DesmazieresUne Ville Dans Les Falaises, 19778981,123842-25-6.2
39Erik DesmazieresL'Ecroulement, 1975674898617-31.3-8.5
40Salvador DaliLe Baiser, 1974561674561-16.80
41Salvador DaliVenus Et L'Amour, 19711,3471,6841,572-6.716.7
42Salvador DaliDon Quichotte Et Sanco Panca, 19703,3684,4913,994-11.118.6
43Salvador DaliLes Songes Drolatiques De Pantagruel, 1973337449337-24.90
44Salvador DaliPlaza Mayor, 19738981,123863-23.2-3.9
45Salvador DaliFlordali I, 19811,6842,245Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Salvador DaliHommage A Mercure, 19748981,347898-33.30
47Sonia DelaunayLille, Circa 19651,1231,6842,80766.7150
48D'Après Robert DelaunayColonne Sans Fin337561505-1049.9
49Sonia DelaunayTotem, 19708981,1231,6845087.5
50Sonia DelaunaySyncopee, Circa 19708981,3473,143133.3250
51Sonia DelaunayEllipse, 19698981,3472,807108.4212.6
52Sonia DelaunayNoir Et Blanc, 19696748981,45962.5116.5
53Sonia DelaunayCarre Rouge, Circa 19706748982,245150233.1
54Sonia DelaunayJardin Andalou, Circa 19706748982,470175.1266.5
55Sonia DelaunayViking, Circa 19708981,1232,02180125.1
56Sonia DelaunayValet De Carreau, Circa 19708981,3472,694100200
57Sonia DelaunayHorizontale, 19708981,3472,47083.4175.1
58Sonia DelaunayCarre Noir, Circa 19658981,1232,470119.9175.1
59Sonia DelaunayMagie Des Rythmes, 19635616741,08060.292.5
60Sonia DelaunayScottish, Circa 19708981,1232,24599.9150
61Sonia DelaunayGravure Ii, 19701,1231,3471,6842550
62Sonia DelaunaySonia Delaunay3,3684,4914,102-8.721.8
63Maurice EsteveAnubis, 19695616741,01049.980
64Maurice EsteveLajoupee, 19732,2453,3683,143-6.740
65Jean-Michel FolonJe Vous Ecris De Miami, 1986337449Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
66Jean-Michel FolonJe Vous Ecris De Pekin, 1986337449Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
67Jean-Michel FolonLes Ruines Circulaires, 19773,3684,491Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
67ALéonor FiniLa Metamorphose D'Une Femme, 19876,7367,8588,4207.225
68Friedensreich HundertwasserRegentropfenzahler, 1981, Variation Bleu/Vert3,3684,4913,368-250
69Fernand LegerLa Grande Margot, 19514,4915,6134,940-1210
70Fernand LegerL'Enfant A L'Accordeon, 19533,3684,4914,715540
71Alecos FassianosCavalier, Circa 1990337449Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
72Alberto GiacomettiMontagne A Maloja (Piz Margna), 19572,2453,3685,16453.3130
73Man RayDame De Trefle, 1970561674561-16.80
74René MagritteSans Titre, 19664,4915,6136,7362050
75D'Après Rene MagritteLithographies Iii3,9295,0523,929-22.20
76Joan MiroEssai De Reserve Ii, 19502,0212,4702,6949.133.3
78Joan MiroStringberg Mappe, 19762,8073,3682,699-19.9-3.8
79Joan MiroLezard Aux Plumes D'Or, 19712,2452,8072,159-23.1-3.8
80Joan MiroLezard Aux Plumes D'Or, 19712,2452,8072,470-1210
81Joan MiroLe Courtisan Grotesque, 1974, Planche Vii2,8073,929Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
82Joan MiroEscalade, 19692,2453,3682,919-13.330
83Joan MiroMandarin Du Nord, 19764,4915,6139,43068110
84Joan MiroMa De Proverbis, 19701,6842,2451,347-40-20
85Joan MiroMeandres Et Vent, 1964, Epreuve D'Essai2,2453,3682,133-36.7-5
86Joan MiroLa Tempete-Indigo, 19691,6842,2452,159-3.828.2
87Joan MiroL'Entraineuse-Brun, 19691,6842,2452,159-3.828.2
88Joan MiroLe Magnetiseur Orange, 19691,6842,2453,02234.679.5
89Joan MiroDefile De Mannequins, 19693,3684,4915,6132566.7
90Joan MiroExposition Sculptures Galerie Maeght, 19702,2453,3682,699-19.920.2
91Joan MiroLa Nuit Tentaculaire, 19691,6842,2451,684-250
92Roberto MattaTrois Lithographies, Circa 19706741,0101,12311.266.6
93Roberto MattaTrois Lithographies, Circa 19706741,010898-11.133.2
94Antoni TapiesComposition, Circa 1980449561449-200
96Antonio SauraDans Le Milieu, 19846741,0101,34733.499.9
97Antonio SauraSudario, 1973449561449-200
98D'Après Henri MatisseEspagnole A La Mantille, 19255,6137,8588,4207.250
99D'Après Henri MatisseLa Gerbe, 19581,1231,6841,123-33.30
100D'Après Henri Matisse Epreuve Sur Vélin, Non Pliée Au Centre, Sans Doute Une Épreuve De Collaborateur 35,9 X 52,9 Cm - Encadrée Très Fraîche Et Rare Non Pliée Au Centre D'Après Henri MatisseTristesse Du Roi, 19581,1231,6841,123-33.30
101D'Après Henri MatisseApollon, 19581,1231,684Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
102Marino MariniTre Cavalli, 19771,1232,2451,010-55-10.1
103Marino MariniBizzarria Ii, 19751,1231,6841,010-40-10.1
104Pablo PicassoDeux Modeles Se Regardant, 19344,4916,7364,491-33.30
105Pablo PicassoLe Repos Du Sculpteur Devant Le Jeune Cavalier, 19334,4916,7364,491-33.30
107Pablo PicassoSerie 156, Planche 67, 19712,0212,4702,245-9.111.1
108Pablo PicassoSerie 347, Planche 76, 19681,6842,2453,2564593.3
109Pablo PicassoFemmes Nues Au Miroir, 19652,4702,8073,4542339.8
110Pablo PicassoLe Peintre Et Le Modele, 19661,3471,6842,58253.391.7
111Pablo PicassoHomme Et Femme, 19661,6842,2453,59260113.3
112Pablo PicassoFemme Au Fauteuil N°1 Ou Le Manteau Polonais, 194944,90556,13264,73315.344.2
113Pablo PicassoExposition Vallauris 57, 19571,1231,684Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
114Pablo PicassoVallauris Toros 1956, 19563,3684,4913,592-206.7
115Pablo PicassoLa Pique Cassee, 195916,83922,45322,453033.3
116D'Après Pablo PicassoBacchanale, 19634,4915,613Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
117D'Après Pablo PicassoCorrida, 195611,22616,83911,226-33.30
119Pablo Picasso 49,4 X 40,4 Cm Pablo PicassoFemme Au Fauteuil Dora Maar, 19394,4916,7364,266-36.7-5
120Pablo PicassoLe Rapt, 19552,2452,807Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
121Pablo PicassoCouple S'Embrassant Avec Vieillard Et Jeune Homme, 19552,8073,929Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
122D'Après Pablo PicassoMaternite, 1963561786594-24.45.9
123Jean-Paul RiopelleOrignal Rouge, 19818981,1231,45929.962.5
124Jean-Paul RiopelleLeader, 1981/83561786786040.1
125Jean-Paul RiopelleMois Mondial Du Coeur, 1972674898674-24.90
126Carl-Henning PedersenFructidor, 1993337449Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
127Serge PoliakoffComposition Bleue, 19581,1231,6841,7966.759.9
128Maria Elena Vieira Da SilvaTransylvanie, 1974674898Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
129Niki De Saint PhalleLes Amoureux, Circa 1970449674561-16.824.9
130Niki De Saint PhalleReve De Diane, 1970449674674050.1
131Niki De Saint PhalleLes Fiances De Knokke, 198544967478616.675.1
132Jean TinguelyComposition, 19866748981,57275.1133.2
133Walasse TingFemmes Et Chevaux, 2 Épreuves, 1981449674674050.1
134Louis ToffoliMaternite, Religieuse, Paysage, Circa 19706741,010Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
135Louis ToffoliMaternite Au Chapeau De Paille, Maternite Au Voile, Chaumiere, Circa 19706741,010Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
136UbacSillons Et Affiche Avant La Lettre N° 130, 1970561674449-33.4-20
137Pierre SoulagesSerigraphie 1, 19731,6842,8074,26652153.3
138Pierre SoulagesLithographie 39, 19773,3684,4915,8383073.3
139Pierre SoulagesLithographie 31, 19744,4915,6135,613025
140Pierre SoulagesLithographie 14, 19643,9295,0526,17422.257.1
141Pierre SoulagesEau-Forte V, 19573,9295,0525,61311.142.9
142Pierre SoulagesEau-Forte Xxv, 19744,4915,6136,7362050
143Pierre SoulagesEau-Forte Xxix, 19744,4915,6137,2973062.5
144Pierre SoulagesEau-Forte Xii, 19574,4915,6139,54270112.5
145Pierre SoulagesLithographie 34, 19742,2453,3685,83873.3160
146Pierre SoulagesEau-Forte Xxx, 19744,4915,61311,788110162.5
147Zao Wou-KiLithographie 253, 19741,6842,2452,021-1020
148Zao Wou-KiGravure 302 B, 19782,8073,3682,807-16.70
149Zao Wou-KiLithographie 267, 19752,0212,4702,6949.133.3
150Zao Wou-KiLithographie 337, 19891,1231,6842,47046.7119.9
151Zao Wou-KiLithographie 276, 19761,1231,6842,0212080
152Zao Wou-KiLithographie 294, 19786748981,12325.166.6
153Zao Wou-KiGravure 244, 19731,1231,6841,123-33.30
154Zao Wou-KiSerigraphie 238, 19731,3471,6841,347-200
155Zao Wou-KiLithographie 286, 19761,6842,2453,1434086.6
156Zao Wou-KiGravure 297, 19782,2452,8073,5922860
157Zao Wou-KiSeoul, 19922,0212,4702,6949.133.3
158Zao Wou-KiLithographie 344, 19892253371,123233.2399.1
159Eduardo ArroyoFausto, 1975337449449033.2
160Geneviève AsseSans Titre, 196856167478616.640.1
161Pierre AlechinskyRoue D'Ecriture Avec Michel Butor, 198556167484224.950.1
162Pierre AlechinskyComposition, 19848421,0101,12311.233.4
163Alexander CalderBoules Multicolores, Circa 19701,3471,6841,684025
164Jean DubuffetParade Nuptiale, 1972/731,6842,8072,245-2033.3
165Pol BuryBrooklyn Bridge, Circa 1970561786449-42.9-20
166Pol BuryNew York, Circa 1970561786393-50-29.9
167Francis BaconTriptych 1983, 1983, Panneau Central5,6136,7366,174-8.310
168Francis BaconWilliam Blake, 19915,6137,85815,15692.9170
169Fernando BoteroPortrait De Femme Et Fumeur, Circa 19908981,3473,368150275.1
170Sam FrancisUntitled, 19721,1231,684Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
171Robert MotherwellCapriccio, 1961674898786-12.516.6
172Judith ReiglComposition, Circa 1970674898674-24.90
173Claude ViallatDeux Monotypes, 20062,2453,3686,736100200
174Paul JenkinsMusee Picasso Antibes, 1987674898674-24.90
175Carlos Cruz-DiezComposition, Circa 19808981,1231,010-10.112.5
176Carlos Cruz-DiezComposition, 19856748981,01012.549.9
177Urs LuthiOndulation, Circa 2000337449449033.2
178Julio Le ParcAlchimie, 1980449674449-33.40
179Carlos Cruz-DiezComposition, 19826748981,01012.549.9
180Alain JacquetEight Tennisball, 1972674898Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
181François RouanEnsemble De Deux Lithographies, Circa 1990674786Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
182Victor VasarelyPaula, 1988674898Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
183Victor VasarelyVenus, 19876748982,133137.5216.5
184Victor VasarelyPlanetary Folklore Partcipation N°1, 19692,2453,368Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
185Victor VasarelyCercles Et Carres, Circa 1980449674449-33.40
186Aurélie NemoursDroiterose, 19825617861,01028.580
187Joël DucorroyChef-D'Oeuvre, Circa 2000449561449-200
188Jim DineFive Shells, 19821,6842,807Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
189Jim DineThe New French Tools 2, Three Saws From The Rue Cler, 19841,6842,807Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
190Alex KatzPortraits, 19883,3684,4913,670-18.39
191Verve Revue Artistique Et LitteraireVerve8,98113,4729,175-31.92.2
192Joan MiroTrace Sur L'Eau (Suite D'Aquarelles)3,9294,4913,778-15.9-3.8
193Joan Miro Et Alfred JarryUbu Roi8,98111,226Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
194Alberto GiacomettiParis Sans Fin20,20724,69822,918-7.213.4
195Eduardo Chillida Et Jose-Miguel UllanAdoracion3,1433,592Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
196Antonio Saura Et José-Miguel UllanAsedio561674654-316.6
197Pablo Palazuelo Et José-Miguel UllanArdicia393505437-13.511.2
198Vicente Rojo Et José-Miguel UllanAcorde449674546-1921.6
199Antoni Tapies Et José-Miguel UllanAnular1,1231,6841,200-28.76.9
200Joan Miro Et José-Miguel UllanAlmario8981,1231,091-2.821.5
201Pablo Picasso - André WarnodLes Peintres Mes Amis1,1231,6842,61955.5133.2
202Pablo PicassoPapiers Colles 1910, 19148981,1233,819240.1325.3
203Divers Illustrateurs - Jacques LassaigneDouze Contemporains3375611,310133.5288.7
204Maurice Utrillo Et Jean VertexLe Village Inspire4,4916,7364,365-35.2-2.8
205Iliazd Et Georges Ribemont-DessaignesBoustrophedon Au Miroir2,8073,9292,838-27.81.1
206Jean DubuffetOreilles Gardees8981,123Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
207Marcel DuchampThe Large Glass And Related Works, Volume Ii6,7368,981Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
208Vieira Da Silva Et Rene CharL' Inclemence Lointaine3,9295,0523,819-24.4-2.8
209Zao Wou-Ki Et Jean LescureL'Etang5,6136,736Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
210Zao Wou Ki Et Martine CadieuLa Memoire Amoureuse2813931,637316.5482.6
TOTAL (Sold lots):435,088579,403623,9527.743.4

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All images courtesy of Artcurial.