Abstract Expressionism

Philippe Pastor - work in progress

Philippe Pastor

Philippe Pastor is a contemporary artist born in Monaco in 1961. He is an abstract expressionist whose artworks have been...

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Carolyn O’Neill

How many times you have delayed doing something you like, always seeking excuses? It was a similar situation for Carolyn...

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Hans Hofmann portrait, 1949 - Photo by Bill Witt

Hans Hofmann

One of the most influential art teachers and modern painters of the 20th century, Hans Hofmann was a German Abstract...

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In 1948, American artist in new york made paintings by combining gorky's style with cézanne, picasso and kooning

Arshile Gorky

Often unrightfully overshadowed by his more famous colleague masters of modern art, Arshile Gorky was one of the last grand...

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Robert Motherwell - Portrait

Robert Motherwell

Considered as one of the most eminent American Abstract Expressionist painters, Robert Motherwell is not just a founder of the...

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Elaine de Kooning - photo by Rudolph Burckhardt, 1960, abstract expressionism, figurative expressionism use privacy terms for home contact and for art portrait

Elaine de Kooning

A major figure in both the Abstract Expressionist and American Figurative Expressionist movements of the 1940s and 1950s, Elaine de...

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Willem de Kooning - The artist in his studio - Image via wikipediaorg world like

Willem de Kooning

Undoubtedly one of the most crucial painters of the 20th century, Willem de Kooning was a renowned American-Dutch artist as...

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Clyfford Still - Photo of the author - Imaga via clyffordstillmuseumorg work school

Clyfford Still

Despite not being as widely known as some of his New York School contemporaries, Clyfford Still was the initial painter...

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sculpture Isamu Noguchi, 1980, photo credits Art Blart museum museum museum

Isamu Noguchi

One of the 20th century’s most significant and critically acclaimed sculptors and designers, Isamu Noguchi was a major figure of...

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David Smith – Photo of the artist – Image via premierwelding.co.uk - work gallery page

David Smith

Working as a welder at automotive factories before devoting himself to a full-time art-making career, David Smith was an Abstract...

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Richard Diebenkorn

When World War II ended, people around the World had to live with memories of the terrible events that have...

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Morris Louis

Morris Louis was an American artist and a leading member of the Color Field painters, known for his colorful, expressive,...

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Helen Frankenthaler - Untitled, July, 1975, 1975 (detail)

Helen Frankenthaler

Widely considered to be a major contributor to the history of postwar American art, Helen Frankenthaler was an abstract expressionist...

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Joan Mitchell - Untitled, c 1957 (detail)

Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell was a famous American painter and important member of the American abstract expressionism, despite the fact that much...

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Roberto Matta - Photo of the artist - Image via globalarttraderscom

Roberto Matta

Providing the art scene with a unique synthesis of European, American and Latin American visual cultures, Chilean-born artist Roberto Matta...

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Franz Kline - Artist portrait - Image via quotationofcom

Franz Kline

Starting from the realistic style based on the academic training and admiration of the Old Masters, Franz Kline made a...

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Gerhard Richter

The happiest of endings can have such sad beginnings. Growing up in Nazi Germany, witnessing the horrors of war, and...

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Mark Rothko - Artist portrait, Image via orartswatchorg

Mark Rothko

One of the most famous post-war American painters, a prominent figure among the New York School artists, Mark Rothko attempted...

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Color Field

Barnett Newman

Considering the artist as the creator of the world, Barnett Newman thought that the humans have the primal instinct to...

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Jasper Johns - Photo of the artist - Image via incomefilecom

Jasper Johns

One of the most famous statements concerning modern art phenomenon that happened during the 20th century is the following declaration...

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