Abstract Expressionism

Agnes Martin

Most recognized for her evocative paintings marked out with pale color washes and subtle pencil lines, Agnes Martin was a...

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Donald Sultan

Great artists always seemingly strive towards perfection, while at the same time hoping they’ll never reach it. Donald Sultan is...

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Ad Reinhardt portrait, 1966, photo via mythgallery.com

Ad Reinhardt

The advocate of the philosophy he called Art-as-Art, Ad Reinhardt was a prominent painter, writer, critic and educator whose work...

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Sam Francis

Sam Francis was an American abstract painter who enjoyed exploring creative processes with an unstoppable driving force. He is known...

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Jim Dine

Many of those that create art think of their pieces as more than something to be sold or recognized as...

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Ibram Lassaw - Untitled, 1967 (detail)

Ibram Lassaw

Ibram Lassaw was born in Alexandria, Egypt, then part of the Ottoman Empire, to Russian-Jewish parents. He arrived in New...

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Roy Wilkins

Roy Wilkins is a British born artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. He is well known for his abstract expressionism...

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Ray Paul

Ray Paul is an American contemporary artist born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962. He is well known for his paintings...

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Frank Lobdell portrait, 2009 - Photo by M. Lee Fatherree.

Frank Lobdell

Frank Lobdell, born in 1921 in Kansas City, was an American painter, often associated with the Bay Area Figurative Movement...

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Michael Rodriguez - Untitled, 2007 - Courtesy of Vertical Gallery

Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez is a New York-based artist originally from Miami, Fl. He is best known for his paintings that reference,...

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Natalie Edgar - Straight On, 2004 (detail)

Natalie Edgar

Natalie Edgar is an American artist, known for her multi-layered paintings, which she creates in her unique Abstract Expressionist style....

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Paul Jenkins - Phenomena Cardinal Winds, 1982 (detail)

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins was a prolific American abstract artist, known for his unusual chance-based, paint-pouring and fate-tempting technique of painting. He...

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Elizabeth Neel, in her studio in Brooklyn doing paintings with paint

Elizabeth Neel

Elizabeth Neel is an American painter and sculptor known for her abstract canvases which are actuality deeply rooted in the...

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Miriam Schapiro

Miriam Shapiro was born in Toronto, Canada, as an only child of Russian Jewish parents. Both sets of grandparents emigrated...

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Hiroshi Senju

Hiroshi Senju is a Japanese-born painter who combines a minimalist visual language rooted in Abstract Expressionism with ancient painting techniques...

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Philip Guston

Known for his playful integration of abstract elements into figurative scenes, Philip Guston was a Canadian-born American artist who achieved...

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Miljan Suknovic

Miljan Suknovic is a Serbian artist who began his professional painting work in the mid-1990s, and from the very beginning...

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Mark Tobey

Mark Tobey was an American painter considered a pioneer of abstract expressionism. He became widely known for his innovative and...

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abstract art

Pham An Hai

Pham An Hai is a Vietnamese abstract painter, born in 1967 in Hanoi. His paintings are inspired by landscapes, cityscapes...

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Per Kirkeby - Picture of the artist - Photo Credits Kunsteder

Per Kirkeby

Abstraction is a powerful feature in the artist's dictionary. This way of expressing was established during the first half of...

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