Abstract Expressionism

Manoucher Yektai - Portrait of Iris Clert (detail), 1960 - image via via artnews.com

Manoucher Yektai

Manoucher Yektai is an American-Iranian artist who belongs to the school of abstract expressionism. There are three cultures which have...

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Anne Ryan - Nurture (detail) - image via beercolors.net

Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan was an American abstract expressionist best known for her collages, soft colors, and thin watercolor washes. Ryan painted...

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John Levee

John Levee was an American abstract expressionist painter who had worked in Paris since the year of 1949. Featured Image:...

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Jon Schueler

A second-generation Abstract Expressionist, Jon Schueler became known for colorful, non-representational paintings in the 1950s. Featured Image: Jon Schueler -...

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Harold Frank - Untitled (detail)

Harold Frank

Harold Frank was an England-born American abstract expressionist artist born in 1917, whose subject matter included pure abstracts, landscapes, still...

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Robert Arthur Goodnough

Robert Arthur Goodnough was an American abstract expressionist painter, and one of the last of the original generation of the...

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David Budd

David Budd was an American artist born in 1927, working as an abstract expressionist, but eventually turning to monochrome painting....

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Herbert Ferber

Herbert Ferber was an American artist born in 1906, best known for his abstract expressionist sculptures and paintings. He died...

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Paul Wonner with cat at front door Jersey St., San Francisco, 1981

Paul Wonner

Paul Wonner was an American artist who became famous during the 50s as an abstract expressionist connected to the Bay...

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Richard Gorman - 21st Century Gothic, 1979 (detail)

Richard Gorman

More details will be forthcoming shortly. Featured image: Richard Gorman - 21st Century Gothic, 1979 (detail). Oil on canvas. 76...

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Hagit Lalo

Hagit Lalo was one of the forerunners of abstract expressionism in Israel. She was born in 1931 and died in...

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Lara Scolari - portrait

Lara Scolari

Lara Scolari is an Australian artist whose stunning paintings feature organic forms and fluid shapes, inspired by memory, meditation, music...

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Julio Hector Silva

Julio Héctor Silva is an Argentinean contemporary artist known for his marked affinity for COBRA and abstract expressionism. Featured image:...

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