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    Pablo Picasso, 1971
    Surrealism, Abstract Art, Cubism, Plastic arts Milja Ficpatrik
    One of the most known artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso marked the artistic history with his prolific pieces varying in style and technique.
    Salvador Dali - profile picture, portrait
    Surrealism, Cubism, Dada Dea K.
    Salvador Dali was a Spanish Surrealist painter, one of the most famous, interesting, eccentric and talked-about personalities in the art history.
    Marc Chagall, artist, photo credits - Drawing Academy
    Cubism Jasmine Lark
    Marc Chagall was a Belorussian-born Russian-French Modernist artist whose career spanned over seventy years.
    Georges Braque - profile
    Fauvism, Cubism Dea K.
    Georges Braque was a French artist who played a crucial role in a development of Cubism, an art style that revolutionized 20th-century .
    Francis Bacon portrait, 1976
    Surrealism, Expressionism, Figurative Art, Cubism Hugo Hess
    Francis Bacon was an Irish-born British painter, known for his raw, emotionally charged images. He created in Expressionism, Surrealism and Cubism.
    Fernand Leger, artist, photo credits - biosstars-mx
    Modernism, Cubism Jasmine Lark
    Joseph Fernand Henri Léger was a French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker who was deeply influenced by modern industrial technology and Cubism.
    Jacques Villon - Soldats en marche (detail), 1913, photo credits - Flickr
    Realism, Abstract Art, Cubism Jasmine Lark
    Jacques Villon was a French painter and printmaker associated with the Cubist movement, and was also noted for his realist and abstract works.
    Ilya Bolotowsky - artist
    Abstract Art, Cubism, Geometric abstraction Jasmine Lark
    Ilya Bolotowsky was an American artist of Russian birth who achieved success as a painter, sculptor, muralist, teacher, and filmmaker.
    Jessica Rice - Faces, 1988 (detail)
    Fauvism, Cubism, Social Realism Nikola Milosevic
    Jessica Rice was a Belgian painter whose themes included native Flemish landscapes, family gatherings, crowded restaurants, craftsmen and domestic scenes.
    Ossip Zadkine - La Petesse, 1953, image via neworleanspast
    Cubism Jasmine Lark
    Ossip Zadkine was a Russian-born sculptor, painter, and lithographer best known for his Cubist-inspired pieces of the human figure.
    Jean dufy - Le Pont Carrousel (detail), 1947 - Photo Credits Sysopchris
    Cubism, Impressionism Andrey V.
    Jean Dufy was a French painter who managed to merge the essentials of cubism, fauvism and impressionism into his colorful artwork.
    Albert Gleizes - portrait, photo credits Pierre Choumoff
    Cubism Nikola Milosevic
    Albert Gleizes was a French painter and author, and a self-proclaimed founder of Cubism, one of the most recognizable art styles in history.
    Abstract Art, Cubism Nikola Milosevic
    Jean Sariano is an Algerian-born artist whose work is largely comprised of whimsical characters, linear cubism and a love of abstract shapes.
    Marie Laurencin - profile picture
    Illustration, Modernism, Cubism Dea K.
    Marie Laurencin was a French modernist painter, printmaker, designer, and illustrator born in 1883, known as one of the few female Cubist painters.
    Max Weber - Figure Study - Photo Credits Alchetron
    Cubism Andrey V.
    Max Weber was a Poland- born artist whose paintings of heavy strokes and broken lines stand between figurative and abstract expression.
    juan gris
    Cubism Aya N.I.
    Juan Gris was a painter and sculptor, born in Madrid, Spain. He lived most of his life in France and created works in the style of Cubism.
    Alexander Archipenko
    Cubism Nina K
    Alexander Porfyrovych Archipenko was a Ukrainian avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic artist.
    Jean Metzinger - Nu Couch (Reclining Figure), detail, 1946, photo via
    Fauvism, Cubism, Neo-Impressionism, Pointillism Susan Wang
    Jean Metzinger was a major 20th-century French painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet, who along with Albert Gleizes, developed the theoretical foundations of Cubism.