Jean Lambert-Rucki

Jean Lambert-Rucki was a Polish artist best known for his participation in the Cubist, Surrealist and Art Deco movements....

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Alfred Reth

Alfréd Réth was a Hungarian painter who spent most of his career in France. He was one of the founding members of Cubism. Featured image: Alfred Reth – Composition (detail), 1952, photo via

Ossip Zadkine

Ossip Zadkine was a Russian-born sculptor, painter, and lithographer who spent most of his career in France. He was best known for his Cubist-inspired pieces of the human figure. Featured image: Ossip Zadkine – La Petesse, 1953, image via...

Albert Gleizes

Albert Gleizes was a French painter and author, and a self-proclaimed founder of Cubism, one of the most recognizable art styles in history. Featured image: Albert Gleizes – portrait, photo credits Pierre Choumoff...

Henri Hayden

Henri Hayden, born Henryk Hayden, was a Polish-Jewish painter. In Paris, he became acquainted with the artists associated with the Ecole de Paris and later raised to prominence as a Cubist painter. Featured image: Henri Hayden – Landscape (Detail), 1969...

Jean Metzinger - Nu Couch (Reclining Figure), detail, 1946, photo via

Jean Metzinger

Jean Metzinger was a major 20th-century French painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet, who along with Albert Gleizes, developed the theoretical foundations of Cubism. His earliest works, from 1900 to 1904, were influenced by the Neo-impressionism of...

Amedee Ozenfant

Amédée Ozenfant was a French cubist painter, writer, and a founding member of the Purist movement along with Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. Featured image: Amedee Ozenfant – Guitar and Bottles (detail), photo via

Max Weber - Figure Study - Photo Credits Alchetron

Max Weber

Max Weber was a Poland-born American painter, printmaker, and sculptor. He helped to introduce such avant-garde European art movements as Fauvism and Cubism to the United States and is one of the first American Cubist painters who turned to more figurative...

Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova was a Russian avant-garde painter born in 1881. She was also costume designer, writer, illustrator, and set designer....

Joseph Csaky

Joseph Csaky (also written Josef Csàky, Csáky József, József Csáky and Joseph Alexandre Czaky)was one of the first sculptors in Paris to apply the principles of pictorial Cubism to his art. A pioneer of modern sculpture, Csaky is among the most important...

Roger de La Fresnaye - The Athenaeum, Mademoiselle Maria Zimmern (Detail)

Roger de La Fresnaye

Roger de La Fresnaye was a French cubist painter, born in 1885, whose decorative style was inspired by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Featured image: Roger de La Fresnaye – The Athenaeum, Mademoiselle Maria Zimmern (Detail) – photo via...

David Bomberg - Racehorses, 1913 (detail)

David Bomberg

David Bomberg was an English painter born in 1890, whose paintings and drawings were characterized by angular, clear-cut forms combined with enormous energy. His early works featured complex geometrical elements, combining the influence of Cubism and...

Henry Gaudier-Brzeska in his studio in Putney, 1913 (detail)

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska was a French sculptor and painter, considered as one of the earliest abstract sculptors who developed a style of direct carving. He was an exponent of Votricism – a short-lived modernist movement in British art and poetry, partly...

Arnold Topp - Die Sonne Ist Gross und Gefallen (detail), 1918 - image via christiescom

Arnold Topp

Arnold Topp was a German painter known for his colorful, cubist paintings, which often contain figurative, scenic and architectural elements. Featured image: Arnold Topp – Die Sonne Ist Gross Und Gefallen (detail), 1918 – image via

Maria Blanchard - La cuisiniére (detail), 1923 - image via christiescom

Maria Blanchard

María Blanchard, born as María Gutiérrez Cueto, was a Spanish painter, widely known and appreciated for developing a unique style of Cubism. Featured image: María Blanchard – La cuisiniére (detail), 1923 – image via

Georges Valmier - Nature Morte (detail), circa 1910-11 - image via christiescom

Georges Valmier

Georges Valmier was a French painter, who started as an Impressionist, then working in Cubism before he discovered Abstraction in 1921. Featured image: Georges Valmier – Nature Morte (detail), circa 1910-11 – image via