Figuration narrative

paris une galerie jean peinture pierre contemporain jeune plus années papier laurent strouk grand

Ivan Messac

Being an artist is not an easy job. The visits by the Muses are erratic and fickle, and sometimes, you simply run out of inspiration. When your creative attention is divided between philosophy, literature, and visual arts, that task of being originator gets even harder. However, Ivan Messac is clearly the exception to the rule. […]...

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Jacques Monory

Jacques Monory

Jacques Monory is a French artist, born in 1934. Monory was one of the leading figures of the Narrative Figuration movement in the 1960s. He works and lives in Paris, France....

Peter Stampfli - Artist portrait, 2008, Image copyright Michel Lunardelli

Peter Stampfli

Peter Stämpfli is a Swiss artist whose work belongs to the European Pop art and Figuration Narrative movement. His canvases are cut up in the shape of tires and wheels. His favourite theme during the 80’s was the pneumatic geometries represented through...