Figurative Art

Kerra Taylor - The Fear, 2018 (detail)

Kerra Taylor

Kerra Taylor is an American contemporary artist whose representational works exploits the narrative potential of painting. She currently resides in...

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Molly Brocklehurst - Procession, 2019 (detail)

Molly Brocklehurst

Molly Brocklehurst is a British figurative artist whose paintings are strange fictions that blur the boundary between document and fiction....

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Robert Grilley - Black Stripe and Blue (detail)

Robert Grilley

Robert Grilley was an American artist born in 1920. A respected figure painter, Grilley's works are easily recognizable, with its...

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Christian Schad

Christian Schad was born in Miesbach, Upper Bavaria, to a prosperous lawyer who supported him for nearly half his life....

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Arpita Singh

Arpita Singh is an Indian figurative artist and modernist, whose canvases have both a storyline and a carnival of images...

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David Azuz - At the Market, 1980 (detail)

David Azuz

David Azuz is an Israeli-born and Paris-based contemporary artist. His figurative paintings depict everyday subjects in everyday situations, displaying the...

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Duncan Hannah - The Balcony, 1981 (detail)

Duncan Hannah

Duncan Hannah is an American artist widely known for his figurative works. He attended Bard College and Parsons School of...

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John Nesta - Eastern Point I, 1995 (detail)

John Nesta

John Nesta was an American painter known for landscapes and seascapes. He studied painting and fine art at the Vesper...

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Jacob Glushakow - Hollins Market, 1958 (detail)

Jacob Glushakow

Jacob Glushakow was an American painter best known for his keen observations of life in the city of Baltimore. His...

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Ralph Fasanella - Bridges, 1974 (detail)

Ralph Fasanella

Ralph Fasanella was a prolific American painter who depicted urban working life and social injustices faced by the working class....

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Marshall Goodman - Woman in Yellow Jacket with Cat, ca 1960 (detail)

Marshall Goodman

Marshall Goodman was a prolific American painter whose optimistic works are devoid of puerile indignation or facile preachments. Featured image:...

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Jon D'Orazio - Windswept, 1980 (detail)

Jon D’Orazio

Jon D'Orazio is an American contemporary painter and sculptor. In 1989, he adopted abstraction, having previously painted figurative landscapes. Featured...

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Charles Levier - Cafe Scene in Paris, 1961 (detail)

Charles Levier

Charles Levier was a French artist born in Corsica in a French-American family. He was a figurative painter known for...

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Jan De Ruth - Three Dancers, ca 1965 (detail)

Jan De Ruth

Jan De Ruth was a Czech-American artist best known for his figurative paintings. The dominant theme of his works was...

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Don David - Dodge and Truck, 1980 (detail)

Don David

Don David was a talented and versatile American artist, capable of producing both figurative and abstract paintings. He died in...

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Ramon Santiago - Self-Portrait (in Flag Cap), 1971 (detail)

Ramon Santiago

Ramon Santiago was an American artist widely known and recognized for his figurative style mixed with elements of fantasy. Featured...

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James Knight - Olive On Blue, 2020 (detail)

James Knight

James Knight, also known as Fourhundred ML, is a Canadian contemporary figurative artist who mostly uses spray paint. He is...

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David Kassan

David Kassan is an American artist widely known for his life-size representational paintings, which combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds...

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Jack Caserta

Jack Caserta

Jack Caserta is an emerging American artist who developed a "pluralistic practice", creating both figurative and symbol-laden abstract works using...

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Dana Holst - Slither, 2018 (detail)

Dana Holst

More details will be forthcoming shortly. Featured image: Dana Holst - Slither, 2018 (detail). Oil on panel. 20 × 30...

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