Anita Wong

Anita Wong is a painter who combines the ancient art of Lingan Guo Hau and Impressionism to create her own...

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - artist - 1910

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Celebrated as one of the most popular French Impressionist artists, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was famed for his nudes and images of...

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Simone Albert

The movie stars are an inspiration for many - young and aspiring actors and actresses, other successful and unsuccessful people,...

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Edgar Degas - Self-Portrait (detail), photo credits

Edgar Degas

Although considered one of the founders of Impressionism, Edgar Degas didn’t accept that label, preferring to call himself a Realist...

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Jean dufy - Le Pont Carrousel (detail), 1947 - Photo Credits Sysopchris

Jean Dufy

The story of Jean Dufy begins in Paris, a town that's without the slightest doubt the world's modern art capital....

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William Merritt Chase

William Merritt Chase was an American artist, best known for his Impressionist paintings. He was responsible for establishing the Chase...

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Sarah Pye - Autumn Migration, 2019 (detail)

Sarah Pye

Sarah Pye is a British contemporary artist known for large impressionist paintings. She works intuitively and freely, without preliminary sketches....

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Michael Strang - Poppy Field Near Usk, Wales, 2008 (detail)

Michael Strang

Michael Strang is a British artist, considered by many to be Britain's best living Impressionist. His subjects include landscapes, seascapes,...

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Isaac Israels

Born in 1865, in Amsterdam, Isaac Israels was a famous Dutch Jewish painter and the son of the well-established artist...

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Gustave Caillebotte

Gustave Caillebotte was a French painter and patron who left a deep trace in the history of French art when...

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Manuel Robbe - Le modèle (detail)

Manuel Robbe

Manuel Robbe was a French painter and writer who was born in 1872 in Paris, France. During First World War...

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Claude Monet - Photography of the artist - Photo Credits Kids Encyclopedia

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a legendary French painter who was a leading figure in the time of Impressionism (arguably the first...

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Lovis Corinth

Lovis Corinth, born in 1858, was a German painter and printmaker whose mature work realized a synthesis of impressionism and...

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Edouard Manet, Self portrait with a palette (detail), 1879

Edouard Manet

The boundaries of art are virtually endless, and though we might be limited as to what we can physically accomplish,...

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Dame Laura Knight

Dame Laura Knight

Dame Laura Knight was a British artist who worked in different techniques in the figurative, realist tradition, embracing English Impressionism.

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Camille Pissarro - Autoportrait (detail), photo credits - Wikimedia

Camille Pissarro

Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro was a Danish-French landscape artist best known for his influence on Impressionist and Postimpressionist painting. Camille...

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Andre Minaux - Plaine des Ortures (Detail), 1954 - Image Copyright ADAGP

Andre Minaux

André Minaux, born in Paris in 1923, was a French painter whose art had been developing from New Realism, Impressionism,...

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Rodolphe Planquette - Bouquet d'arbres (Detail) - Image Copyright artist

Rodolphe Planquette

Rodolphe Planquette, born in 1926, is a French artist, best known for his paintings and watercolor drawings. His art is...

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Emile Boyer - Le Lapin Agile sous la neige, photo credits - Drouot Online

Emile Boyer

Emile Boyer was a French painter and sculptor born in 1877. He painted only landscapes, flowers, local figures and portraits,...

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Elisee Maclet - Paris view of Montmartre The mill of the pancake (detail), photo credits - Antic Store

Elisee Maclet

Jules-Émile Élisée Maclet was a French impressionist painter known for his Paris street scenes made after the First World War....

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