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    Niki de Saint Phalle with 2 sculptures
    Sculpture, Nouveau Réalisme Hugo Hess

    Niki de Saint Phalle was a French sculptor, painter and filmmaker, renowned for her large sculptures of Nanas, voluptuous females.

    Bernar Venet
    Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art, Nouveau Réalisme Milja Ficpatrik

    Bernar Venet is a pioneer of conceptual art in New York in the late 1960s. He is best known for his versatility in multiple mediums.

    Nouveau Réalisme Hugo Hess

    Martial Raysse is well known French artist, famous for his distinctive approach in painting and his recognizable imagery.

    Mimmo Rotella
    Pop Art, Nouveau Réalisme, Collage Hugo Hess

    Mimmo Rotella was an Italian artist best known for his “double décollages,”and was also a member of the French Nouveaux Réalistes group.

    Arman - Portrait detail by Chris Felver via Gettyimages
    Nouveau Réalisme Dylan Cuddy

    Armand Pierre Fernandez Arman was a French-born American artist, one of the co-founders of a Nouveau réalisme movement, a French reaction to Pop Art.

    Nouveau Réalisme Andrey V.

    Jacques Villeglé is a French mixed-media artist famous for his alphabet with symbolic letters and collage with ripped or lacerated posters.

    Raymond Hains, Paris, 1961 - Image source Androgon magazine website
    Nouveau Réalisme Bojan Zlatkov

    Raymond Hains, born on November 9, 1926, was a French artist who worked in the Nouveau Réalisme movement. He died in Paris on October 28, 2005.

    Alfred Leslie - The Second Two-Panel Horizontal (detail) - 1958
    Abstract Expressionism, Nouveau Réalisme Jasmine Lark

    Alfred Leslie is an American artist and filmmaker has been on the frontlines of many major movements in postwar American art.

    Cesar (César Baldaccini) - profile
    Sculpture, Nouveau Réalisme Dea K.

    César Baldaccini, usually called César, was a noted French sculptor who became known his solid, welded sculptures of creatures and fantastic representations of animals and insects.

    Andre Minaux - Plaine des Ortures (Detail), 1954 - Image Copyright ADAGP
    Nouveau Réalisme, Painting, Drawing, Figurative Art, Impressionism Bojan Zlatkov

    André Minaux was a French artist, known for his paintings and drawings. He belonged to the New Realism, Impressionism, and Figurative Art movements.

    Daniel Spoerri, photo by Rita Newman
    Nouveau Réalisme Nina K

    Daniel Spoerri is a Swiss artist and writer born in Romania. Spoerri is best known for his "snare-pictures," a type of assemblage or object art.

    Francois Dufrene - Decollage - Image via pinimg
    Nouveau Réalisme Andrey V.

    Francois Dufrene was a French Nouveau realist visual artist, Lettrist and Ultra-Lettrist poet primarily known as a pioneer in sound poetry and for his use of décollage.