David Leroi

There is nothing wrong with comics, at least at first glance. They seem innocent, fantasy-based and without any significant impact...

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Anna Peter Breton - portrait

Anna Peter Breton

Anna Peter Breton is a Paris based artist originally from Hungary and Kyrgyzstan. Growing up as a diplomat’s daughter, she...

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Thomas de Vuillefroy - RNP 113, 2017 (detail)

Thomas de Vuillefroy

Painting as the ultimate and infinite research tool, painting as action, as commitment, as a form of thought, as a...

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Sveta Marlier - portrait

Sveta Marlier

Born in 1975 in Moscow into a family of artists, Svetà Marlier joined the Art School of the Russian capital...

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Milan Zulic

Born in Sombor, Milan Zulić is a versatile Serbian contemporary artist whose paintings, sculptures, photography, video, and extended media have...

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Piotr Bator

Piotr Bator, born in Poland in 1984, is a vibrant artist best known for his uninhibited creation surfaces contained mainly...

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Marisa Rheem

Marisa Rheem is an Oakland-based painter whose vividly contemporary work evinces an arresting clarity. Rheem captures zoomed-in glimpses of street...

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contemporary art

Alexandra Grant

A Los Angeles based artist, Alexandra Grant is widely known for exploring the use of language and text in her...

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Adam Void

Adam Void sees the world above; the people with their minds stuck in "smart" phones, struggling for a distraction from...

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Konan Lim

Konan Lim is a Filipino artist based in Dubai. His work has been formulated through whimsical happy thoughts into a...

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Fasim, aka Germán Bel Ferrandiz, is a self-taught painter born in Barcelona, Spain. From a very early age, he began...

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Mots is a street artist, illustrator, and painter from Porto. Graffiti always had a strong influence in his techniques, graphic...

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Gio Stefan portrait

Gio Stefan

Born in Treviso during the golden age of Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Giò Stefan grew up as a passionate...

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Feofeo - portrait


Feofeo was born in Alessandria in 1969. The kind of artistic research she is going through is not aiming to...

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Soba - artwork (detail)


Soba was born in a little town in Iran. She grew up in Tehran, where her family moved when she...

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Emily Moore - portrait

Emily Moore

Emily Moore is a Scottish artist interested in the patterns and forms found within mountainous environments and the contrasting, architectural...

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Ralph Heimans - Artist in his studio - Photo Credits Jewish News

Ralph Heimans

Observing the work of Ralph Heimans is almost like having your own little time machine. Before the era of digital...

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Maria Hegedus - portrait

Maria Hegedus

Maria Hegedus is a Columbia, South Carolina (United States) based muralist and fine artist. She spent the past five years...

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Gus Bill - mural

Gus Bill

Gus Bill is an Indonesian urban artist, who is known for his unique eye-heart character – matahati. Matahati appears in...

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Mathieu Bories portrait


Visual artist from the street, Mateo questions the perception of the world which surrounds us and the impact of the...

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