Craig Scoffone - portrait

Craig Scoffone

“Photography As Art“, is how Craig Scoffone, a San Francisco Bay Area contemporary photographic artist introduces visitors to his Instagram...

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It takes a long time, perhaps even a lifetime, to understand Ulay, said Marina Abramović about her long-term life and...

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Milan Zulic

Born in Sombor, Milan Zulić is a versatile Serbian contemporary artist whose paintings, sculptures, photography, video, and extended media have...

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Piotr Bator

Piotr Bator, born in Poland in 1984, is a vibrant artist best known for his uninhibited creation surfaces contained mainly...

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Adam Void

Adam Void sees the world above; the people with their minds stuck in "smart" phones, struggling for a distraction from...

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Gerry Joe Weise - portrait

Gerry Joe Weise

Australian Land artist Gerry Joe Weise uses natural materials such as pigments, earth, minerals and vegetation. He is a very...

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Frank A Mills - portrait

Frank A. Mills

Frank A. Mills is an American photographer who struggles with what to say about his images. While he wants to...

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Kathleen Meier - selfportrait

Kathleen Meier

Kathleen Meier is a French artist who uses photographic medium. She learned photography in the artistic school École de Condé...

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Fred Stichnoth - Young Girl with Hornbill Headdress, New Guinea

Fred Stichnoth

Fred Stichnoth entered the world of professional photography in 1987, when he was hired as an assistant to the famous...

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Federico Lombardo - Carlos

Federico Lombardo

Federico Lombardo’s Renaissance-inspired digital portraits are new icons of ideal beauty. These digital images are concrete result of the hyper-reality...

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The Antic Staatsoper - Fake Olympus

The Antic Staatsoper

The Antic Staatsoper was founded in 2006 by Nicolas P. a musician and photographer born during the No-future years in...

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Josephine Cardin - Untitled 18

Josephine Cardin

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer who grew up in South Florida, and...

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Marius Budu Profile

Marius Budu

Marius Budu is a visual artist working with photography and digital art. His stunning way of expressing the essence of...

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Norm Yip - Portrait

Norm Yip

Canadian-born-Chinese Norm Yip began his career as an architect working in Hong Kong but transitioned to art and photography in...

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Anirays Camino - Colon, 2015

Anirays Camino

Anirays Camino, a businesswoman, gallerist, and artist, created the atmosphere of a Paris salon in the core of Miami Beach....

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Murlin Saint-Jean - portrait

Murlin Saint-Jean

Murlin Saint-Jean, born on August 18th, 1995 is a Haitian pop artist and photographer based between New York City and...

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Anne Lomberg - portrait

Anne Lomberg

Anne Lomberg is a German poet and film photographer born in 1982 in Thüringen. Impressed by black and white photography...

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Christophe Jacrot - portrait

Christophe Jacrot

For nearly 8 years, French photographer Christophe Jacrot has been developing an artistic project on major cities of the northern...

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Brad Wilson - portrait

Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson is an American artist who became widely acclaimed for his photographic series Affinity, which features studio portraits of...

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Brooke Shaden - Haunted Wings

Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden explores the darkness and light in people, and her work looks at that juxtaposition. As a self-portrait artist,...

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