Juliette Clovis - Erinaceus Amurensis, 2018 (detail)

Juliette Clovis

French sculptor Juliette Clovis has had other interests in her life besides art. She says various fields of classical studies...

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Milan Zulic

Born in Sombor, Milan Zulić is a versatile Serbian contemporary artist whose paintings, sculptures, photography, video, and extended media have...

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Piotr Bator

Piotr Bator, born in Poland in 1984, is a vibrant artist best known for his uninhibited creation surfaces contained mainly...

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contemporary art

Alexandra Grant

A Los Angeles based artist, Alexandra Grant is widely known for exploring the use of language and text in her...

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Roberta Morzetti - portrait

Roberta Morzetti

Roberta Morzetti's art exposes us to an art production that transforms materials into incredible sculptures. The first creative impetus is...

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Alexandre Bavard - Neo archeologia

Alexandre Bavard

Alexandre Bavard is a Parisian multidisciplinary artist born in 1987. His work integrates diverse visual media like performance, sculpture, graffiti,...

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Bennett Ewing - portrait

Bennett Ewing

Bennett Ewing, informally known as "Eyevan Tumbleweed”, was born in 1982 and is best known for his sculptural series of...

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Peter Riss Profile

Peter Riss

Peter Riss creates spatial works and installations that comment on the dual nature of mankind. Smooth, shiny surfaces hint at...

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Sven Schilling - 16/11

Sven Schilling

Sven Schilling is a sculptor who is completely under the spell of his materials. For the sculptures are the oak...

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Damjan Komel - Seed Sivec

Damjan Komel

Who drew the first image and who was the first one trying to express their own feelings by means of...

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Kevin Callaghan - Travel Redefined

Kevin Callaghan

Kevin Callaghan completed am MA at the Royal College of Art in 2013, he has multi-disciplinary approach to his practice....

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Judi Harvest with Monumental Hive, 2017, Photo by Francesco Allegretto

Judi Harvest

American born interdisciplinary visual artist Judi Harvest, has been exhibiting for over forty years throughout Europe and the United States....

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Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana was a prominent American artist, who rose to fame in the 60's, and played a major role in...

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Phil Akashi artist portrait

Phil Akashi

Born in 1978 in Brussels, Phil Akashi is a multi-award winning artist based in Brussels, Hong Kong and La Garde-Freinet,...

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Photo of the artist - Image via cargocollectivecom

Aurele LostDog

Aurèle Ricard, better known by his creative pseudonym of Aurèle LostDog, is a renowned French artist who has been gaining...

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Paul Owen Weiner - installation view

Paul Owen Weiner

Paul Weiner’s protean output of paintings, drawings, and sculptural works grapples with America’s contemporary identity and history, generating symbols of...

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Eric Lacan - artist in his studio

Eric Lacan

Éric Lacan started to draw attention to himself at the end of the 2000’s with black and white wheatpastes under...

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Ruth Aizuss Migdal - Reclining, 1985

Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Concentrating on the female torso, Ruth Aizuss Migdal is unafraid to invoke the glorious and tenacious power of the female...

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Waswad - Transhumanism series I, 2017


Waswad, also known as Wasswa Donald Augustine, is a Ugandan contemporary and multidisciplinary artist who was trained at Kyambogo University....

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James McNabb

Best known for his highly-detailed objects, James McNabb is an emerging artist based in Philadelphia, United States. He explores the...

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