Konan Lim

Konan Lim is a Filipino artist based in Dubai. His work has been formulated through whimsical happy thoughts into a...

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Jean Cocteau - Photo of the artist - Image via pinterest

Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau was an enormously prominent French artist and author widely recognized as one of the major figures of Dada...

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Dorothea Tanning - Photo of the artist - contact the new home for women

Dorothea Tanning

Dorothea Margaret Tanning was an American artist who devoted her life to developing her creative craft, becoming a versatile author...

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Tala Madani, artist, photo credits - oh-nena

Tala Madani

The Los Angeles-based artist Tala Madani is widely known for the irony and rich in narrative paintings that are made...

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Brian Mashburn in front of his artwork

Brian Mashburn

Brian Mashburn is an American artist, famous for creating amazing oil paintings of foggy landscapes, made with such precision and...

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In 1948, American artist in new york made paintings by combining gorky's style with cézanne, picasso and kooning

Arshile Gorky

Often unrightfully overshadowed by his more famous colleague masters of modern art, Arshile Gorky was one of the last grand...

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Amy Guidry - Portrait

Amy Guidry

Amy Guidry is an American artist, known for her interest in human psyche and behavior, but also for exploring the...

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Alberto Giacometti - Photo of the artist in his studio - Image via dailyartfixx paris jean annette biography

Alberto Giacometti

Emerging out of the conceptual basis of Surrealism and Cubism, Alberto Giacometti established his unique aesthetic style with delicate figurative...

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Bruno Pontiroli

Aiming to turn the relatively narrow vision of the world upside down, Bruno Pontiroli is a French contemporary artist, whose...

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Man Ray - Photograph of the artist at the beach in France - Image via tate

Man Ray

Emmanuel Radnitzky, by far better known by his iconic pseudonym of Man Ray, was an American artist whose innovative work...

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Jean Art - A photo of the sculptor in his studio - Image via tmlartscom and use taeuber terms

Jean Arp

Easily considered to be one of those rare one-man movement occasions in art history, Jean Arp was a pioneer of...

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Leonora Carrington

Painting is a need, not a choice [1], said the legendary painter and novelist Leonora Carrington, who managed to completely...

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Roberto Matta - Photo of the artist - Image via globalarttraderscom

Roberto Matta

Providing the art scene with a unique synthesis of European, American and Latin American visual cultures, Chilean-born artist Roberto Matta...

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Andre Breton - Photo of the artist by Man Ray, 1932 - Image via theredlistcom

Andre Breton

I believe in the future resolution of these two states, dream and reality, which are seemingly so contradictory, into a...

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Eileen Agar

Eileen Agar was a British painter and photographer, best known for her association with the Surrealist movement and her paintings...

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Rosemarie Trockel

Rosemarie Trockel is one of the most influential German contemporary artists, internationally renowned for her complex and controversial works. Her...

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Frida Kahlo - Photograph of the artist by Toni Frissell, 1937 - Image copyright Toni Frissell

Frida Kahlo

Respected as both one of Mexico’s prominent artists and the most influential female figure of Surrealism, Frida Kahlo was a...

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Rene Magritte - The Mysteries of Horizon, 1928

Rene Magritte

With his highly magical Surrealist imagery, Rene Magritte had a way of breathing new life into seemingly ordinary subject matters....

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Meret Oppenheim - Erotique voilée (Veiled Erotic), 1933 - Photo Credits Man Ray

Meret Oppenheim

Méret Elisabeth Oppenheim's name does not need much introduction if you've ever picked up any book related to the art...

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Joan Miro

Joan Miro

The mind is a fascinating thing, and there’s no saying how deep it may truly be, or how high it...

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