1UP /   Unknown

Germany 2003



July 8, 2013
Art somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now. Feel free to contact me at nikola.milosevic777@gmail.com

1UP is a German street art crew, widely known for tagging various places with their easily recognizable symbol, but also for the unity of the crew.

Nuart Festival Stavanger 2019 in 20 Pictures and 2 Videos

Nuart Stavanger 2019 brought eleven international artists to adorn the streets of Stavanger under the theme Brand new, you're retro.

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Nuart Gathers The Best of Street Art Once Again in Stavanger!

Taking place in Stavanger this September, Nuart Festival returns with indoor and outdoor exhibitions, events, performances, debates and workshops.

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In Pictures: Martha Cooper Documents Learn & Skate's Mongolian Adventures

The Learn&Skate project brought 1UP Crew, Siker, Maya Hayuk and Martha Cooper in Ulaanbataar, to enrich its urban landscape and help kids skate!

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Paint Your Collection Green This St. Patrick's Day!

For this edition of Collectors tip, we prepared a top list of ten exceptional artworks in order to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

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1UP - All Colours Are Beautiful

The first artworks on our list was made by the graffiti collective 1UP.

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Gallery Spotlight - Urban Spree Galerie at Urvanity Art 2019

See what Berlin's Urban Spree Galerie has in store for the visitors of Urvanity Art 2019 in Madrid!

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Urban Spree

Urban Spree will bring the works by Victor Ash, Marion Jdanoff, Bisco Smith, Anthony Lister, Sicoer, and 1UP Crew-Martha Cooper, among others.

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Here Are Our Artworks Inspired by Architecture!

Architecture has been feeding the imagination of art throughout art history. We bring you seven pieces inspired by architecture that you can own right now!

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1UP - Bangkok Ghost Tower

1UP is widely known for tagging various places with their easily recognizable symbol.

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Artworks by Your Favorite Graffiti Artists On Sale!

Street art and graffiti have taken the world by storm. We bring you nine pieces of contemporary graffiti art that you can own right now!

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Martha Cooper Spent One Week with 1UP. Here is a Book and a Show About It

ONE WEEK WITH 1UP is an extraordinary showcase of photographs and artworks by 1UP, Martha Cooper and Ninja K., designed to coincide with the publication of the book of the same name.

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