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United Kingdom
May 3, 2016
Art somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now. Feel free to contact me at nikola.milosevic777@gmail.com

Street art is a dance between love and hate. For the ones who usually have positive impressions, street art is a form of artistic expression, nothing less significant than painting or sculpture, while those who see it as an act of vandalism and destroying someone’s property tend to dislike it. However, when the themes involve love, peace and justified social critique, like in the case of 3F, also known as 3fountains, even the strongest opponents admit that he has a point, but they disagree about the way that point is made. His depictions of the beauty of the feminine form, his portraits of innocence, and bringing back the memories from childhood have won the hearts of many viewers.

3F - GR££D
3F – GR££D

The Power

Images are often more powerful than words, especially when the themes are peace and love, but also the critique of the society. For 3F, art is a way to escape from this world, to be someone that simply doesn’t exist in this world. It awakens the rebellious spirit and it gives a voice to the artist’s thoughts, allowing him to say things he couldn’t say otherwise. Banksy was a reason 3F took up street art in the first place, but it wasn’t until he saw the work of Norwegian artists Pobel and Dolk he amassed enough courage to actually go out and start painting outdoors.

The art awakens the rebellious spirit and gives a voice to the artist’s thoughts

3F - The Kiss - Yellow Edition
3F – The Kiss – Yellow Edition

Between Glamor and Darkness

There is a certain level of glamor and excitement around street art, but that’s only half of the story. Sometimes you are just worried you’re going to be arrested, and you have to work pretty early in the morning or wait for the cover of darkness when you can barely see what you’re doing. Balancing carefully between the two extremes, 3F finds it easier to work outdoors than paint on a canvas. Of course, he has to work commissions and originals so he could afford to travel and actually work in the streets. Even when he does work indoor, he prefers painting on Pine wood, stressing it and giving it the vintage look. Unfortunately, street art is only a sort of a hobby for 3F, as he has a full-time job, completely unrelated to art.

The artist has a full-time job, completely unrelated to art

3F - Supergirl on Canvas - Ballerina on Canvas
3F – Supergirl on Canvas (Left) / Ballerina on Canvas (Right)

The Right Messages

The fact that artworks aren’t permanent and they could be ‘alive’ for only a few hours gives the street art something romantic and makes it appealing to the artist. The point of the public places is to engage, so why not decorate them in a manner we find most appropriate? Well, at least, in a way so the street art could send messages different from those we’re constantly exposed when we turn on the TV, or simply look at the billboards. 3F seeks to send the messages about beauty, hope, love – as he sees them.

He is represented by GraffitiStreet in Chichester, UK.

3F lives and works in North East of England.

Featured image: 3F – Ballerina

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