Adrian Landon Brooks - Artist in studio, photo credits

Adrian Landon Brooks

United States 1983

Sculpture, Illustration, Painting

Adrian Landon Brooks
Adrian Landon Brooks
United States
March 24, 2016

Living in the world of the past times, discovering the space of grandparent’s garage, Adrian Landon Brooks has always been curious about old artifacts in which he was finding interesting details and styles now replaced by their digital imitations. Tracing the images from men’s 1950’s catalogs and logos from rusty paint buckets and oil cans was a great practice which marked his first artistic steps. And now, Brooks continues to produce simple but very effective works. His images are beautiful with a tinge of fantastic. Setting himself a challenge with one bold line or limited color pallet, Brooks strive to strip painting down to the core, so he could create concise work, starting from its primary elements.

Adrian Landon Brooks, Warpaint (detail), copyrights Adrian Landon Brooks
Adrian Landon Brooks, Warpaint (detail), copyrights Adrian Landon Brooks

Inspiration is in the Folk and Sacred Art

He is finding his inspiration in traditional folk art, and also in sacred art, regardless of religion. In Warpaint series, he was using old cabinet photos which he had painted over, with the aim to celebrate the past times and permanent beauty. The female portraits remind of Virgin Mary or woman in traditional Muslim vesture. The Form of his images focuses on a central figure on a minimal, usually blank background. Adrian Landon Brooks studied painting at San Francisco Art Institute. Considering the stagnation of his career after the studies, he moved to Austin where he found better conditions and more satisfying environment for his creative work. Some of his main influences include Egon Schiele, Barry McGee and Lance McMahan. Brooks is involved with the mixture of techniques and mediums and his most recent focus is on the gouache and pen illustrations on paper of wooden surfaces. He is trying to group together different forms, so they could contribute together to the same meaning of the whole picture.

His illustrations carry mysterious and strong message

Adrian Landon Brooks - Caregiver (left) - On the way bach home (middle), Playing dead (right), photo credits
Adrian Landon Brooks – Caregiver (left) – On the way bach home (middle), Playing dead (right), photo credits

Paintings Reveals Personal Stories

Drawing inspiration from life experience, Brooks considers his work as kind of a diary, a personal visual presentation where the viewer can follow all his thoughts and feelings. Being honest in representations, he is equally focusing on positive and negative emotions. His illustrations of idols, icons and strange figures carries a mysterious but strong message. Committing himself to his work, Brooks creates in his inner realms, putting outside world on pause. His art was liberating and it was always helping him to get through destructive thoughts. Looking through the years, Brooks’ paintings are following the constant change and maturing of his personality and artistic spirit. Beginning with the dark and chaotic images, his style was refined with the mixture of techniques and mediums.

Adrian Landon Brooks is represented by Stephanie Chefas Projects.

Adrian Landon Brooks lives and works in Austin, US.

Featured image: courtesy of the Stephanie Chefas Projects

YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015One Day At A Time (Duo) Campfire Gallery SFduo
2015Deconstructed Monuments (Duo) Maxwell Colette Gallery Chicagoduo
2015Vision Galerie C.O.A ,Montrealgroup
2015The Ballasted Frequencies Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicagogroup
2015#2 Good Mother Gallery, Oaklandgroup
2015End Transition Nobile & Amundsen, Norfolk group
2015Equilux Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle group
2015Stupid Krap Showcase Blank_Space, Sydneygroup
2014Heirloom (Duo) gray DUCK Gallery, Austin, solo
2014Sacred Traditions SVPER ORDINARY, Denversolo
2014Repurposed Artifacts Hello Studio, San Antoniosolo
2014Crossing Lines: Austin TX FWMOA, Fort Wayne group
2014Five X Seven AMOA- Arthouse, Austingroup
2013The Big Show Lawndale Art Center, Houstongroup
2012Future - Perfect- In- Past- Tense grayDUCK Gallery, Austingroup
2012Red Dot Women And Their Work, Austingroup
2011Totally Fucking Awesome Birdhouse, Austinsolo