Aida Gomez - Joy is Here, 2015

Aida Gomez /   Aïda Gómez

Spain 1986

Street Art, Installation

Aida Gomez
Aïda Gómez
April 21, 2016
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Aida Gomez is a Spanish street artist with a friendly and kind spirit. What she creates is far from the acts of political activism we usually relate to the most common forms of street art. Gomez’s work is rather subtle, but still has a strong emotional impact because it reminds us of the simple, everyday joys of life. Gomez understands the potential of the urban spaces in Madrid, her hometown, and keeps creating her bright and cheerful pieces. Her main goal is to surprise a passerby by revealing the raw treasures hidden in the street and giving them a new meaning.

Aida Gomez - Snow Games
Aida Gomez – Snow Games

Breaking the Daily Routine

Gomez was born in Madrid in the mid-80s and she studied sculpture at Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin as well as fine arts at the UCLM in Cuenca, Spain. Her collaboration with La Pluma Electri*k street art collective lasted for 5 five years and during that time they made many public interventions on the streets of Madrid. Gomez has also participated, together with her collective, in various exhibitions and festivals both nationally and internationally – in Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Liverpool, Mallorca, to name a few. Gomez currently works alone on projects which aim at transforming our common viewing habits by establishing different, playful and uncommon rules. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by the terrifying quantity of images and information we have to process on daily basis and we stopped paying attention to many small things that surround us. While we stick to our well-established daily routine, Gomez wants to break through the pattern of our perception, make us more awake, and consequently more self-conscious.

While we stick to our well-established daily routine, Gomez wants to break through the pattern of our perception and make us more awake

Aida Gomez - Leave Me Alone, 2016
Aida Gomez – Leave Me Alone, 2016

Acts of Kindness

Gomez’s work includes language games, crossword puzzles and the unexpected transformation of social codes in our daily environment. She has a penchant for finding the most creative ways of capturing the attention of passerby and challenging their regular perception. Also, she is able to turn complete strangers into playmates in her improvised urban playgrounds. The artist uses billboards to place her word search games, weaves adorable hand-made hearts into fences or creates puzzle pieces from the fallen leaves. Her techniques are simple, environmentally friendly and never invasive, underlining her great desire to dedicate herself to meaningful acts of kindness.

Gomez uses environmentally friendly and never invasive art techniques, underlining her great desire to dedicate herself to meaningful acts of kindness

Aida Gomez - Home is Where Your Heart is
Aida Gomez – Home is Where Your Heart is

World as a Playground

The entire world is an exciting playground for Gomez, since there are no limitations when it comes to the placement of her pieces. In addition to streets of Berlin and Madrid, her more recent installations, such as Joy is Here, can be seen in galleries throughout Europe. Gomez’s work won the hearts of her audience that consists of both art connoisseurs and random passerby, because her pieces speak the universal language of love, hope and joy. It is quite challenging to create street art powerful enough to put a smile on a stranger’s face, but Gomez excelled at this task.

Aida Gomez lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Featured image: Aida Gomez – Joy is Here, 2015
All images courtesy of the artist.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015JOY IS HERE Open Walls Gallery ,Berlin GermanySolo
2015WRSW | BRLN Obserwacje Foundation for Public Space Research TU, Warsaw (Poland)Group
2015Aida GomezBundeskunst Hall of Fame, Bonn (Germany)Group
2015International Camouflaged Art Manizales, (Colombia)Group
2015City LeaksCologne, (Germany)Group
2015Artist Residence: Foundation for Public Space Research TU Warsaw, (Poland)Group
2014The Road to Spain Popup Art Gallery ,BerlinGroup
2014Creative Camp Canal 180 ,Abrantes, PortugalGroup
2014New Master Graffiti Glashaus ,BerlínGroup
2014Libros Mutantes La Casa Encendida ,MadridGroup
2014Soft [cover] revolution Fundación Arte Vivo Otero Herrera ,MadridGroup
2014Zines of the Zone European TourGroup
2014Arco Tangente Madrid SpainGroup
2013Rainbow Sparks Lamosalab ,Cuenca SpainSolo
2013Subasta 15x15 Facultad Bellas Artes ,Cuenca SpainGroup
2013Extendido II Festival de Arte Emergente ,Cuenca SpainGroup
2013Se Alquila Mercado MadridSpainGroup
2011Rundgang Kunsthochschule Weissensee ,Berlin GermanyGroup
2011Ich Heisse Kunsthalle Weissensee ,Berlin GermanyGroup