Alasdair Thomson, photo by Kenneth Gray

Alasdair Thomson

United Kingdom


Alasdair Thomson
Alasdair Thomson
United Kingdom
November 17, 2015
Aya received her MA in English Language and Literature in 2012. She likes dancing, traveling, cycling and spending time with her pets.

Alasdair Thomson is a talented sculptor born in Aburdine, Scotland. He is known for his marble sculptures which represent garments, usually white dresses. The artist is experienced in carving large sculptures locally and internationally.

He is probably best known for The Identity Collection, a series of 12 Carrara marble sculptures based on garments donated to the artist. Each piece of clothing is different and named after the friend who gave it to Alasdair. Beautiful dresses on hangers capture the identity of the person who contributed the item, and puzzle the viewers who are tricked into believing that sculptures are real garments.

The Identity Collection

Alasdair Thomson - Greta and Elisabeth
Left: Alasdair Thomson – Greta, Right: Alasdair Thomson – Elisabeth

Thomson moved to Edinburgh when he enrolled at the University of Edinburgh, where he studied classical and Renaissance art. Thomson is not interested in contemporary art. As he claims – he likes the old. He lives in an old building and likes restoring old furniture.

After receiving his degree in Art History in 2004, Alasdair got the first opportunity to work on a sculpture in 2006, as an apprentice for American sculptor Mark Mennin in Connecticut, United States. Thomson worked with Mennin on and off for two years. In 2009, he started his studies in Italy, in order to learn the rules of proportions. He went to Senese Scuola Edile, and received training in the studios of Mauro Beretini in Siena. He earned his diploma in sculpture in 2010.

When he returned to Scotland, Thomson worked as a stone restorer and participated in important projects, including the restoraton of historic buildings, such as St Giles Cathedral and St Mary’s Cathedral.

Alasdair Thomson is the recipient of People’s Choice Award at Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition in Edinburgh in 2013. In 2014, he was also the artist in residence at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont, United States.


Alasdair Thomson -Shirt
Alasdair Thomson – Shirt

The artist has exhibited his works throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, in the United States and Hong Kong.

Alasdair Thomson lives and works in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Featured image: Alasdair Thomson, by © Kenneth Gray
Other images copyright © the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/VenueSolo/Group
2015RSA OPEN ExhibitionThe Royal Scottish Academy, The MoundGroup
2015Radical IntentGallery 151, New York, NY
2014Behind the CurtainMark Miller Gallery, New York, NY
2014Carrara Art Residency ExhibitionABC Stone, Brooklyn, New York, NY
2013RSA OPEN ExhibitionThe Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound,Group
2013RGI OPEN ExhibitionRoyal Glasgow Institute of Fine ArtGroup
2013OPEN ExhibitionPaisley Art Institute, PaisleyGroup
2013FabricaeThe Fettes Gallery, East Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh
2013By The Way They Hang And TurnOld Ambulance Depot
2012RSA OPEN ExhibitionThe Royal Scottish Academy, The MoundGroup
2011Dawn ChorusDancing Light Gallery, Lamancha, West Linton
2011Recent WorksCraft House Concept, 31E Minto Street Edinburgh
2008OF ExhibitionFettes College, Carrington Road, Edinburgh