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Slovenia 1982


Aleksander Veliscek
Aleksander Velišcek
July 5, 2013
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Childhood can shape your future. Though not fully understood at such a young age, everything you see gets absorbed, stored within. Some of those memories last a lifetime, providing inspiration to create. Having grown up in a time of intense political change, Aleksander Velišček is a Slovenian contemporary artist, whose focal points are politics, history, and power, both the economic but also the power of imagery. His first-hand experiences with the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the emerging of Slovenia, and the strong ideological, economic and sociologic transformations that followed these events left a powerful impression on the artist, shaping his artistic career some twenty years later. In his work, Velišček focuses on the human figure, the physicality of the body, its gestures and proportions.

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Aleksander Veliscek – Anna Politkovskaja, 2015 (Left) / Giovanni Paolo II, 2015 (Right)

The Art of Transforming Canvases into Sculptures

By using images from the mass media, the artist reflects today’s state of media overexposure that characterizes the contemporary society, approaching the sociological analysis of the Slovenian philosopher and sociologist Slavoj Žižek. Through a very complex and extremely accurate process, Velišček achieves stratification of color, almost transforming his paintings into sculptures. A strong link of a philosophical aesthetics thread can be traced back to the 18th century, developed for the first time in England by Edmund Burke, who examined the concepts of beauty and sublime. And right there in the sublime, hides a terror, so reminiscent of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. This sublime is never an abstract concept, but rather something that directly concerns the social, political and material world. Some of the people depicted are Alain Badiou, Garry Kasparov, Mario Monicelli, and among the most recent pieces are portraits of Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, Bradley Manning, Noam Chomsky, Stanley Kubrick and many more.

He had his first solo show in 2015

Aleksander Veliscek
Aleksander Veliscek – Garry Kasparov, 2013 (Left) / Alain Badiou, 2013 (Right)

Aleksander Velišček and His Gullivers

He studied at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 2010. In 2011, Velišček won Premio Mariuccia Paracchi Testori, Associazione Casa Testori, Novate, and in 2014, thanks to his amazing skills of portraying human face, he was chosen to participate in the exhibition Shit and Die. One year later, he had his first solo show – Gullivers. In Nadsat language the gulliver means head. Following this concept, Velišček presented a selection of seven works depicting various personalities from the contemporary scene. The viewers did not perceive the paintings as traditional portraits, nor are they able to see the aura that surrounds the fame of these characters. Instead, all of the pieces are a direct result of a detailed biographical research performed on each subject, continuing the long-lasting relationship between Velišček’s artistic language and the socio-political circumstances.

He is represented by A plus A gallery.

Aleksander Velišček lives and works between Nova Gorica and Venice.

Featured image: Aleksander Velišček – portrait, photo courtesy of the artist
All images courtesy of A plus A gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
201614. festival Art Stays – Politic(s)Ptuj, SloveniaGroup
2016Stories from the EdgeKunsthaus Graz, AustriaGroup
2016Corrispondenze d’arteMuseo Revoltella, Trieste, ItalyGroup
2015gulliversA plus A, Venice, ItalySolo
2015Open StudioCite Italynternationale des Arts, Paris, FranceGroup
2015Sloveniavenian PavilionDolomiti Contemporanee, Borca di Cadore, ItalyGroup
2015Open StudioViafarini, Milan, ItalyGroup
2015Rob Pruitt’s Flea MarketA plus A, Venice, ItalyGroup
2015Esperienza e Poverta della GuerraVilla Manin, Codroipo, ItalyGroup
2014Shit & DiePalazzo Cavour, Turin, ItalyGroup
2014GeneracijeMuzej Velenje, Velenje, SloveniaGroup
2014Se Italyl dubbio nello pazio e dello spazioMacro, Rome, ItalyGroup
2014La bollaArt Verona, ItalyGroup
2014Art Kontakt FestivalGjirokaster Castle, AlbaniaGroup
2014Cult of personality. Leading personality diseaseMLZ Art Dep, Trieste, ItalyGroup
2014Toilet projectMaribor, SloveniaGroup
2014Il lavorio dell’anima. Passaggi di pittura a NordestGalleria Cart, Milan, ItalyGroup
2012Giorni feliciCasa Testori, Novate Milanese, ItalyGroup
2012Brda Contemporary Music FestivalGoriska Brda, SloveniaGroup
2012NotebooksArt Verona, ItalyGroup
2012No Beast So FierceBonelliArte, Canneto sull’Oglio, ItalyGroup
2012Lunar ParkBevilacqua La Masa, Venice, ItalyGroup
2011Art StaysEuropean Academies project, Ptuj, SloveniaGroup
2011Lost Italyn Painting ItalyIPieve di Soligo, ItalyGroup
2011Open 3Magazzini del Sale, Venice, ItalyGroup
2011Open StudiosPalazzetto Tito, Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, ItalyGroup
2011EssayMagazzini del Sale, Venice, ItalyGroup
2010A+A Hotel ItalynternationalA plus A, Venice, ItalyGroup
2010In Chartis MevaniaeMuseo Civico, Bevagna, ItalyGroup
2010Laboratorio Aperto di Pittura e DisegnoMagazzini del Sale, Venice, ItalyGroup
2010Canvas! Alcune Italydee sulla pitturaC. Sala, Cima Museum, Conegliano, ItalyGroup
2009Real PresenceKuca legata, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2009Nuovi orizzonti Italyn LagunaBuenos Aires, Centro Cultural Borges, ArgentinaGroup
2009TrasFigurazioneCentro d’Arte San Vidal, Venice, ItalyGroup
2009Collettiva Herion 45°25’31’’N 12°19’23’’S. Cosma and Damiano church, Venice, ItalyGroup