Alice Pasquini

Italy 1980

Street Art, Illustration, Painting

Alice Pasquini
Alice Pasquini
April 21, 2016
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Alice Pasquini is a multimedia artist from Rome whose affectionate street art explores the brighter side of human relationships. Pasquini’s art encompasses murals, paintings, and illustrations which tell stories about various acts of kindness and love. When it comes to the technical side of her work, Pasquini is interested in both traditional and three-dimensional possibilities of street art. Currently, the artist is creating installations from found materials and her enthusiastic and heartwarming pieces can be found throughout Europe, Asia, the United States and even Sydney in Australia.

Alice Pasquini - Mural in London, 2016 flickr ago hours april photos posts flickr ago hours april photos posts
Alice Pasquini – Mural in London, 2016

Poetry of Femininity

Pasquini has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and afterward she has lived in a couple of different European countries – Great Britain, France, and Spain. She has also attended a course in animation in Madrid and obtained an MA in critical art studies in 2004. Pasquini’s art revolves around the concept of femininity and she is focusing on the topic of independent women. Her murals and paintings exude hopefulness, warmth and dream-like states of mind. The female figures she represents look wholesome and content – happy about their life and their position in the world, no matter if they are depicted alone,with their significant other or perhaps with a child. Pasquini’s palette is recognizable for its soft, pastel tones and lack of aggressive contrast between main objects and background. Because of this, Pasquini’s art has a soothing effect on the viewers. We simply feel bound to stop and take a look at her lovely street poetry which reminds us of the basic human values, such as love, hope, and friendships.

Pasquini’s art revolves around the topics of femininity and independent women

Alice Pasquini - Untitled, 2013 instagram new instagram new
Alice Pasquini – Untitled, 2013

Affection Instead of Cynism

Pasquini’s work is unique and valuable because it focuses on positive values, unlike the majority of public art which revolves around cynicism, anger or political statements. Pasquini always aims at creating art which is at the opposite end of the spectrum compared with the concepts and ideas used in the typical urban pieces. I’m interested in representing human feelings and exploring different points of view, the artist claims. Because of the nature of her art, she was commissioned to work for organizations such as Red Cross or various campaigns, such as Greenpeace, organized to free activists detained in Russia. Pasquini also creates illustrations for books and covers for albums (Black Motel 6, For a Long Time). When it comes to her street art, it is important to mention that all of her pieces are born as sketches before they move to the walls of various cities. For the artist, her sketchbook is of essential value. It is a highly personal travel book, a collection of her impressions and a brainstorm of her emotions, which later gets transformed into beautiful large-scale pieces. For bigger walls Pasquini uses acrylics and spray paints while for smaller artworks she prefers using stencils.

I’m interested in representing human feelings and exploring different points of view, Pasquini claims

Alice Pasquini - Untitled, 2014
Alice Pasquini – Untitled, 2014

Personal Collection of Faces and Emotions

Alice Pasquini is currently one of the most established names of Italian street art scene and her pieces can be seen not only in urban spaces but also in galleries all over the world. The artist lives a dynamic life and travels often, which is important for her artistic research on human emotions and behaviors. Her murals and paintings are always recognizable – from the soft, cheerful faces of her figures to the lively and warm atmosphere she constantly creates, driven by her efforts to offer an entirely different, hopeful and soothing street art.

The artist is represented by Galleria Varsi and 44309 Street//Art Gallery.

Alice Pasquini lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Featured image: Pasquini painting a mural
All images courtesy of the artist.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016I’mperfect Tense44309 Street Art Gallery, DortmundSolo
2016Winter BluesGO Gallery, AmsterdamGroup
2016Winter ShowVertical Gallery, ChicagoGroup
2016XXSaatchi Gallery, LondonGroup
2015Outdoor Festivalex-Caserma Guido Reni, RomeGroup
2015Through the Looking GlassArt Institute of Nanking UniversityGroup
2015La bellezza fa 40Castello Carlo V – Lecce, ItalyGroup
2015Paratissima Art FairTurin, ItalyGroup
2015Under Layers: Into the Wall (with Stefano C. Montesi)OPENGRA, RomeDuo
2015Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance RoomsTemple University Art Gallery, RomeGroup
2015Deep Tides DryCentrum Sete Sois Sete Luas – Ponte de SôrSolo
2015Stroke Art FairMunich, GermanyGroup
2015Moniker Art FairLondon, UKGroup
2014Bratislava Street Art Festival Bratislava, SlovakiaGroup
2014Wall Lettering Festival Cles, ItalyGroup
2014Memorie Urbane Festival Borgo Hermana / Itri, ItalyGroup
2014Meeting of Styles Italy Milan, ItalyGroup
2014ÚS Festival Barcelona, SpainGroup
201450/50 Selected ArtworkVisiva, Rome, ItalyGroup
2014Now#4 Art Before the FutureDAI Studio, Rome, ItalyGroup
2014150th anniversary of the Red Cross France AuctionParis, FranceGroup
2014Propa Stuff Downstairs at Mother, LondonGroup
2014Wall Therapy Festival Rochester, USAGroup
2013Public acquisition Pinacoteca Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Gaeta, ItalyGroup
2013Urban Superstar Galleria d’Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara e alla Galleria Nazionale, Cosenza, ItalyGroup
2013public acquisitionMusei Capitolini, Rome, ItalyGroup
2013Bloom Art Fair Cologne, GermanyGroup
2013Oltre Il Muro FestivalSapri, ItalyGroup
2013Crime of Minds Retrospective Ateliers des Capuchins, Brest, FranceGroup
2013Take Me Anywhere Galleria Varsi, Rome, ItalySolo
2013Public Provocations VColab Gallery, Weil am Rhein, GermanyGroup
2013Stroke Art FairMunich, GermanyGroup
2013Into the Great Wild Open Tri-Mission Art Gallery at American Embassy in Rome, ItalySolo
2013Cave of Tales Casa dell’Architettura, Rome, ItalySolo
2013Deja Vu Destiny 44309 Street Art Gallery, Dortmund, GermanyGroup
2012Scultura Viva, XVI Symposio Internazionale di Scultura e Pittura Murales San Benedetto del Tronto, ItalyGroup
2012Artaq Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, FranceGroup
2012Draw the Line Festival Campobasso, ItalyGroup
2012Les Calles Hablan Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, SpainGroup
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2011Underbelly Project Paris, FranceGroup
2010Group show Centro arte giovane, Turin, ItalyGroup
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2009Arte Sagra MondoPop Gallery, Rome, ItalyGroup
2008 Money Lisa MondoPop Gallery, Rome, ItalyGroup
2003Centro Luigi Di SarroRome, ItalyGroup
2000Solo showFine Art Foyer, Loughborought, UKSolo