Amose /   Amose Vazimolo

France 1979

Street Art, Graffiti, Illustration

Amose Vazimolo
March 9, 2017
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

The unique use and adjustment of the human body together with geometrical shapes is something French artist Amose is famous about. The mystical feelings and vibe that artist found in South American culture are incorporated in his tribal characters. He doesn’t let his work to be limited by street walls, so he uses access to studios, and technology like computers to produce various artworks, such as screen prints, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and graffiti. Some viewers define the theme of his pieces as running, but it is much more than that, common forms are twisted, lines are stretched, faceless people are created.

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Amose – Spray paint on wall, Bassano, Italy, 2011

Amose’s Dedication to Art

The artist was born in 1979 in Croix in the north of France. However in 1996 Amose started to learn illustration at the Institut St. Luc in Tournai in Belgium, after which he studied graphic design at the Beaux Art. During this period he got the technical base that he used more than good in his upcoming diverse artistic projects. At the same time painter’s inquisitiveness, especially in what is going around him, in artistic magazines, comics, and books make him question what art is and what it means. In 2003 by being inspired by the tribal art, made of simple shapes and graphic lines that he saw in Brazilian graffiti’s, the artist began to incorporate many flat figures and different motives into his paintings. Amose’s style reminds of Giacometti sculptures, with a note of Kandinsky paintings, finally processed with a touch of the urban influence. The impression that his prints leave are combined, to some, they have a minimalistic look, for other, they color everyday gloomy reality.

Amose’s style reminds of Giacometti sculptures, with a note of Kandinsky paintings, finally processed with a touch of the urban influence

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Amose – Wood assembly with acrylic paint (Left), 2010 / Amose – Inks (Right), 2009

Human Body and Face as the Central Subject

Amose likes to use body around which he builds his masterpiece. Robotic bodies and stretched lines are forms with which viewer doesn’t want to mess with. He doesn’t want his characters to look like people, to belong to one nation in particular, or to be marked as a woman or a man. The neutrality he emphasizes on faces is a result of the universality that the artist wants to achieve, by giving his paintings a sense of timelessness. The contrast and disproportionality between the face and rest of the body portray a strong movement that gives the impression of constant motion. Different mediums like screen prints, canvases, spray paint on walls, and illustrations allow him to express himself in a number of ways.

The contrast and disproportionality between the face and rest of the body portray a strong movement

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Amose – Spray paint on wall, Dunkerque, France, 2011

Collaborations and Exhibitions

Amose is one of those persons who find freedom in sketches, in deforming and un-shaping traditional lines. His ideas that are sometimes turned into dynamic and abstract pieces are very recognizable. He has been influenced by Cobra, Ulysse 31, Enki Bilal, and many other members of the Futurism movement. He is a part of the Mercurocrom collective, alongside with Spher, Nada, Erone, and Spyre, and works in a screen print workshop called La Carpe. His artworks have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Paris, Geneva, Vienna, Antwerp, and in many other cities.

Amose lives and works in Lille, France.

Featured image: Amose – Portrait – photo credit of the Vertical Gallery
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017AmoseAGB Gallery, Lille, FranceSolo
2016UnknownVaste and Veloce Gallery, Paris, France Group
2016UnknownColab Gallery / Weil-am-Rhein - GermanyGroup
2016UnknownVertical Gallery, Chicago, USAGroup
2015AmoseSoon Gallery, Bern, SwitzerlandSolo
2015AmosePartisan Creative Corner Gallery, Soest, GermanySolo
2014UntitledUrban culture center, Lyon, FranceGroup
2014AmoseSTA Gallery, Tel aviv, IsraëlSolo
2013UntitledColab Gallery, Weil-am-Rhein, GermanyGroup
2013BIAM Mural FestivalLille, FranceGroup
2013Eroné & AmoseInoperable Gallery, Vienna, AustriaDuo
2012Rebels AheadDie Kunstagentin, Cologne, GermanyGroup
2012Mural IST festivalIstanbul, TurkeyGroup
2012UntitledStadt Gallery, Saarbrucken, GermanyGroup
2012Maison folie de wazemmesLille, FranceGroup
2012Maison folie moulinsLille, FranceGroup
2011Group ShowSergeant paper store, Paris, FranceGroup
2011City Leaks FestivalCologne, GermanyGroup
2011Infart FestivalBassano del grappa, ItalyGroup
2011Creature FestivalLodi, ItalyGroup
2011Amose Solo ShowInoperable Gallery, Vienna, AustriaSolo
2010Beyond GraffitiCelal Gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveNexus Gallery, Reims, FranceGroup
2010AmoseNice Nice Gallery, Hanover, GermanySolo
2010Eroné & AmoseIssue Gallery, Paris, FranceDuo
2010Exhibition & Installation Mercurocrom & Le LemPalais rameau, Lille, FranceGroup
2010Collective Exhibition GlasnostdeadMaison folie de moulins, Lille, FranceGroup
2010Collective ExhibitionArt Asylum Gallery, Boston, USAGroup
2010Group ShowIssue Gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Group ExhibitionAll over Gallery, Lyon, FranceGroup
2009Public ProvocationsCarhartt Gallery, Weil am Rhein, GermanyGroup
2009Walls and Frames Book LaunchGestalten Space, BerlinGroup
2009Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveAll over Gallery, Lyon, FranceGroup
2009Collective ExhibitionL’art de rien Gallery, Paris - FranceGroup
2008Amose & EronéIDG Gallery, Berlin, GermanyDuo
2008Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveL'hybride, Lille, FranceGroup
2008Exhibition & Installation Mercurocrom & le LemMaison folie de moulins, Lille, FranceGroup
2008Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveLune des pirates, Amiens, FranceGroup
2007Collective ExhibitionMaison folie de wazemmes, Lille, FranceGroup
2006Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveLa condition publique, Roubaix, FranceGroup
2006Exhibition Mercurocrom collectiveBar parallele, Lille, FranceGroup
2005Collective ExhibitionLe Lem, Lille, FranceGroup
2004Collective ExhibitionLe Lem, Lille, FranceGroup
2003Exhibition & InstallationBraderie de l'ecectro, Lille, FranceGroup