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Andrea Medjesi-Jones

United Kingdom 1973

Installation, Abstract Art, Painting

Andrea Medjesi-Jones
Andrea Medjesi-Jones
United Kingdom
July 11, 2015

Andrea Medjesi-Jones is a British contemporary artist, whose paintings and drawings, placed between figurative and abstract manner, are focused on the nature of image in relation to sole material process of its making.

Academic Background

Although Andrea Medjesi-Jones was born in Vukovar, Croatia in 1973, her family moved to England in her early years. Andrea got her education at the Goldsmiths College in London, graduating with BA in Fine Art and Contemporary Critical Theory, and later MA in Fine Art from the same university. Recently, in 2013, Medjesi-Jones finished her PhD thesis in Contemporary Painting at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. As a lecturer, Andrea has taught at universities in Huddersfield, Camberwell and Goldsmiths. Currently, she teaches in the Image-Object, Object-Image studio in London.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones - Demo 03, 2014, Demo 04 (Maggie), 2014
Left: Andrea Medjesi-Jones – Demo 03, 2014 / Right – Andrea Medjesi-Jones – Demo 04 (Maggie), 2014

Andrea Medjesi-Jones’ Approach to Art

At the very base of Andrea Medjesi-Jones practice lies her interest in the image and its transience through the process of its making. Her non-representative works create a visual language of paint, reliant to material progressions, and underlined by different social and political movements and traditions of painting, such as post-war European art. Medjesi-Jones’ drawings and paintings represent a physical form of her ongoing curiosity about the long history of failed ideologies.

Andrea’s almost de-material approach to the painting process highlights connections between the final image and the temporal and intuitive thought development that stands behind every artwork. By not following the rules and categorization of standardized visual narratives, the artist manages to surpass the predetermined final result.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones - Bearded triangle (extended), 2015, installation
Andrea Medjesi-Jones – Bearded triangle (extended), 2015

References about the historical periods, time and memory are introduced in the artworks through different material gestures, such as masking tape stencils, cut-outs, and collages. Layered and complex, Medjesi-Jones’ works suggest a strong relationship between movement and surface, where canvas is marked by various motifs and patterns, hollowed out marks and torn out masking tape and stencils. These unfinished gestures act like ghosts of the forms that never quite made the final image.

Who is Afraid of the Invisible Hand?

Installation titled Who is afraid of the invisible hand?, represents Andrea’s continuing exploration of connections between the image’s initial expression and the final result altered by the process of making. The installation was done in 2013 in the space of Baeckerstrasse4 Gallery, in Vienna, Austria. By altering the time-lines and localities – London and Vienna, Who is afraid of the invisible hand? installation studies the transformations of earlier conceived sketches and automatic gestural drawing done directly on the gallery wall.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones - Who is afraid of the invisible hand - exhibition view at the Baeckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2013
Andrea Medjesi-Jones – Who is afraid of the invisible hand? – exhibition view at the Baeckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2013

The Making of Ned Ludd at CASS London

Linking to the previous project Who is afraid of the invisible hand?, Andrea Medjesi-Jones’ wall-based installation named The Making of Ned Ludd explores the notion of labor as a referential value and a time-based activity that structures all social, political and individual institutions.

Installed at the Bank space at the CASS in London, this work is composed from canvas tape and canvas fringing that form the letters LUDD, referencing to the Luddites movement that was active in the 19th century England. With Ned Ludd as their leader, the Luddites revolted against industrialization.

The artist made a bridge between our modern times, where physical manifestation of labor is shifted from performative action towards virtual and automated flows of information we communicate today, and the period of Luddites. With that in mind, heir direct and violent response to new technologies can now be seen as not so much a resistance to the new forms of production, but a fear of joblessness and the lack of social identity it brings.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones - The making of Ned Ludd (installation view), 2014
Andrea Medjesi-Jones – The making of Ned Ludd (installation view), 2014

Andrea Medjesi-Jones paintings have been featured at both Jerwood Contemporary Painters and the John Moores 24 at the Liverpool Biennial, as well as Bonhams Sovereign Art Prize. Her work has been exhibited in many group shows in London, Canterbury, Liverpool, Oxford and Aberystwyth, and internationally in Houston, Lisbon, Bologna and Breda.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones lives and works in London, UK.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Bloomberg New ContemporariesLiverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UKGroup
2014March MostraBritish School in Rome, Rome.Group
2013VentriloquistLaurent Delaye Gallery, LondonSolo
2013What will the community think?CASS Gallery, London Metropolitan University and BSU Gallery, Bath School of Art and DesignSolo
2013Obscured ExchangeExchange Project APT Gallery, LondonGroup
2013OUT LINEBŠckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2013This GlitchBlyth Gallery, LondonGroup
2013Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting& Model Gallery, LeedsGroup
2013Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once MoreLokaal 01, Breda, Holland.Group
2013At a Point of GestureLion and Lamb Gallery, LondonGroup
2012Picture Tableau ScreenHerbert Read Gallery, CanterburyGroup
2012HallogalloCASS Gallery, London Metropolitan University, LondonGroup
2011CorrespondencesBŠckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2011Modern LoveSimon Oldfield Gallery, LondonGroup
2011Cabinet of CuriositiesGaleria Luis Serpa, LisbonGroup
2010END ANDEcole Regionale des Beaux-Arts, ValanceGroup
2010A sort of Night to the Mind, Illusion and Materiality in Contemporary PaintingARCH 402 Gallery, London and ARTARY Gallery, StuttgartGroup
2010A sort of Night to the Mind, Illusion and Materiality in Contemporary PaintingHerbert Read Gallery, CanterburyGroup
2009Exiled LinesRuskin Gallery, CambridgeSolo
2009Fascination with UlyssesMuseo Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporaneo, Badajoz, SpainGroup
2009MillMonika Bobinska Gallery, LondonGroup
2009Metro-LandMerriscourt, OxfordshireGroup
2008-2010Jerwood Contemporary PaintersJerwood Foundation, London and Aberystwyth Arts Centre, WalesGroup
2008-2010Fascination with UlyssesGaleria Luis Serpa Projectos, LisbonGroup
2008-2010Space NowSPACE Gallery, LondonGroup
2008-2010The Thames MudlarksCTRL Gallery, Houston, TexasGroup
2008-2010St Josephvïs Hospice AuctionChrist Church Spitafields, LondonGroup
2006-2007Oh DeborahContemporary Art Project, LondonGroup
2006-2007Foreign PolicyGaleria Luis Serpa Projectos, LisbonGroup
2006-2007Layer CakeFabio Tiboni Arte Contemporanea, BolognaGroup
2006-2007Burning MarleLOCAAL 01, BredaGroup
2006-2007John Moores 24The Walker Art Gallery, LiverpoolGroup
2006-2007The End of CivilizationPort EliotGroup
2006-2007Celeste Art PrizeThe Well, LondonGroup
2006Artist of the DayFlowers Central, LondonSolo
2004-2005Sovereign Art PrizeBonhams, LondonGroup
2004-2005Small is BeautifulFlowers Central, LondonGroup
2004-2005Yabba-Dabba-DooCell Project Space, LondonGroup
2004-2005Caution Uneven SurfacesTemporaryContemporary, LondonGroup
2004-2005New British Painting, Part 2John Hansard Gallery, SouthamptonGroup
2004-2005Scope London Art FairLondonGroup
2000-2003RCA Summer Exhibition 2003Royal Acqademy of Arts, LondonGroup
2000-2003Made in UKArch Gallery, LondonGroup
2000-2003Photo SpinThe Photographers Gallery, LondonGroup
2000-2003Common GroundVortex Gallery, LondonGroup