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Aniwar /   Mamat Aniwar


Fine Art, Abstract Art

Mamat Aniwar
February 12, 2015
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Mamat Aniwar is a Uighur painter, best known for his large and mainly abstract oil paintings that incorporate motifs of Uighur culture. He has also painted a large number of paintings with ink and watercolor on Korean paper and worked with more figurative and universal motifs related mainly to sexuality and life, such as sperms, sex organs and female bodies.

Mamat was born in 1962 in Kashgar. He arrived on the scene just as Chinese contemporary art was breaking new aesthetic ground with the 1985 New Wave movement. What separates Aniwar from most of his contemporaries is the apparent lack of any Chinese elements in his work. After a short period of study in 1980 at the Tianjin Institute of Art and Design, he worked between 1981 and 1984 as a carpet designer in the Xinjiang Woven Carpet Design Centre. Between 1985 and 1987 he studied oil painting at the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing, and he is currently teaching at the School of Arts and Design in the capital.

Aniwar’s oil paintings combine modern Western techniques and styles with patterns, forms, colors and textures that draw upon traditional Central Asian and Islamic architecture, carpets and textiles. Another source of inspiration evident in his work is the landscape, fauna, and flora of the deserts of Xinjiang. In this unique combination Aniwar offers an important alternative to the dominant visual representation of Uighur culture in China, which either sticks to the revolutionary socialist realist style, or tends to paint it with orientalistic and exotic.
Aniwar is hailed as one of China’s most innovative and bold artists and his work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in China and abroad.

Mamat Aniwar currently lives and works in Beijing.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Sun, Water and WindPekin Fine Arts, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2014Decorum: Carpets And Tapestries By ArtistsPower Station of Art, Shanghai, ChinaGroup
2013Why PaintPekin Fine Arts, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Wind Without RainPlatform China Contemporary Art Institute Space A, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2011SH Contemporary 2011Shangha, ChinaGroup
2010Art BeijingBeijing, ChinaGroup
2009Cristobal Ortega - AniwarEdificio Instituto Cervantes, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2009Music to My Eyes - The First Exhibition of FAT ARTToday Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2008Subt LetyPlatform China Contemporary Art Institute Space A, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2008AccumulationPekin Fine Arts, ChinaGroup
2001Look At Me - Touch MeCourtYard Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2000New WorksCourtYard Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSolo
1998Media Wave Art ExhibitionChungarian, ChinaGroup
1997Aniwar - Recent WorksRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSolo
1997New National Chinese Painting ExhibitionNational Art Gallery of China, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1997Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting ExhibitionSingaporeGroup
1997Exhibition of Works Featured in the 1994-1998 BHP Calendars of Contemporary Chinese ArtRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1996Fifth Anniversary ExhibitionRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1995artCRAAccra, GhanaGroup
1995Looking EastIrvine Valley College, Irvine, USAGroup
1995Aniwar and Song Yonghong Oil PaintingsAmmonal Art Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1994Aniwar at Tom Lamb StudiosTom Lamb Studios, Laguna Beach, USASolo
1994China Art ExpoGuangzhou, ChinaGroup
1993Aniwar - Recent PaintingsRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSolo
1993Spring Oil Painting ExhibitionChina Daily Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1993UnknownRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1993Second Contemporary Art Exhibition of National MinoritiesBeijing, ChinaGroup
1992Aniwar Somerstown Gallery, New York, USASolo
1991Chinese Annual Oil Painting ExhibitionChina Art Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1991UnknownRed Gate Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1988Contemporary Art Exhibition of National MinoritiesCentral Institute of National Minorities, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1987Qunqing Oil Painting ExhibitionCentral Institute of National Minorities, Beijing, ChinaGroup
1985AniwarArt Magazine, Beijing, ChinaSolo
1984New Carpets International FairWest GermanyGroup
1984UnknownCentral Institute of National Minorities, Beijing, ChinaGroup