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Anne Valverde
Anne Valverde

If you want to be successful in the world of art, you must be able to produce something different, unique, and you definitely must leave a part of yourself in every single piece you create. Anne Valverde is a French photographer thrilled by urban spaces, who’s found her distinctiveness in coloring certain details of her otherwise black-and-white photographs. The purpose of the pictures of each new city she visits is for them to be imaginative springboards, portable windows with views on cities, allowing the viewers to instantly find themselves in all of those places, seeing them and feeling them in the exact way as she does.

Anne Valverde - Exit on NY (Left) / Captain America (Right)
Anne Valverde – Exit on NY (Left) / Captain America (Right)

Coloring the Details

She is influenced by some great artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, but also Rero, a French street artist who works with words, and she enjoys in the way that he plays with the graphism and the meaning of words. His quote ‘’Art is great to waste time before dying…’’ deeply resonates within her. Valverde works in medium format Hasselblad film from silver, and after digital processing in which she often colors certain details of her otherwise black and white photographs, the high-resolution prints are then produced solely on silver paper. She studied Management but decided somewhere along the way that photography is what she wants to do in her life. In 1995, Valverde won a prize in the AGFA European Competition, and in 1999, she set up her own Premier déclic photographic studio.

She studied management but decided that photography best suits her

Anne Valverde - Paris Smarties (Left) / Ocean Drive (Right)
Anne Valverde – Paris Smarties (Left) / Ocean Drive (Right)

The Travels and Architecture

The artist spent a considerable time in Africa before falling in love with New York and producing several series of work inspired by the Big Apple. She kept going to cities, and now Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Miami, Las Vegas, and her home city of Paris of course, all have their individual series of photographs. Most of her inspiration as a photographer comes from her travels and the architectural symbols of the cities like skyscrapers and bridges that are often photographed in a way that it seems they’re leaving the image. By photographing them whole, Valverde is trying to emphasize their grandeur.

She is represented by Markowicz Fine Art Gallery in Miami, Gallery Samagra in Paris, Space SBH Gallery in Carré D’Or – Gustavia, French West Indies and Chase Edwards Contemporary in New York.

Anne Valverde lives and works in Paris.

Featured image: Anne Valverde – Fahrenheit II
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2012UnknownSamagra Galerie, ParisGroup
2012Affordable Art FairBrussels Group
2012Permanent exhibitionMarkowicz Fine Art, MiamiSolo
2011Art LondonLondon Group
2011UnknownGalerie Mark Hachem, Paris Group
2011Somewhere in AmericaSamagra Gallery, ParisSolo
2011Lille Art Fair with Gallery Image IronParisGroup
2010Affordable Art FairLondonGroup
2010Affordable Art FairBrussels Group
2010UnknownSamagra Galerie, ParisGroup
2010UnknownArtjingle Galerie, ParisGroup
2009Affordable Art FairLondon Group
2009New York /New WorkGallery Samagra, ParisSolo
2009Cities Icons: NY / HK / Tokyo / London / ParisArtjingle Gallery, ParisSolo
2009Affordable Art FairParis Group
2008Salon de MontrougeMontrougeGroup
2008New York Serial ColorsArtJingle Gallery, Paris Group
2008Paris Mac 2008Paris Group
2007UnknownGallery Caritat, BrusselsGroup
2007Paris Mac 2007ParisGroup