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Antoine Gamard

France 1977

Urban Art, Painting

Antoine Gamard
Antoine Gamard
November 20, 2014

Antoine Gamard is a French painter, born in Paris, in 1977, best known for his colorful abstract paintings.

Gamard studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, from 1999 to 2005. In this period, he used to affix a raven logo in several European cities, mainly on stickers and therefore enrolling into the growing current of Street Art.

In that period, he attended Claude Viallat’s paint shop, and also took interest in serigraphy. This technique of one color printed at a time enabled him to use several screens to produce a multicolored image or design. He also uses the technique of sampling, as it substantiates his work by inserting it into the sample belonging to another. He consequently testifies that ‘art history, in spite of taking the appearance of one break after another, is really a continuous legacy’. History of art is an often reference in his paintings, sometimes as a reminder or a reprehension.

In 2006, Antoine started to deal with the subject of writings superposition, signing this work under the alias Edwin Goodwrite. This has led to his reflections in 2011, in order to assert his pictorial signature in abstraction. This style is what Gamard is recognized for in the art world.

From 2007, his artwork becomes a stage for cultural shifts, where graphitized walls, despite being settings, became subjects in his paintings. Walls on those paintings, vivid and colorful, are merged with words, mass media symbols, and unusual subjects like an African tribal women with a shopping bag. This phase can be seen in the idea that ‘writings, saturation and abstraction must be the core of the artwork in order to better apprehend the information’s flux, their violence and meanings’, as Antoine says.

Gamard had numerous solo and group exhibitions, like Old school in 2007, in Gallery Onega, Sample in 2013 in Gallery Celal, and most recent solo exhibition Beyond words, in 2014, in Rasson Art Gallery.

He currently lives and creates in his hometown, Paris.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Beyond wordsRasson Art Gallery (Tournai - Belgique)​Solo
2014Kaleidoscope - Optical Sweets for the EyesSpeerstra Gallery (Bursins - Suisse)Group
2014Group ShowGalerie Artelie (Paris - France)Group
2014SnapsGallery Celal (Paris - France)Group
2013SampleGallery Celal (Paris - France)Solo
2013Urban FeelingRasson Art Gallery (Tournai - Belgique)Group
2013Interior RueGallery Wallworks (Paris - France)Group
2013Mythiq 27Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris - France)Group
2012Urban brainGalerie Celal (Paris - France)Group
2012On paperGallery Celal (Paris - France)Group
2012Group ShowGallery Valerie Lefebvre (Lille - France)Group
2011Contemporary Fine ArtRasson Art Gallery (Tournai - Belgique)Group
2010StormGalerie Jacques de Vos (Paris - France)Solo
2010Is this how people live?Gallery Talmart (Paris - France)Group
2010Space SevenGalerie Jacques de Vos (Paris - France)Group
2009RavenLounge mirrors (Paris - France)Solo
2009WildGalerie Hélène Bailly (Paris - France)Solo
2009Play Loud. PleaseGalerie Celal (Paris - France)Group
2009The night of street artTaxie Gallery (Paris France)Group
2009Mickael Jackson never dies…Galerie GZ (Paris - France)Group
2009Mix' artGrand Palace (Paris - France)Group
2008Show offGallery Hélène Bailly (Paris - France)Group
2008Tagging is not playingGalerie Hélène Bailly (Paris - France)Group
2007Old schoolGalerie Onega (Paris - France)Solo
2007OpeningGallery Onega (Paris - France)Group
2007International Art FairNamsong (Seoul - South Korea)Group
2007Say PopGénérale (Paris - France)Group
2006ImplosionGalerie Catherine and André Hug (Paris - France)Solo
2006Salon Who's NextLove Cube (Porte de Versailles, Paris - France)Group
2006RedArticle gallery (Istanbul - Turquie)Group
2006My brand projectThe Lazy Dog (Paris, Barcelone, Berlin)Group
2005The red pointGalerie Catherine et André Hug (Paris - France)Solo
20051 XENSBA (Paris - France)Group
2005Group ShowArticle Gallery (Istanbul - Turquie)Group
2005WritingGalerie Catherine and André Hug (Paris - France)Group
2005Salon d'AngersGalerie Catherine and André Hug (Angers - France)Group
2005Portrait of a woman,' L ''Artcore Gallery (Paris - France)Group
2004Tribute to Henry ChallfantSpeerstra Gallery (Paris - France)Solo
2004European Exhibition of Young Artists(France, Spain, Portugal)Group
2004Young Creation49 ° Salon de Montrouge (Montrouge - France)Group
2004International Meeting of Contemporary Art ChizeChize - FranceGroup
2004Group ShowArtcore Gallery - Castle of Esquelbecq (Esquelbecq - France)Group
2004Art Is StickGalerie Artcore (Paris - France)Group
2004The moment beforeConsole (Paris - France)Group
2003Sticky birdGallery Short (Paris - France)Solo
2003Scribes and video viewersSpace Tiphaine (Paris - France)Group
2003Ensba, is not it?Art Centre Rhône Saint-Maur (Bagnols-sur-Cèze - France)Group
2003Group ShowGallery Short (Paris - France)Group
2002The month of printmakingFrench Alliance (Paris - France)Group
2002Total screenNighter (Paris - France)Group
2001Collective ChaosSpace Tiphaine (Paris - France)Group
2001Group ShowEspace Confluence (Paris - France)Group