Armin Rohr

Germany 1961


Armin Rohr
Armin Rohr
March 29, 2016

This artist firmly believes that painting is not a reproduction of reality, it is more a process that shapes the presence and creates new entities, emotions and relations. The protagonists in the works of Armin Rohr are not quite finished, they have not reached their peak. They are just a shadow or a blur in the colorful surroundings. The artist chooses bleak whiteish figures to stress out the inconstancy of human nature. Everything can vanish into the oblivion in just a spur of the moment, nothing is permanent and our world is maybe just a passage between some other realities. People in his painting are always portrayed in anticipation as they are waiting for something to happen.

Armin Rohr - Grosses Bergbild (detail), 2013
Armin Rohr – Grosses Bergbild (detail), 2013

Capturing the Moment

Armin Rohr was born in Hemsbach on Weinheim, and he attended Saarbrücken University, where he graduated in design, and then studied painting at HBK Saar with Prof. Bodo Baumgarten. He got many studying and working scholarships. He has been teaching free drawing since 2003. This artist paints under the influence of abstract art, but what he creates is has more substance and form. He likes to believe that he creates new realities, or just discovering existing ones. Like photographs snap the moment in time, the paintings capture the moment in emotional and contemplative life. So, that moment cannot show the whole process – what was before and what might come after, hence the anticipation viewer can experience when facing the Rohr’s work.

The artist captures the moment in emotional and contemplative life

Armin Rohr - Nico (detail), 2009
Armin Rohr – Nico (detail), 2009

Colorful Satire

In his colorful and pastel paintings, the childer are playing, the gentlemen are working, teddy bears are getting into street fights. The silhouettes indicate unfinished business, not just in a contemplative way, it is the story not told to the end, because the protagonists didn’t reach their goal, we caught them in the middle. And it is not nice where they are going. Toys are getting into trouble, children are insecure and melancholic just by aimlessly walking down the park, the adults are two dimensional. Not everything is colored with dark meaning, some of his art is comic, and the end result is the ultimate satire. What Armin’s doing is leaving open space for interpretation and his unfinished characters can be shaped by the viewer’s impression.

Armin leaves open space for interpretation

Armin Rohr - Detail of the painting
Armin Rohr – Detail of the painting

Painting Intention and Reflection

Armin believes in a synergy of sound and color, of emotion and color, and through his spectrum, he manages to depict intention and reflection. He uses acrylic and oil paint and works with both linen and wood canvas. The artist finds inspiration in newspaper, magazines, children’s toys, from all sorts of modern media where the world is captured in the moment, where images are inanimate and superficial. Making the reference to the fake image the media produces, Armin chooses to put all those objects into his work, where they can live and tell the story that’s more than news flash and media hype. The trivial world of images, comics, and the advertisements looses its shocking and bold color appeal but gets a whole new life in his painted imaginarium.

The artist is represented by Galerie Neuheisel.

Armin Rohr lives and works in Saarbrücken, Germany.

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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Armin Rohr: In sanfteren GefildenGalerie Szalc, BonnSolo
2015Group TherapyGalerie Neuheisel, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2014Armin Rohr - ... aus dem Hinterhalt - Saarl?ndische GalerieEurop?isches Kunstforum e.V., BerlinSolo
2013Im Wesentlichen bin ich mir fremdAgency & Aga galerie , BonnSolo
2013Kunstpreis Robert Schuman 2013Stadtgalerie Saarbr?cken, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2013Umbau - Aus dem Archiv der agency & aga GalerieGalerie Szalc, BonnGroup
2013Saarart 2013Museum Haus Ludwig, SaarlouisGroup
2013Invasionen #2 - Invasions #2Stadtgalerie Lauenburg im Hagenstr?m, Lauenburg ElbeGroup
2012Auf der LauerGalerie Neuheisel, Saarbr?ckenSolo
2012Armin Rohr – Malerei und ZeichnungStadtmuseum im Spital, CrailsheimSolo
2012Armin Rohr - Kunstkreis NordenKunsthaus Norden, NordenSolo
2012Out of controlAgency & Aga galerie , BonnGroup
2012Ein FestSaarl?ndisches K?nstlerhaus, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2011Von Menschen und R?umenGalerie Szalc, BonnSolo
2011InvasionenGalerie Carolyn Heinz, HambourgGroup
2011Pasticcio IIGalerie Besch, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2010Armin Rohr - Neue ArbeitenMia-M?nster-Haus, St. WendelSolo
2010Pasticcio - ???Galerie Besch, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2010Alles Fu?ball - oder was?Mia-M?nster-Haus, St. WendelGroup
2010angezettelt! 25 Jahre Saarl?ndisches K?nstlerhausSaarl?ndisches K?nstlerhaus, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2009zweiGalerie in der AULA Sulzbach, SulzbachSolo
2009Armin Rohr. Bilder - nichts als BilderDenkraum Siegburg, SiegburgSolo
2009Armin Rohr and Torsten Ruehle – Am reinen TischGalerie B?rgmann, M?nchengladbachDuo
2009Art Venture Galeria Miejska bwa Bydgoszcz, BydgoszczGroup
2009G?nther Holder, Armin RohrGalerie in der AULA Sulzbach, SulzbachDuo
2008Armin Rohr - Ausweitung der SchnittmengeKunsthaus Frankenthal, FrankenthalSolo
2008Dein Land macht Kunst - Landeskunstausstellung 2008St?dtische Galerie Neunkirchen, NeunkirchenGroup
2008Klaus Harth - Armin Rohr - Die Welt ist sonderbar und jeder sollte einen Vogel habenGalerie Besch, Saarbr?ckenDuo
2008K?nstler der aga Galerie helfen Kindern in Sri LankaDenkraum Siegburg, SiegburgGroup
2007Auswertung der SchnittmengeKunstverein Bretten e. V., BrettenSolo
2007FigurativKunstverein e.V. im Zeughaus, GermersheimGroup
2007Radius 303Galerie B?rgmann, M?nchengladbachGroup
2007Blick in die Sammlung - Arbeiten auf PapierPPZK - Peter Piek Zentrum fuer Kultur, LeipzigGroup
2006Armin RohrKunstverein Heidenheim, HeidenheimSolo
20065 Tage vor Ort - Group ShowGalerie B?rgmann, M?nchengladbachGroup
2006Alles Fu?ball - oder was?Mia-M?nster-Haus, St. WendelGroup
2005TangentenStadtgalerie Saarbr?cken, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2005postalischSaarl?ndisches K?nstlerhaus, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2005PostalischCubus Kunsthalle, DuisburgGroup
2005Aus der Serie [3]K4 galerie, Saarbr?ckenGroup
2003Welt aussenden oder die Erfindung des AugenblickesKunstverein Trier Junge Kunst e.V., TrierSolo
2003Armin Rohr und Christoph DollwetGALERIE SALON 13 , OffenbachGroup
2002accrochage 2002 - wem ich begegnet binK4 galerie, Saarbr?ckenGroup