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Ayres /   Unknown

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Murals

January 20, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Ayres is an aerosol artist with near on 25 years experience within graffiti art. Working strictly with a spray can, Ayres mixes traditional structured letter styles with new school painting techniques. While being interested in graffiti art from a young age the last 6 years have seen Ayres apply a new form of dedication towards his art, focussing on large scale colourful pieces and pushing his technique and style in an intense quest for improvement.

Having recently moved to Perth, Ayres has started collaborating with both graffiti and street artists, encouraging an exchange of techniques and approach between the two in a hope to realise new ideas which compliment traditional groundwork.

Throughout his artistic career the genre of graffiti art has proven to be an art form that will not sleep lightly. It has continued to progress, push boundaries and develop as founding artists and new comers are continually taking it to new levels and cementing it’s importance as a part of society the world over.

Ayres is one such artist who has shown a long term dedication to the craft. Having recently ignored the idea that lettering needs to be painted in a clean manner, Ayres is looking forward to many more years of experimentation and development to come.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2013Year of the Dragon Mural William Street Festival, City of Vincent group
2013Ironlak Graffiti Competition Australia, New Zealand Gold Place Winner - Crew Wall Section group
2013Brewers Office MuralLittle Creatures solo
2013MuralBarbers Lane solo
2013Mural Love Grub Cafe solo
2013Citiplace Mural Perth Transport Authority solo
2013External wall mural Un1son Apparel solo
2012Interior MuralDrawing Shopsolo
2012Live Canvas Painting Shape Nightclub group
2012Mural, Hole in the Wall Laneway solo
2012Target Laneway MuralPerth International Arts Festival group
2012Cockburn Town Centre MuralLandcorp solo
2012Logo Design, Signage, Interior Mural, Exterior MuralLa Cholita solo
2011Live Painting Semi Permanent After Part solo
2011Bar Feature Wall Leederville Hotel group
2011Interior feature wall McNess Studio group
2011Interior Mural Drawing Shop solo
2011The Siding HoardingsLandcorp group
2011East Perth Redevelopment Authority William Street Hoardingsgroup
2011Live Canvas Painting Shape Nightclub group
2011Canvas Workshops Youth Futures group
2011Live Canvas Painting Chevron group
2011Mural, Hole in the Wall Lanewaysolo
2010Mural St Jeromes Laneway Festival group
2010Live Painting Beck’s Music Box group
2010Tee Shirt Design, Live Launch Party Painting Relative Magazine Apparel Launch group
2010Perth Cultural Centre Hoarding Mural East Perth Redevelopment Authority group
2010Instore Mural Oomoko, Empire group
2010The Locked Cabinet exhibiting artist Beaufort Street Festival group
2010Issue 6 Launch Exhibition exhibiting artist Kingbrown group
2010Mural Revolution Sports solo
2010Mural Barbers Lane solo
2009Laneway Mural, On William Northbridge Festival group
2009Live Painting Semi Permanent After Part group
2009Live Painting Relative Magazine Apparel Launch group
2009Bar Feature Wall Leederville Hotel group
2009Interior feature wall McNess Studio group
2009Live mural painting Festyhead Festival - National Youth Week group
2009Western Power Artrage, Old Berlin Street Art Gallerygroup
2009Mural feature wall Mural Carramar Medical Centre, City of Wanneroo group
2009The Overstay Bar Interior feature wall, Bangkokgroup
2008Artrage Silver Anniversary Exhibition Perth Institute of Contemporary Artsgroup
2008Exterior store wall mural Alure group
2008External wall mural Un1son Apparel group
2008External wall mural Double Lucky Nightclub group
2008Live painting Relative Magazine Party group
2008Urban Art Project, 9 murals and workshops Public Transport Authority group
2008Tee Shirt Design Fairway Family group
2008Tee Shirt Design Drapht group
2007Tee Shirt Design Sabotaz80 group
2007Product launch, promotional canvas Sabotaz80 group
2007The Block, temporary bar mural Northbridge Festival group
2007Wall mural Lukritiv Clothing Label Launch solo
2007Community Art Partnership, Clarkson Underpass Mural City of Wanneroo solo
2007Ironlak BBQ Burnersgroup
2007Bassendean Squash Courts repaint Town of Bassendean group
2007Bassendean Skate Park repaint Town of Bassendean group
2007Typewriter Exhibition Alphabet City Festival group
2007Issue 3 Launch Exhibition Kingbrown Magazine solo
2006Exterior wall mural Bar Open group
2006Alexander Heights Basketball Courts muralCommunity Art Partnership, City of Wanneroo group
2006Maple Syrup Exhibition Fad Bar, Adelaide group
2006Semi Permanent Exhibition Breadbox Gallery solo
2006Kingbrown Magazine Issue 1 Launch Exhibition Breadbox Gallery solo
2005Salvation Show Wall mural Northbridge Festival group
2005Salvation Show Northbridge Festival group
2005Exhibition Clause Keith + Lottie Gallery solo
2005Ego Tripper Exhibition China Heights Gallery solo
2005Duty Free Exhibition Art House Gallery solo