Barbara Kasten

United States 1936

Conceptual Art, Photography, Abstract Art

Barbara Kasten
Barbara Kasten
United States
May 25, 2016
Ok, I know it's so damn corny to quote somebody just to describe yourself, let alone Confucius, but this quote says all about my relationship with Widewalls, so forgive me for doing this: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Am I forgiven?

Barbara Kasten makes abstract creations in a carefully assembled environment, where she uses the power of lighting and reflections to form abstract photographs of the constructed objects. With the interplay of lighting and mirror reflection, she plays with perception. Her photographs have the distorted proportions and characteristic geometrical structures. The materials she uses to form sculptures are incredibly diverse, and she uses glass, mirrors, plastic and plexiglass. Her sculptures are of large dimensions, and they are inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetics, early Modernism, and light projection works of James Turrell. There is a great deal of Constructivism aesthetics in her creations, and she often states that László Moholy-Nagy’s artwork inspired the conception of her ideas.

works painting new contact use york untitled construct
Barbara Kasten – Architectural Site 6 / 1986,Architectural Site 7, 1986

Kasten’s Early Bio and the Twist of 3D Space

Kasten was born in 1936, in Chicago. Upon her high-school years, she decided to study painting and textile, and she earned a BFA at the University of Arizona, and later MFA at the California College of Arts & Crafts. Her training and education helped her to form a unique approach to sculpture, geometrical assemblages and abstraction. She mastered the skill of turning 3D space into the conceptual two-dimensional photograph. She successfully manipulates the physical space and transfers her vision of constructed reality. Along with photography, she makes video art, sculptures, and installations that she uses for her photography, and for individual thematic pieces. When she constructs her large-scale geometrical sculptures she does not fix them together. There is nothing holding them in assembly, but the power of gravity. In that way, she honors the manual, analog, mechanic and sort of personal approach to her artistic assembly.

When it’s time to select the material, she uses the best ones for lighting and shading

works use york untitled work
Barbara Kasten – Studio Construct 19 / 2007, Studio Construct 123, 2011

The Power of Color and Related Shading

The core of her photographic actions is the question about the possibility of abstract photography. A picture has to have its subject, something that is defined and structured in solid form. It was quite challenging to choose an appropriate material, such as acrylic blocks or fiberglass screen. Light and shading are essential for the glorious effect of depth in these photographs. That is one of the main reasons the artist chooses a clear material so that light could get through and induce a shadow. The artist explores the physical world in an organized and systematical manner. She classifies all the objects under the geometrical categories and makes a scheme of all things existent. In that way, she can create an illusion of perfectionism and generate a great deal of precision in her work. The one and only thing that drives her to pursue work in a detailed and organized method are her personal beliefs and ideas. No wonder she is an inspiration for the new, raising, contemporary artists.

Quite a lot of young artists became interested for Kasten’s abstract art photography

Barbara Kasten – Transposition 3, 2014 / Transposition 5, 2014

The Retrospective of Collections

In 2015, she had a world’s premier of the retrospective art exhibition called Stages where she offered the audience a ride through some of her most amazing photos. Barbara Kasten singled out some of her most significant series. The magic of photography is the ability to capture the given space, but to load in a whole new dimension to it, whether that would be through changing of dimensions, or the special lighting technique. Color also plays a major role in her sets, because the artist doesn’t use it to reference a subject. The choice of color is only made by its capability to carry and transfer light. In the 70’s and 80’s Kasten made small abstraction photos in the series called Construct that were indeed large-scale build sets. That was her take on architecture and the nature of living space transformation by shapes and lights. In a Transpositions series she continued to play with depth and dimensions, and especially the uncatchable nature of lighting transformation that twists the space. This property is sometimes only visible through the amazing eye of her lens.

Featured image: portrait of the artist image © Chicago Architecture Biennial
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Barbara Kasten: StagesMOCA Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, USSolo
2016Staging ArchitectureKadel Willborn, Dusseldorf, DESolo
2016Inszeniert Spektakel und Rollenspiel in der GegenwartskunstKunsthalle Munchen, DEGroup
2016Tales of RaciocinationCampoli Presti, London, UKGroup
2016Chicago and VicinityShane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, USGroup
2016Still Life with Fish: Photography from the CollectionHammer Museum, Los Angeles, USGroup
2016Camera of WondersCentro de la Imagen, Mexico City, MXGroup
2016Gist & GestureKavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago, USGroup
2016Every Day I Make My WayMinerva, Sydney, AUGroup
2016Vitreous HumourKansas Gallery, New York, USGroup
2015Barbara Kasten: StagesGraham Foundation, Chicago, USSolo
2015SET MOTIONBortolami, New York, USSolo
2015Barbara Kasten: StagesInstitute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USSolo
2015Cyanotypes: Photography’s Blue PeriodWorcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, USGroup
2015Extended CompositionsKunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DEGroup
2015Celebrating Photography at the National Gallery of Art: Recent GiftsNational Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USGroup
2015IMAGINE REALITY. RAY 2015 Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt Rhein MainMMK Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Fotografie Forum, Frankfurt am Main, DEGroup
2015Women and AbstractionCornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, USGroup
2015The Architectural ImpulseCristin Tierney Gallery, New York, NY, USGroup
2015Part PictureMuseum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada Group
2015Colors of the SouthwestNew Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM, USGroup
2014Barbara KastenDusseldorf Photo Weekend, Kadel Willborn, Dusseldorf, DESolo
20141980's Style: Image and Design in The Dorsky Museum CollectionSamuel Dorksy Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, USGroup
2014Altarations: Built, Blended, ProcessedUniversity Galleries, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USGroup
2014The Will to ArchitectureMuseum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas, USGroup
2014The Material ImageMarianne Boesky Gallery, New York, New York, USGroup
2014The Invented Image: Photographs From the CollectionHigh Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, USGroup
2014A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the StudioMuseum of Modern Art, New York, USGroup
2014Photo LabNew Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USGroup
2013ScenesKadel Willborn, Dusseldorf, DESolo
2013The Pommery Experience #11, An Odyssey: 30 Years of FRAC Champagne-ArdenneReims, FRGroup
2013Think First, Shoot Later, Photography from the MCA CollectionMuseum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL, USGroup
2013Colors American Photography TransformedAmon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, TX, USGroup
2013HistoriesPhotographiesDePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL, USGroup
2013The Polaroid Years: Instant Photography and ExperimentationVassar College, New York, USGroup
2013Beyond the ObjectBrand New Gallery, Milan, ITGroup
2013Decenter: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory ShowHenry Street Settlement´s Abrons Arts Center, New York, USGroup
2013Colour Rush: 75 Years of Colour Photography in AmericaMilwaukee Museums of Art, Milwaukee, USGroup
2013Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities Department of Light Recordings, Section IV: Lens DrawingsMarian Goodman Gallery, Paris, FRGroup
2013Photography, ReconstructedPrague Biennale Photo 3, Prague Biennale 6, Prague, CZGroup
2013Black Rabbit, White HoleSamuel Freeman Gallery, Los Angeles, USGroup
2013A Democracy of Images: Photographs from the Smithsonian American Art MuseumSmithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., USGroup
2013See the Light – Photography, Perception, Cognition: The Marjorie and Leonard Vernon CollectionLos Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USGroup
2013The 5th DimensionRicou Gallery, Brussels, BEGroup
2013Barbara Kasten & Sara BarkerMary Mary, Glasgow, Laura Barlett Gallery, London, UKDuo
2013The Stand In (Or a Glass of Milk), Phase 1: An Unbiased TealPublic Fiction, Los Angeles, CA, USGroup
2012Behind the CurtainJessica Silverman Gallery, San Fransisco, California, USSolo
2012Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and NowdeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA, USGroup
2012Tektonika: Barbara Kasten & Magicgruppe KulturobjektNurnberger Kunstverein, Nurnberg, DEGroup
2012Barbara Kasten and Justin Beal: Constructs, Abrasions, Melon and CucumbersBortolami Gallery, New York, USGroup
2012ConstructMary Mary, Glasgow, UKGroup
2012Eclectic CoherenceExpo Chicago, Chicago, USGroup
2012Lost LineLos Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USGroup
2012Towards a Warm MathOn Stellar Rays Gallery, New York, USGroup
2011Barbara KastenGalerie Kadel Willborn, Karlsruhe, DESolo
2011Experimental Photography from the 70’sGallery Luisotti, Santa Monica, CASolo
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2011Distilled MomentsSanta Barbara Museum of Art, California, USGroup
2011From Polaroid to (IM)POSSIBLE, Masterpieces of Instant PhotographyThe WestLicht Collection, Vienna, AustriaGroup
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1972Fiber SculptureGaleria Rzez 769, Warsaw, PolandSolo
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1970California PhotographersUniversity of California, Davis, California, USGroup

Total Turnover: $27,300

Total Number Of Artworks Sold: 4

Total Sell Through Rate: 100.00%

Artworks Sold Price Range



Total Turnover: $27,300

Number Of Artworks Sold

Total Number Of Artworks Sold: 4

Sell Through Rate

Total Sell Through Rate: 100.00%
Barbara Kasten-Construct XXIII-1984

This blurred image is only for you to be able to identify the artwork. If you want to discover artworks from Barbara Kasten, go to this page.

  • Artist: Barbara Kasten
  • Artwork: Construct XXIII
  • Size: 94.6 x 75.6 cm
  • Medium : Large-format cibachrome print
  • Creation Year: 1984
  • Last Estimated Price: $6,000 - $8,000
  • Last Hammer Price: $4,800 *
  • Highest Hammer Price: $4,800 *
Barbara Kasten-Construct XIV-1982

This blurred image is only for you to be able to identify the artwork. If you want to discover artworks from Barbara Kasten, go to this page.

  • Artist: Barbara Kasten
  • Artwork: Construct XIV
  • Size: 24.1 x 19.1 cm
  • Medium : Unique polaroid polacolor print
  • Creation Year: 1982
  • Last Estimated Price: $3,000 - $5,000
  • Last Hammer Price: $6,500 *
  • Highest Hammer Price: $6,500 *
Barbara Kasten-Construct LB/5-1982

This blurred image is only for you to be able to identify the artwork. If you want to discover artworks from Barbara Kasten, go to this page.

  • Artist: Barbara Kasten
  • Artwork: Construct LB/5
  • Size: 24.1 x 19.1 cm
  • Medium : Unique polaroid polacolor print
  • Creation Year: 1982
  • Last Estimated Price: $3,000 - $5,000
  • Last Hammer Price: $7,000 *
  • Highest Hammer Price: $7,000 *