Beastman /   Brad Eastman


Urban Art, Street Art

Brad Eastman
November 29, 2014

Brad Eastman, known also as Beastman is an urban artist living in Australia, Sydney. He is known for depicting weird and monstrous creatures, which are often painted symmetrical, mainly in blue and orange. He is one of the most distinctive emerging artists in Australia, and is also a one third of the creative group The Hours. Brad has been interested in art ever since he was a child, and also started making art in his childhood. About his interest in art and the art style he developed he said: “I guess I just never stopped following my creative interests. It took years of drawing and painting to develop a unique and original style that I was really interested in exploring further.” He adds: “I grew up skateboarding, and I was really interested in everything that came along with skateboarding culture: Magazines and music and film and photography and making little skate videos with my friends. I was always out and about on the street and stuff. I was always interested in drawing and I studied graphic design when I finished high school. I’ve done lots of different things to lead me here.” His painting is mostly done in studio, except private commissions done on walls of private property and businesses. His inspiration he draws from the people around him. He exchanges ideas with the artists he shares studio with, and is often driven by their work. About art scene in Australia and the artists he works with, he said: “The street art scene in Australia is great; there are a lot of amazing artists here. We’re all friends and we work together on different projects all the time. Because we are so isolated from the rest of the World here, it has forced us to create a really strong local art scene that we can rely on to make a living from, with our art.” Besides painting murals, Eastman says that he loves to paint small works, which was what he started doing in the first place. “To me it’s a separate thing from painting walls and large scale works, it’s much more intimate, time consuming and also a more thought out process.” He studied graphic design in the 1990s, and has also created some of his work on the computer for t-shirts, prints and other various projects, but never had any formal training in painting. Beastman has painted all over Australia, New Zealand, London, Prague, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York, but as he says: “Everywhere is different to Australia, that’s why when I am abroad I can’t wait to come back to Sydney, I really feel blessed to have grown up in such an amazing city.”

Beastman started exhibiting in 2005, and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as London, New York, Berlin and New Zealand. He has curated and organized numerous art exhibitions and events, has designed graphics for various brands including Element, Dosh, The Art Park, Longview and Smirnoff, and has also been commissioned to create artwork for Hyundai, Red Bull, Stone & Wood, Campaign Monitor, Mini, Tiger Beer and Huawei. Beastman was named Best Artist at the 2010 Sydney Music, Arts & Culture (SMAC) Awards, and has also spoke at Semi-Permanent conferences around Australia. He has also been featured in publications such as Empty, Amateur, Kingbrown, Tees, Oyster and more.

Lately he spends most of his time in the studio, making acrylic paintings for exhibitions, and also paint wall murals regularly.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Future OriginsBackwoods Gallery, MelbourneSolo
2013GenesisThe Tate, SydneySolo
2012Natural ProgressionHouse of Bricks, MelbourneSolo
2011Cosmic NatureKind Of Gallery, SydneySolo
2010Infinite NatureGorker Gallery, MelbourneSolo
2009Intrinsic NatureOh Really Gallery, SydneySolo
2009Intrinsic NatureNational Grid Gallery, SydneySolo
2009Intrinsic NatureNine Lives Gallery, BrisbaneSolo
2008Beastman BeginsChina Heights Gallery, SydneySolo
2008Beastman Folklore LaunchMomentum, PerthSolo
2014Co-LabYoung Centenary Foundation, SydneyGroup
2014From The StreetsM Contemporary, SydneyGroup
2014PublicForm Gallery, PerthGroup
2013Rise FestivalChristchurch, New ZealandGroup
2013Higher Ground ExhibitionKinokuniya, SydneyGroup
2013WonderwallsThe Hours, WollongongGroup
2013Neon GoldenThe Hours, Above Second, Hong KongGroup
2013NecronomiCon ProvidenceBrown University, NY USAGroup
2013Kingbrown Issue 09 LaunchThe Tate, SydneyGroup
2013Work in ProgressAbove Second - Hong KongGroup
2013In Our Nature (with Phibs)Ambush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012Higher Ground ExhibitionKind Of Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012The Hours LaunchThe Tate, SydneyGroup
2012Spare PartsThe Rag Factory, LondonGroup
2012Kingbrown Issue 8 LaunchThe Tate, SydneyGroup
2012Kingbrown Issue 8 LaunchKlughaus Gallery, New YorkGroup
2012Living WallsFORM Gallery, PerthGroup
2012Castro Street Art ProjectTel Aviv, IsraelGroup
2012Eye CandyOrange Regional Gallery, OrangeGroup
2012I Have A ThemeTshirt Exhibition - Magazine, AdelaideGroup
2012Mural InstallationThe Art Park, Byron BayGroup
2011Outpost ProjectCockatoo Island, SydneyGroup
2011Transient - AmbushThe Galeries, SydneyGroup
2011Life - Heaps GoodEast Gallery, LondonGroup
2011Etcc Creative CommonsAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2011The Empty ExhibitionAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2011Rtist Gallery OpeningRtist Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2010Microcosm - with Creepy, Max Berry & PhibsLo-Fi Collective, SydneyGroup
2010Spare PartsPowerhouse, BrisbaneGroup
2010The Happy Tree, Element Advocate ShowMonster Children, SydneyGroup
2010Still LifeArt Gallery of NSW, SydneyGroup
2010Semi-PermanentGPO, MelbourneGroup
2010Semi-PermanentThe Bakery, PerthGroup
2010The Places In-Between580 George St, SydneyGroup
2010Brave New WorldsNine Lives, BrisbaneGroup
2010This is How We RollChina Heights, SydneyGroup
2010The Keg Show - Stone & WoodByron Bay, GC & SydneyGroup
2010Scratching the Surface - Creative SydneyMCA, SydneyGroup
2010SemioticsNine Lives Gallery, BrisbaneGroup
2010Edge of LoveStrychnin Gallery, BerlinGroup
2010Mixed BusinessAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Mays LaneMays Lane, SydneyGroup
2010Give a TrunkMonster Children, SydneyGroup
2009Beastman, Numskull, Phibs & YokaMBUSH Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009Project 5Cockle Bay Wharf, SydneyGroup
2009Small FryNine Lives Gallery, BrisbaneGroup
2009In Full Bloom580 George St, SydneyGroup
2009Forty Thieves 2: The Cuban ConnectionGorker Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2009Make Friend IINorfolk Basement, Fremantle WAGroup
2009The Retired Materials - Extra CheeeseSaatchi & Saatchi, SydneyGroup
2009Overgrowth 2Last Chance Studio, PerthGroup
2009I Used to Skate Once 5 - OutpostThe Zoo, BrisbaneGroup
2009Hungry Like The Wolf19 Karen Gallery, Gold CoastGroup
2009Threesome - NiceNice Gallery, Hannover, GermanyGroup
2009New Eyes OpenAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009No ComplyRed Bull Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009Go Font ur SelfDont Come Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2009Go Font ur SelfPeer Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008No ComplyNo-Vacancy, MelbourneGroup
2008Semi-InternationalManky Chops Gallery, Wellington NZGroup
2008Sleep is the Cousin of DeathPer Square Metre, MelbourneGroup
2008Extra Cheeese 2Medium Rare Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Oh Really OpeningOh Really Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Paste ModernismHibernian House, SydneyGroup
2008Sidewayz 2008Balmoral Boards, MTV Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Golden Brown - EDTN MagazineBodhi Gallery, LondonGroup
2008Kids Today - Stupid KrapMTV Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008May Contain Traces of NutsPaper Shadow, MelbourneGroup
2007OvergrowthFormallyknownas Gallery, PerthGroup
2007Across The BoardWallspace Gallery, SydneyGroup
200712X12 ExhibitionaMBUSH Gallery, SydneyGroup
2007Extra CheeeseGallery 44, SydneyGroup