Bon - work in progress - image courtesy of GraffitiStreet Gallery

Bon /   Danaiphat Lersputtitrakan

Thailand 1982


Danaiphat Lersputtitrakan
September 7, 2014

Danaiphat Lersputtitrakan aka BON is a Bangkok-based artist known for his colorful wide wall paintings often depict humans and animals of contemporary trends and changing culture. His work was awarded several times and shown in Thailand, Japan, USA, and Philipines.

Born in 1982, Danaiphat took “Bon” as his street moniker and as a teen when hip hop culture was first introduced in Thailand, Bon became fascinated by different aspects of it, especially graffiti. While studying painting at a Fine Arts faculty, he started spraying his graffiti fonts on the street.

“On the first night, I was so scared, fearing that the police would come after me or people passing by wouldn’t understand what I was trying to do,” he recalls. “I eventually realized doing tags all over the place wasn’t for me. I wanted to create works that can communicate with people more.”

A decade and hundreds of spray cans later, Bon has developed distinct human and animal characters that you may have seen in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket. Besides the colorful and quirky appearances of the characters he creates, Bon tries to sell serious messages about our society and its changing culture.

For example, his masked characters represent our effort to project an image about ourselves we want others to see. He explains, “Tribesmen wear accessories or paint to distinguish themselves. The difference is that today we take things out of our body or inject something into it.”

Another signature of his is a Mickey Mouse skull sticker that came to him while he was ordained as a monk. Bon was reading about death and had a small epiphany. “Peace is possible. When we all realize that we are going to die one day then we see no need to harm others. It is such a cool idea so I combined a skull with the peace sign.” The mouse ears are for sugar-coating.

Danaiphat Lersputtitrakan lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

Featured image: Bon – work in progress – image courtesy of GraffitiStreet Gallery

YearName of the exhibitionGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Bon Soy Sauce Factory, Bangkok, ThailandSolo
2007Shot Profile Artist Project / T.V. Project From AustraliaGroup
2007Art Exhibition ART ON WA{R}LL @Hof Art Group
2007Art Exhibition Love & War / Third placeGroup
2007Art Exhibition bracadi breezer ART @ PlaygroundGroup
2006Art Exhibition Keep on Keeping onsi-am art spaceGroup
2006Street nation Art PhilippinesGroup
2006The 51th National ExhibitionBangkok, ThailandGroup
2005The 7th panasonic contemporary paintingBangkok, ThailandGroup
2004Exhibition “don’t know / don’t ask “ by Sperzzatura Group Studio 1011Group
200416th Toshiba “ Brings good thing to life “ Art Competition 2003Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2004The 6th panasonic contemporary painting Group
2004Art Exhibition “ Love “ by Sperzzatura Group Studio 1011 PranaKorntai campusGroup
2004Rajamangala of Fine Art ‘Maket Art Atelier Art galleryGroup
2000-200315th Toshiba “ Brings good thing to life “ Art Competition 2003Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2000-2003The 20th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young ArtistsGroup
2000-2003Thailand Art Awards 2003 Exhibition sponsored by Phillip Morris ThailandGroup
2000-2003The 48th National exhibitionBangkok, ThailandGroup
2000-2003The 4th panasonic contemporary paintingGroup
2000-2003Painting festivityGroup
2000-2003Performance art on Road Se-lomGroup
2000-2003Rajamangala Rajamangala Institute of Tecnhnology Campus Group
2000-2003Rajamangala of Fine Art, Poh - ChangGroup
2000-2003Hitachi 6th painting contest
2000-2003H.H.K. Fair painting contest 6Group
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