BR1 /   Unknown

Italy 1984

Urban Art, Street Art, Performance Art, Murals

April 1, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

For BR1, art must transmit a social message and bring collective awareness. Through specific interventions in the urban space, mainly realized with posters and installations, the Italian artist criticizes the mass effect of the commercial advertising over the identity of women and migrants from the Mediterranean area. The Muslim women are represented in daily life situations, and each is drawn and colored freehand. They are taken from actual images from the media and put out on the street, creating a higher visibility like the image of the Western woman. A deep attention has been focused on the Islamic veil, considered as the division between the two cultures. Modifying the urban context, BR1’s interventions are tools offered to the viewer to escape the current cultural flattening.

BR1 - A Gaze Deep Like Sea, 2015
BR1 – A Gaze Deep Like Sea, 2015

BR1’s New Face to Muslim Women

Born in 1984 in Locri, Bruno, or BR1 graduated in Islamic Law from the University of Turin, Faculty of Law, in 2009, with the thesis of the veil. He became interested in street art attracted by its power to state critical dialogue. Beginning with stickers, he moved to posters and finally got to the great pieces he makes now. Composing the collages from newspapers clippings, he noticed the way of portraying Arab women which brought his attention to the question of female identity in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean societies. His works emphasize the paradox of the symbols characteristic for opposite cultures.

BR1 draws attention to the question of female identity in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean societies

BR1 - Visa Denied, 2015
BR1 – Visa Denied, 2015

Raising the awareness of social rights

Recently he has expanded his interests to actual issues of immigration and refugees, exploring the importance of identity and social hierarchies through the critic of the shameful treatment of those people. His project Visa denied has been inspired exactly by these occasions in which Italian State denied visas abusing the policy of public order issues of safety reasons. Series of portraits represent men and women holding a VISA credit card, alluding to the mobility of poor as opposed to well-situated migrants. Believing in democracy and civil society, BR1 emphasize the importance of cultural dialogue and mutual respect between opposed sides.

BR1 emphasize the importance of cultural dialogue

BR1 - A Lessons of Democracy, 2013
BR1 – A Lessons of Democracy, 2013

Critique of Consumerism

His work is primarily based on ephemeral actions in the urban context, almost always realized in a spontaneous and off-limits way. Yet, when pasting up a draw on the billboard, ripping out bills from the billboards or playing with the message of the bill and modifying the meaning of the ads, BR1 is criticizing consumerism. His aim is to give social and cultural functions to billboards which, while lacking those, are imposed on society. With his colorful images and comics-to-pop-inspired portrait, BR1 makes the city more livable and harmonious.

The Artist is represented by Wunderkammern in Milan and Rome.

BR1 lives and works in Turin, Italy.

Featured image: BR1 – Mural at Cheap Festival, Bologna, 2013
All images courtesy of the artist

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2016Freedom as FormWunderkammern Gallery, MilanGroup
2016The Stranger Arrives with a New Dress Open Walls Gallery, BerlinSolo
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2015Hydra 2Fondazione Pistoletto, BiellaGroup
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2013Women between FARM cultural park, Favara, ItalySolo
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2009Pop Up festival Ancona, ItalyGroup