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Carol Brown Goldberg

United States

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Carol Brown Goldberg
Carol Brown Goldberg
United States
February 13, 2015
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Carol Brown Goldberg is a famous American painter and sculptor known for her optical based art. Goldberg’s work is noted for its use of reflective chips nestled among acrylics on canvas. Mesmerizing and colorful, they are almost hypnotic in nature. Subtle yet bold in style, her work is prolific and instantly recognizable.

Carol Brown Goldberg was born in Baltimore, MD. She moved to the Washington, DC metro area after graduating from University of Maryland with a B.A. in American Studies. She then pursued her studies at the Corcoran School of Art under Gene Davis, where she was awarded the Eugene M. Weisz award upon graduation. In 1989 and 1990, Goldberg produced and curated a 14-part lecture series, “Voices of Our Time,” which explored the relationship between art and science. She has taught at American University and University of Maryland, was Artist in Residence at Chautauqua Institute, and is the recipient of the Maryland State Arts Award.

Goldberg draws much of her inspiration from music, light, geometric pattern, and brightness. When the Vero Beach Museum displayed her work, they described it as such… “Goldberg infuses the surfaces of her canvases with pulverized polymer to intensify her colors and give them an almost Venetian look. Unlike the work of earlier artists whose hard-edged, geometric compositions seem flat and contained, Goldberg’s paintings gather energy and pull viewers into a limitless ‘abstract universe’.

Carol Brown Goldberg’s recent paintings are astral-like, conflating lyrical abstraction with Op Art and hard-edged painting to create portals with a view of some great abyss or boundless space beyond. Influenced by her teachers, mentors and peers of the Washington Color School, her paintings are necessarily about color and the manipulation of paint to create translucent veils and opaque structures that provide definition to the portals and allow a view on to something speeding away or towards us — perhaps a mass being pulled by a vacuum in space or a cosmic explosion with debris hurling toward us. Goldberg maintains a tension in these paintings between their vibrant, energetic and colorful presence and the void and emptiness from floating objects and no recognizable forms that makes them seem mystical and transcendent.

She has shown in the U.S. and internationally in over 100 solo and group exhibitions, including traveling exhibits throughout Spain and Mexico. Her work is included in many museums and private collections, including New Orleans Museum of Art and National Museum for Women in the Arts, as well as outdoor sculpture installations at The Kreeger Museum and The Katzen Arts Center at American University.

Since 1975 Carol has been living and working in Washington, DC.

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015BrookingsSD South Dakota Art Museum Solo
2014Vero Beach, FLVero Beach Museum of ArtSolo
2014UntitledMelbourne, FL Foosaner Art MuseumSolo
2013Reading PAtReading Public MuseumSolo
2013UntitledSanta Fe, NMtDavid Richard GallerySolo
2013UntitledWashington, DCtThe Katzen Arts Center, American UniversitytFall for the ArtsGroup
2013UntitledWashington, DCtThe Katzen Arts Center, American UniversitytWashington Art MattersGroup
2012UntitledWashington, DCtAddisonSolo
2012UntitledWashington, DCtKatzen Art Center, American UniverstiySolo
2012UntitledCollege Park, MDtAmerican Center for PhysicsSolo
2012UntitledNew York, NYtThe Gabarrón FoundationSolo
2012UntitledWashington, DCtLuther Brady Gallery, George Washington University Solo
2012UntitledNew York, NYtThe Gabarrón FoundationSolo
2012UntitledWashington, DCtLuther Brady Gallery, George Washington UniversitySolo
2012UntitledWashington, DCtSmith Center for Healing and the ArtstAlchemical VesselsGroup
2012UntitledWashington, DCtDC Arts CentertCurator: J.W. Mahoney, SignalsGroup
2012UntitledWashington, DCtThe Katzen Arts Center, American UniversitytFall for the ArtGroup
2012UntitledMartha’s Vineyard, MAtFeatherstone Center for the ArtstThe Art of Handmade PaperGroup
2012UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Hebrew CongregationtGroup
2012UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the ArtstSelectGroup
2012UntitledPalm Springs, CAtMelissa Morgan Fine ArttGroup
2011UntitledWashington, DCtAddisonSolo
2011UntitledMontclair, NJtGeorge Segal Gallery, Montclair State UniversitySolo
2011UntitledWashington, DCtNational Museum of Women in the ArtstGroup
2011UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the Arts, American UniversitytCurator: J.W. Mahoney, CatalystGroup
2010UntitledMexico City, MexicotFundación Sebastian A.C.Solo
2010UntitledAnnville, PAtThe Suzanne H. Arnold Gallery, Lebanon Valley CollegeSolo
2010UntitledMonterrey, MexicotGalería Emma MolinaSolo
2010UntitledGermantown, MDtBlackRock Center for the ArtstJuried Call for Artists ShowGroup
2010UntitledReston, VAtGreater Reston Art CentertCurator: Vesela Sretenovic, GapsGroup
2010UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the Arts at The American UniversitytCurator: Mera Rubbell, CreamGroup
2010UntitledWest Palm Beach, FLtArt Palm Beach, Adamar GallerytGroup
2009UntitledMonterrey, MexicotCentro de las Artes CONARTE MuseumSolo
2009UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
2009UntitledMadrid, SpaintCasa de Vacas, Buen Retiro ParkSolo
2009UntitledMurcia, SpaintSala de Exposiciones Molinos de RíoSolo
2009UntitledWest Palm Beach, FLtPalmbeach3, Adamar GallerytGroup
2008UntitledValladolid, SpaintThe Gabarrón Foundation MuseumSolo
2008UntitledNew York, NYtThe National Arts Club (Gramercy Park)Solo
2008UntitledMclean, VAtEmerson GallerytPersonal GeometryGroup
2008UntitledWest Palm Beach, FLtPalmbeach3, Adamar GallerytGroup
2007UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
2007UntitledWashington, DCtKatzen Arts Center, American UniversitySolo
2007UntitledChilmark, MAtChilmark LibrarySolo
2007UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna ArtSolo
2007UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytWashington Women in the Arts: A SelectionGroup
2007UntitledCoral Gables, FLtAdamar GallerytGroup
2006UntitledSilver Spring, MDtPyramid Atlantic GallerySolo
2006UntitledCollege Park, MDtAmerican Center for PhysicstCurator: Sarah Tanguy, On the VergeGroup
2006UntitledWashington, DCtHillyer Art SpacetPulse 2006Group
2006UntitledWashington, DCtAmerican UniversitytNew AcquisitionsGroup
2005UntitledSanta Fe, NMtArt Santa Fe, Osuna ArtSolo
2005UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna ArtSolo
2005UntitledArlington, VAtWomen's Military MuseumtFaces of the FallenGroup
2005UntitledBethesda, MDtOsuna ArttWorks on PaperGroup
2005UntitledWashington, D.C.tAmerican UniversitytFaculty ShowGroup
2004UntitledWashington, DCtCosmos ClubSolo
2004UntitledChautauqua, NYtChautauqua InstitutetGroup
2004UntitledWashington, DCtCosmos ClubtGroup
2003UntitledCheyenne, WYtThe John and Esther Clay Fine Arts GallerySolo
2003UntitledChautauqua, NYtChautauqua InstitutetGroup
2003UntitledWashington, DCtInternational Vision GallerytGroup
2002UntitledWashington, DCtThe Daryl Reich Rubenstein Gallery; Sidwell Friends SchoolSolo
2002UntitledChautauqua, NYtChautauqua InstituteSolo
2002UntitledWashington, DCtAnton GallerySolo
2002UntitledChautauqua, NYtChautauqua InstitutetGroup
2002UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Hebrew CongregationtGroup
2002UntitledFrostburg, MDtFrostburg State UniversitytMath=ArtGroup
2002UntitledWashington, DCtAnton GallerytGroup
2001UntitledWashington, DCtAnton GallerytGroup
2000UntitledWashington, DCtCosmos ClubSolo
2000UntitledNew York, NYtAmerican University, Vaughn AssociatetGroup
1999UntitledWashington, DCtArtists for Amnesty InternationaltInternational VisionsGroup
1999UntitledRockville, MDtMaryland Arts CounciltGroup
1999UntitledMcLean, VAtEmerson GallerytGroup
1998UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Area Lawyers for the ArtstAuctionGroup
1997UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytFlowersGroup
1997UntitledWashington, DCtCorcoran Gallery of ArttAuctionGroup
1997UntitledBaltimore, MDtMaryland Art PlacetGroup
1996UntitledChilmark, MAtCompass BankSolo
1995UntitledWashington, DCtAPASolo
1995UntitledWashington, DCtTroyer Fitzpatrick Lassman GallerySolo
1995UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the ArtstThree VisionsGroup
1995UntitledWashington, DCtRock Creek GallerytArtist to ArtistGroup
1995UntitledWashington, DCtAFTA: Embassy of Federal Republic of GermanytGroup
1995UntitledWashington, DCtDistrict Curators, Inc.tUnmasked 2Group
1995UntitledFairfax, VAtGeorge Mason UniversitytCollaboration at its BestGroup
1995UntitledWashington, DCtThe George Washington UniversitytPortraitsGroup
1995UntitledBaltimore, MDtBaltimore Museum of ArttPrints 1995Group
1994UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the ArtstAuctionGroup
1994UntitledMcLean, VAtEmerson GallerytA New NatureGroup
1993UntitledBaltimore, MDtMaryland Art Place, Concertina (Multi-Media)Solo
1993UntitledBaltimore, MDtSchool 33tCrypticsGroup
1993UntitledMcLean, VAtEmerson GallerytNNDGGroup
1993UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuctionGroup
1992UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1992UntitledCollegeville, MNtSt. John's CollegetGroup
1992UntitledWashington, DCtCorcoran Gallery of ArttAlumniGroup
1992UntitledWashington, DCtCorcoran Gallery of ArttWPA ShowGroup
1992UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuction '91Group
1991UntitledWashington, DCtWatkins Gallery, The American UniversitytThe Critic's ChoiceGroup
1991UntitledRockville, MDtRAPtCollector's FavoritesGroup
1991UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstGroup
1991UntitledWashington, DCtBrody GalleryGroup
1990UntitledWashington, DCtAmnesty International; Peat Marwick Main & CompanySolo
1990UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1990UntitledMoscow, USSRttMoscowGroup
1990UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstArt Against AidsGroup
1990UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuctionGroup
1990UntitledRockville, MDtStrathmore Hall Arts CentertMetaphoric MessagesGroup
1990UntitledRockville, MDtRockville Arts PlacetGroup
1989UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1989UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstSelect AuctionGroup
1988UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1988UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuctionGroup
1988UntitledWashington, DCtWashington SquaretFour SculptorsGroup
1987UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1987UntitledBlacksburg, VAtSquires Gallery, Virginia Polytechnic InstituteSolo
1987UntitledWashington, DCtGeorgetown-Omni HoteltSculptureGroup
1987UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytPaintings and SculpturesGroup
1987UntitledWashington, DCtWashington SquaretFigurative ShowGroup
1986UntitledRockville, MDtStrathmore Hall Arts CenterSolo
1986UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1986UntitledDenver, COtDriscoll GallerytGroup
1986UntitledWashington, DCtWashington SquaretArt and FunctionGroup
1986UntitledDaytona Beach, FLtG. Sander Fine Art GallerytSelect GroupGroup
1986UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytDisquieting FigureGroup
1986UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytSummer ShowGroup
1986UntitledWashington, DCtGallery TentGarden of Earthly DelightsGroup
1985UntitledDaytona Beach, FLtThe G. Sander GallerySolo
1985UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuctionGroup
1985UntitledWashington, DCtJane Haslem GallerytArtists' Self PortraitGroup
1985UntitledWashington, DCtCorcoran Gallery of ArttThe Washington ShowGroup
1984UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Projects ArtstAuctionGroup
1984UntitledWashington, DCtStrathmore Hall Arts CentertWashington GalleriesGroup
1983UntitledParis, FrancetFIAC Grand Palais, Osuna GallerySolo
1982UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Hebrew CongregationSolo
1982UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerySolo
1982UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytSummer ExhibitGroup
1981UntitledWashington, DCtOsuna GallerytHanover PlaceGroup
1981UntitledWashington, DCtWashington Project for the ArtstOPTIONS '81Group
1977UntitledWashington, DCtPyramid GallerytSummertimeGroup
1976UntitledWashington, DCtPyramid GallerytSummer ExhibitGroup