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Casey Gray

United States 1983

Fine Art

Casey Gray
Casey Gray
United States
April 3, 2017
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In his art, Casey Gray explores how people cope with the visual overload of the modern time. Born in 1983 in Palo Alto, California, his artworks emphasize the visual collision of every day’s scenery of content, the incremental data we are being submitted to each day through the extensive use of technology. All the while, the artist is finding a way to better understand his own self, with the use of techniques for street art. Moving boundaries of traditional art, Casey depicts traditional imagery in a unique style.

Casey Gray - Still Life with Flowers No. 35
Casey Gray – Still Life with Flowers No. 35

Painting with Spray Cans

The artist is inspired by Flemish floral still life. However, he has taken a different turn to this classic style. Instead of brush and oil, Casey redefines art by using spray paint indoors, and – he is not a street artist. In this unique way, the artist is merging tradition with modern day techniques. His unique style utilizes spray paint and hand-cut masking techniques to make his still-life compositions. The grip tape experiment he undertakes makes his art enticing, to say the least. With the precision of his work, Casey negates stereotypes of the loosely spirited artist. His stencils are cut to precision and executed with diligence. His work is not only aesthetically pleasing, by also explores the complexity of the contemporary visual experience due to the historical references.

Casey’s work is both enticing and explorative of contemporary visual experience

 new art - Dnt Way Me Dwn (Left) / 16 Stacked Vessels (Right)
Casey Gray – Dnt Way Me Dwn (Left) / 16 Stacked Vessels (Right)

Demand for Gray’s Artworks

Casey’s work is filled with symbolism, showing remarkable acumen in cultural and anthropological references that resonate well with the spectator. His paintings filled with objects from modern life that epitomize its ephemeral nature, the artist engages the viewer in searching for relations through material identity. Gray arranges a visual excess into an intricate tableau, in search of physical balance, and he manages to achieve a delicate harmony. Within the past year, demand for Gray’s work has increased as have his prices. Opening night for his show “The Style of Eye” at White Walls Gallery was indicative of this. Nearly 60% of the artist’s work has sold within the first few weeks of his “The Style of Eye” exhibit premier, a sign that his aesthetic is being well received by the art market.

Gray arranges a visual excess into an intricate tableau

 Contact the artist for his new works (Left) / Web (Right)
Trompe IGCOoeil with Seated Nude (Left) / Web (Right)

Collective Memory Depicted

In 2010 he received his MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been included in group shows at Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas; Breeze Block Gallery, Portland; Nudashank, Baltimore; Gallery Yves LaRoche, Montreal; 941 Geary, San Francisco, among others. His solo exhibitions include TROPIC (2013), Garden Party (2012), Style of Eye (2011) and Ill Romantic (2010) all at White Walls in San Francisco. The artist’s solo exhibition ‘’Double Knotted” in San Francisco culminates in a monumental painting entitled The Pursuit of Happines which depicts a decorated cabinet, cluttered with items of the past as well as the present. The artist’s work personifies everyone’s life and thoughts interwoven with the past, anticipating future, caught in the present. Each object in the painting contains significance from various cultures and histories. This collective memory is innate to every nation and all people, and Casey is presenting this in such an elaborate way. The exhibition title Double Knotted refers to the shoelaces intertwined throughout Gray’s ornate compositions, and also could refer to the collective memory we are all bounded by.

Casey Gray is represented by Hashimoto Contemporary.

The artist lives and works in the USA.

Featured image: Casey Gray – portrait at his studio – photo courtesy of Hashimoto Contemporary.
All images courtesy of Hashimoto Contemporary.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Double KnottedHashimoto Contemporary CASolo
2016 Paper TrailLegion, San Francisco, CASolo
2016Thick as Paper ThinBrilliant Champions Gallery, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2016 Summer Group ShowHashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco CAGroup
2015Wave PoolPark Life Gallery, San Francisco CASolo
2015TomorrowHashimoto Contemporary , San Francisco CAGroup
2014Five Year Anniversary ShowEver Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CAGroup
2014The LA ART SHOWSloan Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA.Group
2013TROPICWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CASolo
2013SCOPE Miam iWhite Walls Gallery, Miami, FL.Group
2013Wider Than A PostcardBreeze Block Gallery, Portland, OR.Group
2013Milestone #1Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, TXGroup
2013Tarot: Art of Fortune Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
20130 Year Anniversary ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2013Project One WallsProject One Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2013Winter Group ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2012Garden PartyWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Solo
2012Moniker Art FairWhite Walls Gallery, London, UK.Solo
2012SCOPE MiamiWhite Walls Gallery, Miami, FL.Group
2012Black FoliageNudashank, Baltimore, MD.Group
2012San Francisco Fine Art FairWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2012SCOPE New YorkWhite Walls Gallery, New York, NY.Group
2012Winter Group ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2011SCOPE MiamiWhite Walls Gallery, Miami, FL.Group
2011ArtPadSFWhite Walls Gallery, Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco, CA.Group
2011The City We Love941 Geary, San Francisco, CA.Group
2011The Idea Board 3Together Gallery, Portland, OR.Group
2011Design For HumanityParamount Studios, Los Angeles, CA.Group
2011Down & DirtyParlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ.Group
2011Indoor Mural Project941 Geary, San Francisco, CA.Group
2011Warhol Reimagined: The New Factory Project One Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2011The Letter CollectorGallery Hijinks, San Francisco, CA.Group
2010Never Say NeverWhite Walls Gallery & The Arts Fund, W Hotel South Beach, Miami, FL.Group
20106 On 12White Walls Gallery & The Arts Fund, W Hotel South Beach, Miami, FL.Group
2010Winter Group ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2010Say It Don’t Spray ItParlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ.Group
2010Western Expansion ,Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MI.Group
2010From the Street to the Cube941 Geary, San Francisco, CA.Group
2010Looking EastGallery Yves Laroche, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.Group
2010Vernissage , SFAI MFA Graduate ExhibitionHerbst Pavilion at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.Group
2010We Ride At NightGallery Heist, San Francisco, CA.Group
2009Winter Group ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2009Aqua Art FairWhite Walls Gallery, Miami, Florida.Group
2009The Stencil ShowWhite Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA.Group
2009First Annual First ShowSan Francisco Art Institute, CA.Group
2009The Aurora Borealis Art ExperienceSan Francisco Art Institute, CA.Group
2008To See Feel FitAgitprop Gallery, San Diego, CA.Group
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