Chris Tobar /   Christopher “Tobar” Rodriguez

United States 1986

Urban Art, Design

Chris Tobar
Christopher “Tobar” Rodriguez
United States
November 30, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Christopher “Tobar” Rodriguez is a local Orlando multimedia artist better known as Chris Tobar who works with spray paint, exacto knives, mixed media, inks and print. Tobar is also a graphic designer with a AS&BS in Digital Art and Design. He taught for several years at Full Sail University and worked on projects like The Solar Games, Lauryn Hill, Solillaquist of Sound and Red Bull. Tobar makes art inspired by the world around him. Tobar has been making art for 20 years, and is a co-founder of local street artist collective B-Side artists, Inprogress Magazine and

Tobar’s past solo shows included a storyline express through past shows “The Man in The Mask”, “My Dexterous Shadow”,  “Unmasked” and the latest show in 2013 “Native”. He has also shown in over 30 different shows in the last 6 years both local shows and out of state.

In Tobar’s works the main object is the gas mask which represents the identity of the artist:”The mask represents a metaphor for protecting what you create, protect your passion, go to war for art, Go to war for your dreams, the simple idea of love what create, create what you love while walking through life you have to filter out all the BS in life to find your clear path to the end of the beginning in mind. Everyone is wearing a mask, everyone wants to protect what they love and passionate about keep that one thing from becoming tainted by chaos of other people views, social nonsense and opinions. Your passion is something you will need to stand by because if you don’t, nobody will.  Your shadow will never leave your side, your shadow is by your side because the …

You shadow stands by you while you are its passion always wanting more for you. The shadows stays by your side waiting for you to create more and do more for you and things you love. The bigger you became the bigger your shadow grows with you.”

Chris Tobar lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Indigenous Redefine Gallery, Orlando, FLDuo
2014I Live in Orlando But Sometimes I Dream of Other PlacesGallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FLGroup
2014Against The Grain Art ShowThe Divine Canvas, Orlando, FLGroup
2014B-Side LegacyCityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
20135 Artist Group WorkshopCityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
2013Chris Tobar Rodriguez's Native art showExtra Large Gallery, Orlando, FLSolo
2013Star Wars Art ShowThe Acme Superstore, Longwood, Pennsylvania, USAGroup
2013Toy BurstRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2013Art Basel Mural project: More Than SunshinePop Up Gallery, Miami, FLGroup
2012Chris Tobar: UnmaskedTwelve21 Gallery, Orlando, FLSolo
2012B-Side Artists Exhibition 5CityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
2012Wheat Paste 101Death By Pop-Up Shop, Orlando, FLDuo
2012G40 ExhbitArtwhino, RichmondGroup
2011Man in the MaskPer Populus Gallery, Chicago, IL Solo
2011G40 ExhibitArt Whino, Wasinghton DCGroup
2011Stick em’ UpThe Bodhi Tree, Orlando, FLGroup
2011The Muppet Show Avalon Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2011Dreamers and DoersTaste Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2011B-side Artists Exhibition 4CityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
2011More Than SunshineTwelev21 Art gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010B-side Artists Exhibition 3CityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Common Gallery Urban art showNeon Forest Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010My Uzi weighs a tonNeon Forest Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Seed the ForestNeon Forest Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010US PresidentMother Falcon, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Realm 54 Grand OpeningRealm 54, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Bandwagon RoadshowRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Something Worth GoingRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Mechanized UndergroundBaldwin Park, Orlando, FLGroup
2010Star WarsMother Falcon, Orlando, FLGroup
2009B-side Artists Exhibition 2CityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup
2009Urban art showCommon Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2009Inprogress ReleaseRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2009Solo ShowBlack Box Gallery, Orlando, FLSolo
2009The Beatles TributeRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2009Skateboard and Sticker Trading PartyRedefine Gallery, Orlando, FLGroup
2008Night of the Living ExposureThe Culture Mart,Orlando, FLGroup
2008Caffeine for the Artistic SoulFull Sail, Orlando, FLGroup
2008B-side Artists Exhibition 1CityArts Factory, Orlando, FLGroup