Portrait of Christian von Sydow

Christian von Sydow

Sweden 1950

Installation, Sculpture, Ceramic Art


Christian von Sydow
Christian von Sydow
December 21, 2013
Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

For more than three decades Christian von Sydow is realizing peculiar sculptures and installations by employing abstract and rather purified forms. His practice suggests loyalty to the crafts and skillfulness required in regards to achieving the best results. Although rooted in applied arts, von Sydow decided to slightly depart from producing beatified and utilitarian objects, yet he was eager to develop certain narrative and present his ideas in a different manner. A bit mysterious, yet warm and atmospheric, von Sydow’s works reveal the urge to unveil the hidden and to establish the communication with the observers by discreetly summoning them to carefully look and enjoy in his art.

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Christian von Sydow – Bateau grès noirci

Loyal to The Craft

Christian von Sydow was born in 1950, in Lund, Sweden. He established himself as a studio potter in 1974. During the 80s he worked with the industrial design with the assignments for the Rörstrand Porcelain Factory in between 1982-1984 and was employed as a glass designer at Kosta Boda from 1984-89. From 2002-2003 Sydow was an Instructor/Artist in residence at Swedish Centre Foundation, Hokkaido, Japan. The artist has a long list of exhibitions behind him in Sweden and abroad and is represented in many private and public collections spanning from National museum Stockholm to Museum of Design and Applied Arts in Iceland.

Undermining the sanctity of home

In Mcdermott chambers in Europe corporate team made couple of acquisitions under the international law
Christian von Sydow – Maison verere (Left)/ Christian von Sydow – Maison II (Right)

Building Personal Style

Christian von Sydow works mainly in glass and clay. His sand castings occupy an important place and sometimes give unexpected and exciting results, from the combination of different materials. Actually, the artist is playing with the idea of transparency which is interesting in the light of the dominant motive of his and that is a house or a home. The symbolic meaning of that term certainly undermines concepts of stability, focus, tranquility and to some extent even sacredness. It is apparent that von Sydow’s house sculptures are a product of the artist’s perception of what the private space is. Whether it is a usual construction with a sloping roof or a completely rounded ash pot like form, von Sydow’s houses can be perceived as shells or some form of caskets in which anybody can inscribe their emotions, ideas or longings.

Everyday objects reflect von Sydow’s vision as well

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Christian von Sydow – Kumo

Commercial Work

From 1996 – 2006 he ran glasswork Studio Von Sydow with his wife Ulla in Smygehamn. Over the years they have produced a large number of series of glass objects for everyday use which were recognizable by their simple shapes and coloring. His works are usually signed V. Sydow, Ch v Sydow or C v Sydow. Sometimes there is a stamp with signs of the four elements. While running the Studio for commercial manufacture, the artist never really abandoned the artistic approach and remained true to his art.

Sculptures similar to Philip Johnson’s glass houses

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Christian von Sydow – Construction Rouge (Left)/ Christian von Sydow – Construction Bleue (Right)

The Established Work

According to von Sydow’s words in the chaos of creation he seeks order and structure, it is like an endless journey; he explores and pushes the limits of the materials. Apparently fascinated by the possibilities of various materials, especially glass, the artist never stops spanning the horizons of his fancy. With focus and precision, von Sydow creates unpretentious and subtle sculptures and installations primarily focusing on the quality of production as well as the message they should deliver.

Christian von Sydow lives and works in Provance, France.

Featured image: Portrait of Christian von Sydow – image courtesy of Galerie 22
All other images courtesy of Galerie 22

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2010Christian von SydowOlsson & Uddenberg, GöteborgSolo
2009Christian von SydowKraften, LommaSolo
2008Christian von SydowGalleri Imma, MariestadSolo
2008UntitledVirserums KonsthallGroup
2007Avtryck och speglingarTrelleborgs MuseumSolo
2006Christian von SydowUnikt Glas, GöteborgSolo
2005Christian von SydowGalleri Hylteberga, SkurupSolo
2005KraftGula Byggningen, GustavsbergGroup
2005GummiformTrelleborgs MuseumGroup
2005GummiformGalleri Söderberg, BerlinGroup
2004Christian von SydowGalleri Blå, Gärsnäs; Brandt Contemporary Glass, TorshällaSolo
2004UntitledIsland Konstmuseum, ReykjavikGroup
2003Christian von SydowSvenska Ambassaden, Tokyo Japan, Odakyu Dept.Store, Shinjuku Tokyo; Japan, Kajima , Tokyo Japan. Galleri Imma, MariestadSolo
2003UntitledSwedish Embassy, Tokyo Japan, Gallery K, Tokyo Japan, Gallery Ivy Square, Kurashiki Japan. Galleri Olsson & Uddenberg, GöteborgGroup
2002VattenglasTrelleborgs Museum, Köpmansmagasinet Smygehamn, Lödöse MuseumGroup
2002Glas – mellan himmel och jord - ÖstersjöglasFortet Godnatt KarlskronaGroup
2001Christian von SydowLilla Galleriet, Helsingborg; Galleri Hylteberga, SkurupSolo
2001Brandt Contemporary GlassTorshälla. Trelleborgs MuseumGroup
2000UntitledKrapperups Konsthall. Brandt Contemporary Glass, TorshällaGroup
2000Christian von SydowGlasgalleriet, VäxjöSolo
199925 år med lera och glasKulturen Lund. Galleri Rista, UmeåSolo
1998Christian von SydowFormgivningsgalleriet, Kalmar Konstmuseum. Åhus MuseumSolo
1998Forsiktig glass!-nordisk glasskunstHå, Norge. Hordamuseet, Fana, NorgeGroup
1996Christian von SydowKonsthantverkarna, StockholmSolo
1996UntitledGalleri Glas 1, Stockholm. Doktor Glas, Stockholm. Galleriet, VäxjöGroup
1995Christian von SydowGalleri Fibula, Bergen, NorgeSolo
1995UntitledGalleri Koch, StenungsundGroup
1993Christian von SydowGalleri Arioso, StockholmSolo
1992Christian von SydowGalleriet, Växjo; Galleri Ikaros, Göteborg; Galleri Skånes Konst, MalmöSolo
1992Christian von SydowGalleri Blå, GärdsnäsSolo
1992UntitledGaleri Rob van den Doel, Haag, Holland. Krapperups KonsthallGroup
1991Sweden in HollandSchalkwijk, Holland. Varbergs MuseumGroup
1990Christian von SydowSvenskt Glas Stockholm. Galleri Ernst, Sundsvall. Nielsen Gallery, MalmöSolo
1990UntitledKonsthantverkshuset, Göteborg; Karlshamns, Konsthal Muset lGroup
1989Christian von SydowTrelleborgs MuseumSolo
1989KBx12NK, Stockholm; Palazzo delle exposizioni Faenza, Italien; Galleri Inov, Paris; Galleri Stallet, Skanör; Skånes Konstförenings Höstsalong, Malmö MuseumGroup
1988Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm; Blekinge Läns Museum, Karlskrona; Form Design Center, Malmö; Krapperups KonsthallGroup
1988Christian von SydowGalleri Umbra, Lund. Sweden Center, Tokyo, JapanSolo
1987 UntitledGalleri Loftet, Malmö. Smålands Museum, VäxjöGroup
1986 Kosta Bodas sjätte sinneRöhsska Konstslöjdmuseet, Göteborg, Kosta Boda Djurgården, StockholmGroup
1985UntitledGalleri Gummesson, StockholmGroup
1984UntitledKristianstad Läns Museum. Vikingsbergs Museum, HelsingborgGroup
1981Christian von SydowKonsthantverkarna, StockholmSolo
1981UntitledPalazzo delle esposizioni Faenza, ItalienGroup
1980UntitledJönköpings Läns Museum. Palazzo delle exposizioni Faenza, ItalienGroup
1979UntitledVikingsbergs Konstmuseum, HelsingborgGroup
1978UntitledKarlshamns Konsthall, Galleri Vid Tyska Brunn, Stockholm. Röhsska Konstslöjdmuseet, Göteborg. Form Design Center, MalmöGroup
1977Christian von SydowRöda Tråden, MalmöSolo
1976UntitledKristianstad Läns Museum, Trelleborgs Museum, Axel Ebbes Konsthall, TrelleborgGroup
1975UntitledVikingsbergs Konstmuseum, HelsingborgGroup
1973Christian von Sydow Galleri Väster, MalmöSolo