Clemens Behr - Photo of the artist - Image via graffuturismcom

Clemens Behr

Germany 1985

Urban Art, Street Art, Installation, Sculpture

Clemens Behr
Clemens Behr
September 16, 2016
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My work is complicated, improvised … and inexpensive. These are the words with which Clemens Behr, a 28-year-old German artist, describes his creative endeavors. Behr is held in such a high regard within the artistic circle due to his startling and complex ephemeral structures created exclusively with found materials. Besides outside street pieces, Clemens has also been filling galleries with these kinds of structures – part origami, part three-dimensional graphic designs.

Learn about Behr's installations as they demand watch due to privacy terms and log plans - year of 2016 has many videos of works, like video on vimeo
Clemens Behr – A Piece for the Urban Avant-garde Roma Street festival, 2014 – Image via

The Path to Artistic Expression

As an adolescent growing up in Koblenz, a city in central Germany, Behr fastened himself to the to the world of street expression as his only mean of self-expression. He orchestrated his time around music, skateboarding and graffiti, a lifestyle which hasn’t really changed too much to this day – it only developed into something new over time. Since he started making artworks in a way he does today, Clemens was heavily inspired by the concepts of Dadaism and it’s followers, especially for the Gymnasium project of printed images and text based on collage. Behr’s passion for ephemeral street works developed over time as he was studying graphic design at Dortmund’s University of Applied Sciences. Not compromising his affinity towards creating collage pieces, Clemens started cutting and placing the boxes in a manner that intensified the pasting medium from the early 20th century, emphasizing geometric elements of the new shapes. This decision eventually pushed Behr over a certain boundary that separated him from the two-dimensional creative vocabulary and led him into the world of three-dimensional works. This field of graphic design became Clemens’ focal point, an artistic tip of the sword formed around concepts of layout, balance and rhythm. The ephemeral nature of his work led to Behr’s often present sense of disappointment, but the limited time every piece has to exist is an inevitable segment of this kind of work. If you chose to place something in a public space, you must accept that other people have an equal right to use that space[1], he explained. Soon, he started to rely on recycled found materials, yet again venturing him into new territory. Clemens also began putting much effort into reflecting the serendipity of the local architecture and capturing a spirit of the place where the artwork will be installed. He explained his work with the following statement: It was like a paradise for me. My approach was – and is – to break down space, to reduce it to fragments and then to reassemble it. To turn it upside down.

Clemens Behr makes unique artworks based on a developed collage concept adapted to street’s requirements

In 2011, video emerged on vimeo that shows Behr's Berlin home looking like a galerie, whilst in 2012, another video from vimeo also reveils the look of a real 2011 galerie
Clemens Behr – 44flavours – Image via

Relinquishing Control

The unique boldness of Behr’s work led him to ample opportunities to answer commission calls from Germany, Spain, Marrakech and Sao Paulo. Ultimately, the most impressive aspect of Clemens’ work is not the fantastic visuals – which are, make no mistake, rather phenomenal. Behr’s readiness to dedicate dozens of hours to pieces that will certainly be destroyed at one point in soon future is a feature of Clemens’ career worthy of respect. This is a normal occurrence for an artist such as Behr, however, as he explained himself: For me this has always been the normal way of things; to create something and then to let it go.

This artist is represented by Bc Gallery, 999Contemporary and Die Kunstagentin.

Clemens Behr lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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Featured image: Clemens Behr – Photo of the artist – Image via
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Erst die gute Nachricht, bitteGalerie Halgand, ViennaSolo
2016Urban AbstractMini Galerie , AmsterdamGroup
2016KwerschnittSchaufenster Raum für Kunst, BerlinGroup
2016Installation at Association GreenhouseSt. EtienneGroup
2016 Festival ParkunsBrussels Group
2015ClockwiseLoom Gallery, MilanSolo
2015Variety of (n)oneMirus Galerie, San FranciscoSolo
2015Small WorksMini Galerie, AmsterdamSolo
2015CollageMini Galerie , AmsterdamGroup
2015Autour du JardinCaen Group
2015Shapeshifters & Sharpshooters886 Geary Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2015Dazzle Backwoods Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2014elfte InterventionalHaus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2014Abstract Groupshow Bc Gallery, Berlin, Germany Group
2014reKollekt Groupshow Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg, Germany Group
2014 Art International, (Artfair)IstanbulGroup
2014Art14 ArtfairLondonGroup
2014Artfair Cologne Cologne, GermanyGroup
2014Artmosphera Bienale Artplay Space, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2014Samples & Variations Underdogs Gallery, Lisboa Solo
2014Cosy Confusions Lynfabrikken Box Aarhus, DenmarkSolo
2013Disassembly LinesPenidaplinena Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus Solo
2013SplitterGestaltenSpace ,Berlin, Germany Solo
2013Broken PurposesKarena Schuessler Gallery, Berlin, GermanySolo
2013Potse68CircleCulture Gallery, Hamburg GermanyGroup
2013L´avenirWhite walls gallery, San Francisco, USAGroup
2013The Sum is whole than the parts of its moreSchaufenster, Berlin, Germany Group
2013Vivid BunchDie Kunstagentin, Cologne , GermanyGroup
2013Walk&talk FestivalAcores, PortugalGroup
2013OvragArt FestivalVyksa , RussiaGroup
2013OpenArt FestivaÖrebro, SwedenGroup
2013Haro sur la Rue FestivalDunkerque, FranceGroup
2013Off The WallMirus Gallery, San Francisco, USAGroup
2013GraffuturismOpenspace Gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2013Rauminstallation mit PumpeStattbad, Berlin, Germany Group
2013Slipping Signs ResurfacesAthens, GreeceGroup
2013Kattowice Streetart FestivalKattowice, PolandGroup
2012Broken PurposesNeonchocolate Gallery, Berlin, Germany Solo
2012Suspended Bins and Broken WindowsAkershus Kunstsenter LillestrÃ, Norway Solo
2012Special Purpose Solutions Rojo Artspace Milan, ItalySolo
2012Special Purpose Solutions Galerie Seize, Marseille, FranceSolo
2012GraffuturismSoze Gallery, Los Angeles /USAGroup
2012Berlin FestivalBerlin, GermanyGroup
2012Stamp FestivalHamburg, GermanyGroup
2012The Solution is IrrelevantEpicentro Artspace Berlin , GermanyGroup
2012Splendour in the Grass FestivalByron Bay, AustraliaGroup
2012Rojo NovaBarcelona, SpainGroup
2012Rojo NovaSao Paulo, BraziGroup
2012India Art FairNew Delhi / IndiaGroup
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2011Stroke Urban Art FairPostbahnhof Berlin, GermanyGroup
2011d´accordNeon Chocolate Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2011Run VieMuseumsquartier, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2011SommerlochWuppertal, GermanyGroup
2011KulturnischeWitten, GermanyGroup
2011Awaln Art FestivaMarrakesch , MarokkoGroup
2011Artists at home and abroadBroadway Gallery, New York ,USAGroup
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2011Rojo NovaRio de Janeiro, BrasilGroup
2011Bedtime DuologuesMechelen, BelgiumGroup
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