Corn79 /   Riccardo Lanfranco

Italy 1979

Street Art, Graffiti, Installation, Painting

Riccardo Lanfranco
April 25, 2016
Behind the pseudonym of Lor Dethal lies Nemanja Torlak, a writer for Widewalls intrigued and moved by diversity in art and in the lives of those who create it. It is often the unexpected that come forth and surprise us, and art is a world that allows it and makes it possible. David beats the Goliath daily, and writing about it is a pleasure.

There’s a certain duality permeating each of the visual artistic pieces – one between chaos and order that exists in the form of the piece, seen in its colors and shapes. Where some artists may prefer one way or the other in their personal practices, there’s no denying that there’s a bit of both in every completed work. Rather than choosing to emphasize one of the two, the Italian artist Corn79 embraces both in his varied practice that encompasses street walls as much as the inside of a gallery. Translating theoretical research from his college days into practice, Corn79 leaves a strong visual impression with his vivid artwork.

Corn79 – Lights From a Dark Place, 2013

A Diverse Practice

Although his official career as an artist started back in 1996, it can be said that it had been brewing on a theoretical level several years before. With a passion for graffiti and graphic design, Corn79 weaved all of the scientific studies and knowledge acquired in his student days into his practice. With a knack for interacting with public spaces, his exploration of colors and shapes adorned the urban setting through graffiti and murals at first, soon expanding towards installations and canvas. Mixing abstract elements with the grounded technicalities of drawing, there’s more than a single contrast in between the lines and colors that forces emotion and thought out of the viewer.

Corn79’s exploration of colors and shapes adorns the urban setting

Corn79 – Part Of Collaborative Wall With Robert Proch Sepe Vesod Telmo Miel, Gemona, Italy, 2015

The Psychic Effect of Visual Art

In his attempt to provoke individual imagination out of viewers, Corn79 brings together the oppositions of geometrical precision and chaos of colors. Using various symbols with specific meanings gives his pieces a moment of clean, momentary realization amidst the surrounding anarchy of fluid colors. This mixture radiates with a mystical, even spiritual nuance, gluing the view onto the vivid, perplexed surface. Drawing from his own psyche, there’s an unquestionable influence on the thought of the viewer rooted in the interplay of color and shapes, leaving a lasting and most certainly a positive impression on any mind. The medium of murals allows not only for a dialog with an enormous audience, but a necessary improvisation that the artist embraces completely.

Drawing from Corn79’s own psyche, there’s an unquestionable influence on the thought of the viewer

Left: Corn79 – Andrrea, 2014 / Right: Corn79 – Hide

Surgical Precision Amidst Chaos

With a practice that spans not only mediums, but surfaces and materials, Corn79 impresses regardless of where you get a chance to see his art. Conjoining the fluidity of colors with the clear definition of geometrical shapes, the artist demonstrates a surgical precision amidst the chaos of paint as a loyal devotee to the freehand. With so many stunning pieces already gracing both street and gallery walls, there’s naught but to anticipate new vivid patterns from Corn79.

Corn79 lives and works in Turin, Italy.

Featured image: Corn79. All photos credit the artist.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Visioni UrbaneCasa Cavazzini, UdineGroup
2015Paratissima XITorino Esposizioni, TorinoGroup
2015Urban Art FestivalRadion, AmsterdamGroup
2014A Major Minority1AM, San FranciscoGroup
2014NottetempoPalazzo Paleologo, Trino VercelleseGroup
2014HybridsStudio D'Ars, MilanoSolo
2014HybridsSquare 23, TorinoSolo
2014Reset 14Amantes, TorinoGroup
2014TracksMacro, RomaGroup
2014Paratissima XTorino Esposizioni, TorinoGroup
2013XX x XXStudio D'Ars, MilanoGroup
2013Art vs DesignDieffe, TorinoSolo
2013Paratissima IXEx MOI, TorinoGroup
2013Postumi, risultati di esperienze inebrianti Castello Sforzesco, VigevanoGroup
2013Blend Kollective Show Galo Art Gallery, TorinoGroup
2013What if God was one of usDark Room Silmar, CarpiGroup
2013Stroke Art FairMonacoGroup
2013Street D'ArsStudio D'Ars, MilanoGroup
2013Sorrisi di Madri AfricaneGalo Art Gallery, TorinoGroup
2013Contemporary Art Talent ShowArteGenova, GenovaGroup
2012SetteStudio D'Ars, MilanoGroup
2012Across Re-writingAmantes, TorinoGroup
2012OppostiSquare 23, TorinoGroup
2012Beyond the City WallsCastello Orsini, Soriano nel CiminoGroup
20121997: fuga dall'ordinarioGalleria Punto Due, Calice ligureGroup
2012Vuoti a rendereMeltin Pot, AronaGroup
201118x24Galleria Punto Due, Calice ligureGroup
2011Across Re-writingAmantes, TorinoGroup