Crin /   Unknown

Italy 1979


October 10, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Crin is an Italian self-taught artist whose artistic method ranges from the most traditional to the most current techniques, adopting time by time various forms of expression, painting, graffiti and digital graphic.

Background and the Beginnings

Crin was born in Pescara, Italy and he discovered painting as a child. It has always been his passion and over the years, Crin became more dedicated, transforming the passion of painting into his profession. He followed street art for a long time with great interest. What appealed to him is that artists have the opportunity to intervene his art wherever and whenever he wants, with the possibility to reach anyone indistinctly.

Crin - WZD.1.3, 2014 - Photo Credits Crin
Crin – WZD.1.3, 2014

“I have always shown interest towards design and applied arts. Such propulsion was fueled by my curiosity and the need of representing what I saw or imagined. Afterwards, this interest pushed me to fit into several art studies and made me acquire an experience that passes through classic design and the use of contemporary technologies, leading me to work as a graphic designer for a few years. This training path has surely influenced my current style. I consider my creativity as a self­-analysis action, trying to melt through my sign every experience which I came across with on separate ways: painting, graphics, street art. My works are a mixture of these three elements. They are a detailed scanning of my life ­experience, an unavoidable representation, act to satisfy the expressive need to communicate with balance what I disorderly absorbed through the years. I always prefer not to introduce my works with words, because I let them speak for me”

His name is made up from simple letters, “it actually doesn’t mean anything – it was the overall image that impressed me, many years ago” Crin says.

Tangled and Twisted

His style has developed “more and more contorted”. Crim describes it as being very Tangled and Twisted!

Using his experience of these techniques and thanks to his high attention to details, he is able to create original artistic expressions. His art is illusory and imaginary, characterized by indefinite and colorful shapes, through which he does not want to define any specific meaning. Crin prefers to create his  art without focusing on any specific message. He gives the opportunity to the viewer to experience an individual journey for the interpretation of his artwork and this guarantees a continuous flow of communication with the public. He is constantly painting in studio and outdoors, finding inspiration on everything that surrounds him. He has appeared in Italian and international art books, magazines, newspapers and exhibitions.

Crin - Hardcore, 2015 - Photo Credits Crin
Crin – Hardcore, 2015

For Berlin, Crin says; “It’s like a great open-air gallery, you can find all sorts of art. Walking in Berlin is a bit like seeing the international art scene in one city. When it comes to Street art Berlin seems to be the capital within Germany”.

He lives and works in Berlin.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Frequent TravellersAnden Gallery, BarcelonaGroup
2014ROOM ART FAIRSwinton Gallery - Madrid Group
2014Conturbanaries Art Fair Berlin (DE) – Group
2014WeBox Berlin (DE) Group
2014Devi solo saper sognare Swinton Gallery, Madrid (E) Solo
2014SUDAEncuentro Internacional de Arte Urbano , Rosario (ARG) Group
2014Collective Exhibition at Galeria Camp Rosario (ARG) Group
2014Step Art Fair with Studio D'ars gallery Milano (I) Group
2014AC/AB Berlin (DE) Group
2013/14XXxXX Milano (I) Group
2013Noch eine Runde mit dem HeissluftballonMLP , Berlin (DE) Group
2013Fête de la hip hop Live painting on Hot Air Balloon, Berlin (DE) Group
2013a tribute to the big bang theory, WarnerBros (CA) Group
2013Herbst Auf dem HeissluftBallonMLP , Berlin (DE) Group
2013Projekt Mog61 Berlin (DE) Group
2013Mongolfiere Libere Project Berlin (DE) Group
2013Collective Exhibition at Kapitel 21 Berlin (DE) Group
2012World of PasteUps , Dusseldorf (DE) Group
2012Spaetkauf Kunst Aktion Berlin (DE) Group
2012ARTBASE2012 Berlin (DE) Group
2012Tag des offenen Denkmals Live Painting , Berlin (DE) Group
2012Artaq2012 Angers (F) Group
2012SIAL , Urban art exhibitionBerlin (DE) Group
2012In your faceAugsburg  (DE) Group>
2012INTRO the opening Barcelona (E) Group
2012ArtaQ 2012 Paris (F) Group
2012Art For Cure Lamezia Terme (I) Group
2012Artwork Exchange Mars gallery , Toowoomba, Queensland (AUS) Group
2012Live Painting at Raw/Cassiopeia Berlin (DE) Group
2011ArtqParis  (F) Group
2011ArtBaseGrabowsee Berlin (DE) Group
2011ArtqAngers (F) Group
2010FoscafBerlin (DE) Solo
2010Live painting,Urban Art AwardsStattbad ARTQ Berlin (DE) Group
2009PostbarPescara (I) Solo
2008ViscomMilano (I) Group
2008The endless festivalPescara (I)  Group
2008Natural exhibitionFrancavilla (I) Group
2007ViscomMilano (I)  Group
2007Urban JungleSpoltore (I)  Group
2006MayateatroCitta' S'Antangelo (I) Group
2000COINPescara (I) Group
2000AutocensuraBolognano (I) Group